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Well, the candidates, remove your signs from our roads. We are tired of all of them.

When the The FBI investigated Hillary, the Republicans shouted, “Lock her up.” Now that Trump is under investigation, they’re screaming, “Fund the FBI.”

How much mom-and-pop shops and other small business owners think retail theft is a “victimless crime”?

You can call it what you want, Joe, but the [Congressional] The budget office says there is no reduction in inflation. Another round. Another day. Another lie.

Founding fathers founded our country on slavery, white supremacy and male superiority. Everything must be deleted and forgotten.

The partner The news report that most electric cars would not qualify for the Inflation Reduction Act tax credit is a delicious irony.

Ford said he immediately increased the price of his F-150 electric pickups by $2,500. With a base price of $46,974, how can we take the push towards electric vehicles seriously?

It would be interesting if Paul Pelosi received his DUI citation while driving his wife, Nancy, through Singapore on her recent visit there.

How can a person is so ruthless, so full of lies, and people are always for them?

I have not seen every Biden sticker on a car for a while. Imagine that those suction cups came loose pretty quickly.

will see real inflation once China invades Taiwan. Why? Because the blockade will have to take place in the South China Sea.

Conservatives always want life to be like it was 200 years ago, but then they wouldn’t have their AK-47s.

Governor of Georgia wannabe Stacey Abrams says the state budget surplus should be used to help Georgians. What does she think Kemp’s tax cuts have done?

Thanks for your “rant” on the burn pit bill, Jon Stewart, because he finally got the bill passed.

If the Supreme Court declares abortion issue a state rights issue, let states hold referendums to settle issue state by state.

Why can’t you DC handles the illegals that Texas gets in a day? Oh, I forgot, not in my garden. And now they need the federal police. Prime.

You can not complaining about gas prices if you also exceed the speed limit while driving.

Vote Chuck Fleischmann, aka “Chucky the Doll,” quit because he’s just a Trump drone/clone.

Mayor Kelly advocates affordable housing, except he doesn’t seem to want affordable housing in his Fort Wood backyard with Central Avenue and Fourth Street apartments.

Well, I Guess it’s time to rename our county Wamplton County. Look out, Chuck Fleischmann, Marsha Blackburn – there’s a Wamp in your future.

History of TFP says research shows the Internet program boosts parent involvement, but he doesn’t say whether grades or test scores have improved. Have they?

Chattanooga Unit Group only the last to want the rules changed if the results don’t match their worldview. Growing up.

It seems it doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle Sabrena Smedley is on. She makes herself the ward of the taxpayers forever.

Mayor Coppinger, When does your position as a financial consultant/advisor start at Lookouts and at what salary scale? Were waiting.

Weston Wamp could be the searing force of fresh air this county needs. Time passes; the next generation of leaders is here. Go with it.

Welcome to “Wampanooga!

The city one The new violence roadmap essentially uses government money to raise children. Why not empower parents? New idea never realized before.

Sheehan appointed to Bankshares – Farmville board


Sheehan appointed to Bankshares board

Posted at 3:45 p.m. on Friday, August 12, 2022

Kevin E. Sheehan has been appointed to the boards of BCC Bankshares Inc. and the Bank of Charlotte County. His initial term will begin July 18 and expire at the company’s annual meeting in January 2023, when he will be up for election by shareholders.

Sheehan is the president and owner of Kevin Sheehan, CPA, PC at Farmville. Sheehan operates his firm, which has been heavily involved in small and medium business accounting since 1996.

Sheehan is a Certified Public Accountant who received his Masters in Accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Commerce/Economics from Randolph Macon College.

Sheehan is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants and is active in numerous youth and civic organizations in the Farmville/Prince Edward community.

Sheehan lives in Farmville with his wife, Melanie Marks.

Dabney TP Gilliam Jr., Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, said, “We are extremely pleased and privileged to have Kevin Sheehan join our Boards of Directors. He brings his strong accounting and financial background to the Board of Directors and his close ties to the communities we serve will benefit our entire organization.

Auto Enthusiasts Pay Over $200,000 for Customizable Condos for Their Cars – Indianapolis Business Journal


A condo owned by Millennium Sounds owner Bill Lehman includes space for his 2020 Corvette C8 and two racing simulators. (Photo courtesy of Bill Lehman)

Jay Farmer had a problem, and it led to a solution that has become a community for car enthusiasts in central Indiana.

