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Transcarent Launches Oncology Care for Collaborative Cancer Care Experience


What you should know:

Transparenta new company that is different and provides a better health and care experience for employees of self-insured employers and their families, launches Transcarent Oncology Care, a collaborative cancer care experience that connects employees and their families with high-quality cancer care from leading cancer institutes, top oncology providers and researchers, and clinical trial identification, regardless of geographic location.

– Transcarent Oncology Care will reduce the financial impact of cancer, thereby reducing overall costs of care for members, their families and employers.

Meet the full range of member and family needs

This expanded access is combined with a holistic approach to better address the clinical, emotional and financial impact of cancer care. This offering, an industry first, provides Transcarent members and their families with expert medical advice, comprehensive treatment planning, high-quality care through leading centers of excellence, and resources for emotional and benefits through health guides from diagnosis to remission, as well as industry-leading workplace benefits integration and support during their cancer experience.

Social Services and Workplace Support

Transcarent’s oncology care offering also includes many of the comprehensive and essential social services and workplace support that are so essential for members and their families during a difficult time, including financial counseling, mental health, nutritional counselling, social workers and transportation for the Member and his family. Transcarent also supports the member by coordinating benefit design, recommended PTO policies, manager training, and strong communication for employee populations on remission and return to work.

“Almost every day, a colleague, family member or friend asks me for help with a new cancer diagnosis. While I can guide each of these people one at a time, at Transcarent we tailor this personal approach to each of our members, so that everyone in the country can access the best medical care and emotional support for their individual health challenge,” said Dr. Jeff Dobro, MD, FACR, chief innovation officer at Transcarent. “By contracting directly with leading centers of excellence and appropriate care sites, and combining our experience with personalized care journeys, we are removing the barriers that have historically existed for the average person and their family when it comes to It’s about accessing best-in-class oncology care.”