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Uk Ca Said To Pay Sick Separated Wife 43 Lakh | Bombay News

MUMBAI: A British chartered accountant has been ordered to pay Rs43 lakh in maintenance arrears to his sick and bedridden ex-wife. The woman had filed a complaint for domestic violence in the criminal court.
The defendant tried to pretend that he was unemployed and indicated that his income was nil. “Based on the statements of both parties, it is not credible that the qualified respondent (husband) residing and working in a city in the United Kingdom has no income of his own. While the documents filed by the plaintiff ( wife) appear credible that the defendant earns an income of £34,953 (Rs 33.48 lakh),” the court said.
The court said that when looking at the parties’ incomes, it appeared that the husband had to pay Rs 1.2 lakh per month in interim child support for the wife’s personal and medical expenses. The court said the woman was entitled to interim child support from the date she filed the plea, in August 2019. The woman told the court that she needed Rs 2 lakh every month for child support. medical fees.
The sick woman entered a plea through her father as she was unable to appear in court in person.
She said she married the man in 2016 and within two months she was subjected to cruelty. The woman alleged that she was taunted, forced to work and deposit her monthly income into a joint account with the man. She alleged that her in-laws fought with her over minor issues and forced her to work in the kitchen. The woman said that because of the accused, she was later forced to resign from her job.
The woman said that in February 2017 she was hospitalized in serious condition and underwent surgery for neurological issues. The woman alleged that her husband had failed to care for her and forced his family to come to London and look after her. She maintained that the doctor attributed her condition to possible extreme stress.
The defendant denied the allegations and claimed that he took care of the woman and paid for all expenses. The man said he had no income and was dependent on his family.