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Beyond the Boardroom: Dave Hood of Martin Hood | Entrepreneurs


It’s only in the second half of my life Dave hood I was able to recognize the wisdom in the words spoken to him by his first boss.

Or, as Hood knew him, daddy.

“I have only had three jobs in my life. At first, I worked for my father who ran a hardware store, ”he says.

“I wasn’t really grateful for his advice at the time.” Don’t tell me what’s wrong, and there is no solution. Anyone Can Do It. Please tell me what is wrong and how to fix it if you want to be successful. “

“It’s one of the many valuable gems now, but I felt like I had to put up with it back then. “

Most recently, Hood himself acted as a boss / mentor as a managing partner for a Champaign Certified Accountant / Martin Hood LLC consulting firm. Next year will be 40 years with the third job he’s ever had.

A 1980 graduate of UI’s Gies College of Business took the time to answer questions from editors. Jeff Darescio The 83rd Weekly Quick Read shines a light on leaders of organizations large and small.

The hardest part of becoming a leader is … Often your best job is very private. You work with and through leaders to get results.

I can not live without… Patty, my wife. Whether traveling or a normal day at home, she brings me joy.

I’m Spartan in it … I avoid shopping at every opportunity. Having said that, one of my favorites is taking my young grandchildren to a discount store.

I have set spending limits that vary from $ 2 to $ 5 depending on how much time we have available for their shopping spree. They work hard to spend their limited money wisely. Their discussion of their potential buying wisdom is invaluable.

Dave hood

My philosophy of meetings is … They should be very helpful. Presiding over a good meeting can be a daunting task.

We must keep the involvement and participation of people with the ultimate goal in mind. If you can handle this, the meeting shouldn’t be long.

Until my favorite moment in this job … I have a fairly extensive wealth management practice and I really enjoy helping people navigate the difficult crossroads of life and money.

Regarding my business model … I don’t have a single business model. I love to watch, read and steal the best from everyone.

One of my unbreakable rules at work is … Have honesty. As public accountants, we don’t bring value to our clients if we don’t demonstrate integrity.

The biggest business risk I have ever taken is … In 1982, when I left a great job at a local chartered accountant office, it merged with another local chartered accountant office and a local business to help find the current Martin Hood LLC. ..

People tell me it was a courageous decision, but I tell them pretty quickly that I was too young and naive to fully understand the risks.

It was one of the best moves of my life.

The last luxury I indulged in … Patty and I bought a small apartment in Florida. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get there very often, but I was convinced that the pandemic would make me and others very productive to work remotely.

The most informative book I read in college was … “Change: The Principles of Training and Problem Solving. “

It helped me understand that problems that often seem intractable aren’t too difficult if they are allowed to get rid of a false period. It’s a method, but I can’t remember the reason.

My exercise routine … It doesn’t make sense, but when I’m in Florida I walk everyday and rarely exercise in Illinois. It must be something about habits.

On a scale of 1:10, the impact of the pandemic is … 7. It was very stressful when I was asked to protect the health and safety of the team, even though some team members did not want to be protected.

The best part of the pandemic was forcing people to come to terms with the changes at a faster rate and to hold onto some of those changes beyond the pandemic.


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