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Veet loved life! Strong, colorful and enthusiastic! – echo


Veet was a passionate activist, “Coonan’s wildcat killer”, whose message to all of us was, “I am love”. I like. I am kind.

‘Veet’ was born Gary Ivor Lang on March 17, 1942 in Frankston, Victoria during World War II to Beryl and Ivor Lang. His parents married before Ivor left to serve in the army.

Young Gary was one of those kids who never had to sweat in school and always had good grades as a student. Gary left school and began his plumbing apprenticeship at Swinburn Technical College at the age of 15, becoming dux of the school and apprenticed to his father in Canberra.

Gary married Lorraine in 1966 and they gave birth to two daughters Nikki and Fiona.

When Gary’s mother, Beryl, died in 1977, in her grief he struggled to maintain the marriage to Lorraine or the relationship with his father and his daughters Nikki and Fiona. That same year, Gary and Lorraine divorced.

Gary found his new family at the Dreamtime community in Thora Valley. He went to India in 1980, was blessed by Osho and given his new name, Veet Mayo. Veet then sold his handcrafted marimbas in the markets of Bellingen.

passionate activist

Veet was a passionate activist for the planet. One day he went to Sydney, bought a tent and pitched it outside Neville Wran’s office in Macquarie Street and protested against sand mining in Middle Head.

In 1991, Veet headed to Queensland to join a community. There he opened a carpentry shop where Veet became a self-taught drum maker and was known as the “wildcat killer of Cooran”.

Veet and Paula met at Durrumbul Hall in 1997, they danced, laughed and became one. The mother drums, the highlight of the venture, were sold to Cirque du Soleil, enactment of the arrival of the Thor Heyerdahl Kon-Tiki raft in Oslo, Norway, and local artist Solveig, Wilsons Creek .

In 2004, Veet and Paula bought a share of the Main Arm Eco Village and moved into an old Bedford bus that they renovated together by hand. As Veet entered his 70th year, they shut down their business and began building the biggest drum house of all time. Construction has never stopped, today the land has many creations: sustainable off-grid habitats, workshops, orchards and vegetable gardens.

When Veet realized he needed to document his life story, he entered the Hoffman Process, to prepare for his final frontier; death, and wanting to remove some of the obstacles that made him live unconsciously.

Veet was a magic maker! Veet’s message to all of us: ‘I am love. I like. I am kind.

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