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Veteran fintech blogger Bill Winterberg joins AdvicePay in new role as VP


After more than a dozen years of creating content under the Banner FPPadIndustry veteran and leading fintech blogger, Bill Winterberg, is embarking on a new adventure in a new part of the country.

Bill Winterberg

On Wednesday, Winterberg shared with his followers and supporters the news that it has joined industry-leading billing and payment platform AdvicePay as vice president of growth for the organization’s financial planning. In the newly created role, Winterberg will draw on his years of expertise to develop business-focused, fee-for-service thought leadership content to raise awareness of new advisor compensation models to serve non-financial clients. traditional.

His work will also train advisors on how to implement new fee models to expand the customer base they serve and help companies develop best practices for increasing fee revenue and increasing ongoing financial planning fees. .

But don’t expect his blogging and video production to stop anytime soon. As his FPPad content creation comes to an end and the FPPad email newsletter is retired, he will continue to share ideas and advice via the AdvicePay financial advisor community blog. He adds that FPPad’s website and YouTube channel, curated since he founded the brand in 2009, will remain online as a resource for advisors.

“I’ve always been a strong supporter of advisors using technology so they can scale their business, expand their services, and offer more financial planning to more investors and clients,” Winterberg told Financial Planning. “AdvicePay was very much in line with what I was doing with FPPad. Scalable technology, efficiency, and the ability to bring more planning services to more households in America.

Winterberg said the path to his new chapter began when the pandemic hit. Before COVID, FPPad covered industry conferences and went to customer sites for advice. But all that came to an abrupt end in March 2020.

With schools also closed, Winterberg decided to put FPPad on the back burner to become a stay-at-home dad to help his sixth-grader, now a seventh-grader, navigate the new normal. He also undertook video production work for a healthcare facility in Atlanta where his family lived.

But a job opportunity for his wife in Boston led to other bigger family changes. After making the decision to accept this new job, Winterberg found himself with a major choice to make.

“If I have to go back to things, do I want to run FPPad? This offered very interesting opportunities. Or do I want to reach out to some of my former clients and colleagues and other clients and see if there are any opportunities to do something 100%,” he said, noting that as an external consultant, he was sometimes kept at a distance when helping clients. “For 2022, if I want to do something, can I kind of break through that barrier and go all-in with one company? And AdvicePay was that company.

He adds that his passion for financial services still burns and dates back to his days as an arcade-loving kid who fell in love with pinball machines in 4th grade.

Still a fan of pinball to this day, Winterberg said he learned the value of a smart approach, good planning, and enjoying your hard-earned cash while getting the most out of his chips in game coins. currency crowded from the 80s and 90s.

“My mom used to give me a dollar when I was in fourth grade and I would go to the local arcade to play ‘Shinobi’ and ‘Ghosts ‘n Goblins’ and ‘Pole Position.’ And I figured out that four quarters would last me about four minutes…I wasn’t that good and I wasn’t making much progress on those cabinets,” he said. “So I went to pinball machines and I put in a quarter and realized that if you’re really good at it, you can get a high score and you can get a free game. So now I’m doing four quarters, but I’m not just playing four games. I play seven or eight games. So it was like this value proposition for me to get the most out of a dollar, and that stuck with me throughout my career.

“That’s why I’m so adamant about financial planning, because it gets the most out of your money,” he continued. “If you just work to establish a great champion and high scores, you will have more fun and you can play again. And that’s life. »

AdvicePay and XY planning network co-founders Alan Moore and Michael Kitces are also excited to add Winterberg to the team. Moore said having someone with his knowledge, experience and standing in the industry is a boon to the organization.

“The fee-for-service movement is gaining momentum, but it’s new and takes time for advisors and businesses to embrace and adapt,” Moore said in a statement. “We are confident that Bill’s experience, skills in developing educational content for advisors, and ability to work with advisors and businesses will be essential in helping advisors and their affiliated institutions optimize business model growth. fee-for-service to drive client success and advisor results throughout the financial planning process.

“We have known and admired Bill’s efforts to support advisor technology and drive advisor innovation over the past decade,” Kitces added. “He has been a great promoter and supporter of the fee-for-service approach to financial planning, and we couldn’t be more delighted to have him help drive our growth strategy here at AdvicePay and expand the reach of financial planning to the next generation of customers.

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