Fifteen years ago, Farmer decided he wanted to build a garage in his Florida home. He envisioned it as a place where he could build a collection of cars and hang out.

But Farmer quickly ran into problems and errors. Worst of all, when he finally finished the garage, he realized it was a lonely place.

Jay Farmer

“I found out I was on my own,” said Farmer, who now lives in Carmel and describes himself as a semi-retired real estate developer.

The desire to connect with other enthusiasts of all things wheeled and powered led to the establishment of Motor District Garage Condos near the intersection of State Road 32 and Ditch Road in Westfield.

Motor District opened its first two buildings a year ago, and plans call for a total of 13. Two are currently under construction. The 26 completed condos have been sold and 14 others are nearing completion.

Farmer described a condo with a garage as an urban shack, second office, and lounging space where people can store cars, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and RVs. He said Motor District will eventually have 150 condo units, averaging 1,000 to 3,000 square feet on the ground floor, plus loft options. The $40 million development will eventually include approximately 180,000 square feet of ground floor space, including retail and an event plaza.

Farmer said California-based Superformance, which designs, develops and sells classic car replicas, plans to open a location on the southeast corner of the Motor District. The complex sits on 12 acres in the planned unit development of Springmill Trails, which includes residential, mixed-use and commercial projects.

Motor District condos cost between $200,000 and $500,000 and are the first of their kind in Indiana. Although condos with garages are still a relatively new concept, they have proven themselves across the country.

Farmer cited Minnesota-based AutoMotorPlex, which has two locations in suburban Minneapolis, as inspiration for what he wants to do in the Motor District. “In many markets it was really successful and very popular, and there was nothing like it in the Indianapolis area,” he said. “And I thought with our racing car heritage here, it would be a good fit.”

Standard Motor District units typically include 20 to 22 foot ceilings, a mezzanine, underfloor heating, a 14 foot by 18 foot garage door, outdoor surveillance and a fire sprinkler system.

“One of the things I’ve learned is how difficult it can be when you don’t have all the utilities to your building where you need them,” Farmer said. “And, so, we’ve made it easy for people to do what they want to do in unity.”

The way people customize garage condos in Motor District runs the gamut from simple to elaborate.

While some stick to a simple build, Farmer said, others have gone all out with kitchens, bars, a game room, TVs, a sound system, sofas and a dining area. .

Garages are not technically required to be used for car storage. Some people store their hunting and fishing gear in a garage, while others may have a carpentry shop. The only restriction is that Motor District is not zoned residential, so Farmer said people are asked not to live in their garages.

“Some people spend more on constructions than on the garage,” he said. “People build the units to meet their specific needs.”

Customization of condos at Motor District runs the gamut, from simple to elaborate. (IBJ Photo/Eric Learned)


Location was crucial to Farmer when he started thinking about the Motor District in 2017. He wanted a location in Hamilton County, due to its higher-income demographics, and said Westfield “turned out be the perfect place”.

“On our side of Indianapolis to Fishers through Zionsville and well north of where we are, with US 31 being so easy with no red lights going up and down, it’s good access to the population we are targeting,” he said.

To start Motor District, Farmer teamed up with motor racing veteran and team owner Eric Bachelart and Travis May, principal of Westfield-based William Tres Development LLC. (Bachelart has since left Motor District to focus on running his Conquest Racing team.)

Despite pandemic-related delays that doubled costs — the 2019 price estimate for Motor District was $20 million — Farmer and his group began construction in January 2021.

They also started at a time of heightened competition for vehicle-focused communities in central Indiana, where passion for automobiles has been part of the region’s soul since the invention of the motor. internal combustion.

Indianapolis resident Mike Simmons opened Silo Auto Club & Conservancy in 2019 in downtown Indianapolis, and IndyCar driver Graham Rahal hopes to expand his car-related operations which now include events, sales vehicles and car storage as he plans his move from Brownsburg to Zionsville’s Creekside Business Park.

And about 30 miles west of Indianapolis, The Club at Putnam Park has been open for more than a decade. The club facility includes a track, club events and rental garages.

Bruno Silikowski

At Westfield, Farmer consulted with AutoMotorPlex founder Bruno Silikowski, who he says provided advice and access to intellectual property throughout the planning process. Silikowski operates a 200,000 square foot garage condo community in Chanhassen, Minnesota and a 250,000 square foot community in Medina, Minnesota.

“We were able to really streamline our project and avoid a lot of mistakes by learning from what they did,” Farmer said.

