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What is a good car that you would never own?


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Owning a car is not a rational thing for most enthusiasts, but it is just a basic necessity for most people. Most people approach car ownership with at least a level of sensitivity that enthusiasts willingly ignore. However, there are plenty of cars that we know we would like, but let’s love it because even if we are enthusiasts, we are not necessarily masochists. Then there are cars that we know are good, maybe great, but that we just could never see ourselves in. What’s a great car you would never own?

Is this a sports car that would be unnecessary and impractical for your family? Or is it an old car that you might have a hard time finding parts for if (or when) something breaks? It might be a car that you find incredibly attractive, but it’s not necessarily the most reliable car the low. Or maybe it’s a car that’s great in every way, but for some reason it’s not something you can see yourself driving

I think I have the opposite problem that a lot family drivers have. I want a car that is suitable for a lot of passengers, but I know that I usually drive alone or with a plus one, Tops. I like the idea of ​​owning a minivan or a minivan, but it’s way too much of a car for me. I do not need it !

I would absolutely love to own a Mercedes-Benz R-Class, but having owned an old German car made me very aware of the costs of parts and labor. When I add the reliability issues to the fact that my wife and I could live happily ever after with a Miata, my dreams of an R 63 AMG are shattered. But what about you? Even though you know it’s good, which car would you pass? What’s a great car you would never own?


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