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What’s your favorite Zelda game?


THE Legend of Zelda is a special series, with several popular games that shine for all kinds of different reasons. Spanning over three decades, multiple consoles, and many different playstyles, the franchise’s many strengths reflect some of the best experiences across the medium. What’s your favorite THE Legend of Zelda Game? What do you like about it?

For me, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker tick all the right boxes. Gorgeous art style, awe-inspiring soundtrack, enjoyable story and atmosphere, and exquisite gameplay all make The awakening of the wind one of my all time favorite games. I can’t speak enough of its many strengths, but the game is full of delicacies ranging from simple to beautiful. Peaceful and calming sailing adventures, a wonderful sense of discovery and confusing and engaging dungeons to discover mean that The awakening of the wind excels in almost every aspect of its design.

As big as The awakening of the wind that is, a few games manage to come together. Majora’s Mask impressed me with its time mechanics, its strange world and its eerie atmosphere. Breath of the wild, meanwhile, brought out of the park a whole new interpretation of the series. What is your favorite game in the THE Legend of Zelda series? Why? What is approaching? Let us know below.

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