The most important thing, Silikowski told IBJ, is giving people what they want.

“The majority of people who join us have a passion to start. They have the resources, but most of them don’t have the time, so we make it easy for them,” he said.

Farmer said Motor District’s ownership model appeals to people because they can design their garage condos to suit their needs. He added that garages have increased in value over time, so people can save money on their purchase if their circumstances change and they need to move.

“We have buyers who are very successful business people, but we also have our regular buyers who have a car or two, maybe a 70s muscle car that won’t win any awards, but that’s their pride. and their joy,” said the farmer. “Everyone fits around a common interest in really anything that has a drive.”

A community

Bill Lehman

Bill Lehman was one of the first to buy a condo in the Motor District after May pitched the idea to him about two years ago.

Lehman, owner of Indianapolis-based audio-visual system retailer Millennium Sounds, said he spent about six months customizing his garage. A friend created a 3D rendering to arrange the space exactly as he wanted.

Lehman uses his 1,500 square foot garage condo as office space and a home for his 2020 Corvette C8 and two racing simulators, which sit on the ground floor.

The mezzanine has a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, stove and a 21-foot black walnut counter. There is a full bathroom with a walk-in shower.

“I would consider myself a car enthusiast, and so the car enthusiast part intrigued me,” Lehman said. “And then we’re actually using the space for work, so I’m going to go in there and work like an extended office.”

Lehman also held a fundraiser at his apartment in April for the nonprofit Firefly Children & Family Alliance. The event featured IndyCar driver Tony Kanaan, who raced against people in Lehman’s racing simulators.

Lehman said “being around a lot of other automotive guys” intrigued him and he developed friendships at the Motor District. “We met people we already knew, but they bought a garage there, so we have more in common and we talk and communicate more now because we have a common interest,” he said. “We also had current customers who bought garages.”

Building that sense of community is something Farmer and Silikowski emphasized, which sets their car condo communities apart from just being places to store vehicles.

John Leonard

“Golfers, where are they going? says Silikowski. “They go to the country club. Where are the pilots going? Where are they hanging out? They hang around in the sheds. This is where car enthusiasts go.

John Leonard, who does marketing and promotions for Motor District and organizes the annual Artomobilia show in Carmel, echoed that sentiment. In addition to charity events, Motor District also hosts a version of cars and coffee called the Mocha District, car shows and road rallies.

“You bring together a group of like-minded guys who all have a common interest,” he said. “And rather than having a garage on your own property where it’s just you and your cars, you have the added benefit of being surrounded by a bunch of like-minded guys.”•

Friday’s Daily Pulse – Florida Trend


Unemployment claims fall in Florida for third straight week

First-time jobless claims in Florida fell for a third straight week. The US Department of Labor released a report on Thursday estimating that 5,656 initial claims were filed in Florida in the week ending August 6, compared to a revised number of 6,140 claims in the week that s ended July 30. nationwide unemployment claims rose by 14,000 to 262,000. [Source: News Service of Florida]

Business Beat – Week of August 12

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Florida Trend Exclusive
NASA Selects Two UCF Scientists to Lead Robotic Exploration Mission to the Moon

NASA has selected two planetary scientists from the University of Central Florida – Kerri Donaldson Hanna and Adrienne Dove – to lead a robotic mission in 2026 to explore a mysterious section of the moon known as the Gruithuisen Domes. While the rounded lunar mountains have never been visited up close, flyby data from previous missions suggest they formed from volcanic eruptions of silicic lava. If so, the rock could provide important resources for future lunar explorations. [Source: Florida Trend]

Florida Citizens surpasses one million insurance policies

Florida residual market insurer Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has now surpassed more than one million policies, the first time it has been at this level of portfolio exposure, in terms of policy count, since 2013. Florida citizens added an average of 32,000 new fonts. to its wallets every month through 2021. The guess rate has risen in recent weeks as citizens now seem poised to eclipse the predictions they provided earlier this year. More information on Reinsurance News and Artemis.

Florida state law enforcement officers get pay raise but no bonus check this year

Florida state law enforcement officers won’t see $1,000 bonus checks this year, but they are getting a pay raise — the first in years. These bonus checks would have been the second round of federally funded first responder bonuses received by state police. In 2021, local and state first responders received bonuses of the same amount. However, this year state law enforcement is excluded. [Source: WTSP]


> In the air? Records Reveal City’s Attempts to Land Amazon Air at Tallahassee Airport
Project Alpha and its $450 million economic impact have sparked rumors that Amazon Air could circle Tallahassee International Airport. Another company, North American Aerospace Industries, was later revealed as the mystery firm – one that could generate more than 900 new jobs for the capital as the North Carolina-based plane parts recycler expands its operations in the US market. But, for more than a year, Tallahassee has been struggling to strike a deal with Amazon Air.

