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Whanganui accountant Stephan Du Bruyn moves up the ranks at Venter and Hull


Whanganui accountant Stephan Du Bruyn has had a busy few weeks, with a promotion to partner at Venter and Hull quickly followed by the birth of his first child.

He is now back in the office and ready for the next phase of his career.

Du Bruyn and his wife Daniel emigrated from South Africa to Whanganui in 2015, and he has since been in Venter and Hull.

The first step towards partner is becoming a chartered accountant, which De Bruyn achieved in 2019.

“Then after two years you can do your public practice certificate, which is a short course with ethics as the main module,” he said.

“You have to show that you have experience and that you will be able to serve customers to a certain standard.”

As a partner, he can take care of his own clients and has more responsibility in running the business itself.

He is currently in charge of staff training.

Du Bruyn said he enjoyed working with numbers from an early age, so accounting was the obvious career path.

“It’s something that’s always been appealing. It’s nice to be able to solve a problem and help people.”

Outside of the office and spending time with his family, wandering, fishing and birdwatching were his big interests, Du Bruyn said.

Despite his new hometown, he remains a strong Springbok supporter.

“I support the All Blacks when they play Australia or England.

“The next tests (NZ vs SA) will be interesting. I am hopeful but I remain cautious.

“You can never assume the All Blacks are just going to lie down and give up to the Boks. It’s going to be close.”