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Understanding Good and Bad Loans for Better Financial Planning: Manjushri Sharma



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“IN OUR country 76% of the rural population is unaware of financial planning. He is also out of the way of having a financial advisor. This leads to ambiguity and not-so-well-thought-out decisions about good and bad loans. So, understanding good and bad loans is important for better financial planning, ”said Manushri Sharma, CEO and Founder of MS Trading School. She was speaking during the “Wisdom Hour” organized by the Vidarbha Management Association (VMA) recently at the Chitanvis Center. Manjushri explained the concept of a good loan and a bad loan, citing various examples. A home loan, student loan, and business loan can fall under the category of good loans because they increase a person’s existing assets.

While auto loans, personal loans, and credit cards fall under the category of bad loans because they lower the value of a person’s assets and give nothing in return. She also shared information on loan transfers, keeping vigil on interest rates, loan repayment methods, non-performing assets and CIBIL. Another session was led by CA Jesal Vora and CA Abhiram Deshmukh of Ekbote Deshmukh and Co on the theme “The will to appoint and prepare for succession”. During this session, various topics of personal and organizational growth, in particular the measurement of succession, the development of the leadership, the evolution of generations in the company, were discussed.

“Estate planning is important in family businesses, as property passes to legal heirs or descendants,” said CA Abhiram. In general, 30 percent of the family business survives the second generation and 12 percent survives the third generation. Only 3% survive more than three generations through real estate succession planning and strategies. The importance of making the will at the right time and in the right way was emphasized during the session. VMA is based in Nagpur and meets every Sunday at 10:30 am. VMA is dedicated to imparting learning related to business management and leadership to its members. VMA is a non-profit organization and is currently in its 17th year of success.