› Broward District asks voters to double tax rate to boost teacher pay and school safety
Broward voters need to know whether they want to raise their property taxes over the next four years to fund increases for teachers, hire more school safety personnel and bolster mental health programs at Broward public schools or pass on this proposition, given higher prices at the pump. and in the supermarket aisle.

› Walmart’s drone delivery could land in at least two central Florida cities
Another Central Florida city is on the radar to land Walmart’s new drone delivery service of Hamburger Helper and other groceries. A two-story tower for drone delivery is proposed for a Walmart’s parking lot at 904 Cypress Parkway in Kissimmee, according to an Osceola County pre-application meeting request. A three-story drone delivery tower at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 433 S. Avalon Park Blvd. in eastern Orange County is also offered.

› Lights, Camera, Bay? Recent Movies Bring Millions to Tampa Bay
The beaches, suburbs, downtowns and businesses of Tampa Bay are all coming to the big screen. Since September 11, filmmakers have chosen this territory as the setting for their films on Lifetime and Hallmark. Each of the films is produced in partnership with Visit St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission.

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In case you missed it:

Activision wins Rule 11 penalties for frivolous ‘COD: Infinite Warfare’ lawsuit


from Clap back department

It’s always frustrating to come across an intellectual property lawsuit that’s so ridiculously frivolous. On the other hand, it’s then quite amusing when a court does things so well that the frivolous plaintiff gets a good slap on the wrist for his problem. At the end of 2021, Activision Blizzard was sued by a company called Brooks Entertainment, which argued that the video game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare contained several case of trademark and copyright infringement.

According a report by a litigation partner at the law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (who warned Kotaku), Activision Blizzard was sued in November 2021 by Brooks Entertainment, Inc., a California-based company specializing in film and television production and others forms of entertainment. However, Kotaku could not find an official website for the company. Brooks Entertainment and its CEO, Shon Brooks, which describes itself as an inventor, claims to own the financial mobile game brands Save One Bank and Stock Picker. It should be noted that Kotaku was also unable to verify the existence of these games. Regardless, these three entities, alongside Activision Blizzard and Infinite Warfare in 2016, were at the center of the lawsuit.

At issue were several aspects of the game that Brooks claimed infringed the trademark and copyrights of those other games and the Brooks Entertainment company itself. How? Well, there were in-game references to financial institutions and in-game apps that were somehow similar in name to the brands mentioned above. Additionally, Brooks alleged that there were characters and storylines that were “rip-offs” from Brooks’ games and, strangely, its CEO.

Brooks Entertainment alleged Activision has ripped off the intellectual property of Save One Bank and Stock Picker, as well as the identity of its owner, in Infinite Warfare. To be more specific, the complaint claimed that the 2016 first-person shooter’s “main character”, Sean Brooks, was based on the company’s CEO and that all three games had “scripted battle scenes that take place in a high fashion shopping mall.” There were other similarities as well, but those claims were at the heart of the complaint.

As Kotaku notes, just about everything in these claims is either silly or completely false, and so Brooks lost the case. For example, the trademark claims were based on similarity of names, but the court pointed out that the COD the game is an expressive work. A character with the same name in an artistic expression protected by the First Amendment follows the Rogers test instead of a similarity test, and no one is confused about the origin of a property simply because there is has a Sean Brooks character in a COD Game.

As for copyrights, well…

The alleged similarities in this case – for example, a video game played “offshore”, the use of “exotic locations” and travel to other planets, – are so broad and generally applicable to the video game industry that ‘they could not be protected by copyright, even if the plaintiff had been able to produce evidence of access and similarity. Additionally, and far more troubling, other claims are demonstrably false. For example, COD is a first-person shooter, not first-and-third-person as claimed,9 and Sean Brooks isn’t directing a scripted battle scene in a high-fashion mall.

Plaintiff’s counsel could have easily verified these facts before filing the factually unfounded complaint, just as the Court easily verified them within the first hour and a half of play. Finally, there is no indication that either another of the defendants ever received the copyrighted material. In fact, the documents that the plaintiff’s attorney relied on and shared with the Court show that the emails containing the documents were sent only to former Rockstar HR manager Sarah Schafer and n never received a response.

