Home business solution Univar Solutions Expands Houston Solutions Center with Addition of Homecare and Industrial Cleaning Lab

Univar Solutions Expands Houston Solutions Center with Addition of Homecare and Industrial Cleaning Lab


In homes, industries and other institutions, the demand for effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products is accelerating, particularly in response to the global pandemic and an increase in ingredient awareness. Operating at the intersection of science and technology, scientists, chemists and technical experts from Univar Solutions’ global network of Solution Centers work to help bring simpler, cleaner, more durable and more effective in home care and industrial cleaning, beauty and personal care. care, food ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients and other markets.

“With our finger on the pulse of ingredient trends, we combine deep industry knowledge and techniques with the latest technology, testing and processes to help brands more effectively bring new, more environmentally friendly products to market. environment, enter new industry segments, reformulate existing products produced and meet consumer demand,” said Dr. Andrew Mint, Director of Global Solutions Centers for Univar Solutions. “The expansion of our flagship factory in Houston, TXis just one part of a global network of solution centers that help support our diverse portfolio of global customers and suppliers.”

Among other services, the lab will offer cleaning product efficacy testing, as the home care and industrial cleaning industry continues to adapt to the changing demands that have arisen as a result of the COVID pandemic. -19 and to help bring more sustainable options to market. . End product applications that should be developed in the facility include industry staples such as detergents, cleaners and disinfectants.

To learn more about Univar Solutions’ homecare and industrial cleaning businesses, please visit https://www.univarsolutions.com/HIC.

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