By now you’re probably wondering what Rockstar has to do with all of this, given that the company has nothing to do with the COD franchise. You might be wondering, “Hey wait, did Brooks Entertainment go after the wrong company in all of this?” Well, it’s more complicated than that, involving an employee who may or may not have gone back and forth between being employed by Rockstar and Activision…but yeah, pretty much. Anyway, it’s kind of funny to see a referee say, “Hey, did you even play the game? Because I did and it’s all just plain wrong.

As for Brooks’ assertion that the game appropriated his ‘likeness’ due to the homophonically similar names, the court had to write those words, which I kind of imagine was accomplished by rubbing their temples of frustration.

Under section 3344, defendants did not use plaintiff’s “name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness in any way.” cal. Civil. Code § 3344 (emphasis added). Shon Brooks is an African-American financial consultant from New Jersey, while (different spelling) “Sean Brooks” is a Caucasian, Solar Association Treaty Organization Marine, from Ireland voiced by an Irish actor .

If you’ve dived into the integrated decision, you may have already noticed that it’s not just a decision for the trial, but also for Rule 11 Penalties. They are the ones who make the filer of a bullshit lawsuit, who can’t even establish his own facts, pay the defendant for wasting his time and money. And the result of this pointless and confusing fight that Brooks Entertainment has chosen to choose with Activision (and others) is that they go pay the defendant instead of the other way around.

And so we are now waiting for the parties to submit their opinions on the “reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses” that have been incurred by Activision as a result of this litigation. Maybe next time Brooks Entertainment should stick to the entertainment stuff, because that’s obviously pretty bad for litigation.

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W’sport faces $160,000 penalty in 2017 taxes | News, Sports, Jobs


A municipal forensic financial expert and accountant working for the City of Williamsport has discovered that the city is in the process of civil penalties for $160,000 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Tracey Rash of Government Finance Solutions recently told the city council’s finance committee about her discovery and other problem areas in the financial paperwork, which she said much of it should be put into digital format as it found it in piles.

“The IRS has not received the 2017 W-2, 1095, and 1094 forms they said they sent,” Rash said.

Rash said he found the documents while checking Old City Hall, which remains closed and boarded up.

“I found an IRS notice on the pile on a desk with penalties for the fourth quarter of 2021 of approximately $12,000,” she says.

After contacting the tax office, she noted that there were three outstanding penalty notices, including one from 2017, which she said had never received a response.

“You are now in a civil penalty phase for $160,000 and out of the appeal process,” Rash said.

Two other outstanding issues with the agency have been resolved, she said.

“Apparently the patient is in critical condition and we are currently triaging,” said Councilman Randall J. Allison.

The Board is considering this evening on its agenda whether to enter into a contract with Government Finance Solutions.

Rash could be paid using the remainder of the former acting CFO’s salary for the year, but councilor Liz Miele, chair of the committee, said she would also like to see a plan for when that funding ends.

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Quincy Mine Hoist Association’s Annual Rock Swap Draws Enthusiasts


HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) – The Quincy Mine Hoist Association held its annual Rock Swap event Wednesday in front of the mine’s hoist building.

UP rocks and minerals of all kinds could be found on the tables of dozens of vendors, from native copper and silver to agates and gemstones. As the name suggests, stones could be traded for others or purchased from vendors.

“We have providers covering A to Z, whatever you need,” said Dale Hartmann, organizer of Rock Swap. “Any stone you want, we have it.”

Hartmann also noted how geologically unique UP is to have such a variety of formations.

“We have over 800 loads of basalt, so we’ve been heated over 800 times,” Hartmann continued. “And we have over 50 conglomerate loads, which means we’ve been underwater over 50 times, so we’re a very unique geological area.”

The money earned on the tables is donated to the Association for maintenance of the mining area and its activities, such as tours of the mine itself.

Another mineral-related event, the Gem and Mineral Show 2022, will be hosted by the Copper Country Rock and Mineral Club from Friday to Sunday this week. It will begin at 1 p.m. at Houghton Elementary School.

For more information on the show, click here.

Copyright 2022 WLUC. All rights reserved.

NY Times reports on coordinated efforts by elected Republicans to penalize corporate efforts to reduce GHG emissions – Climate Change


To print this article, all you need to do is be registered or log in to Mondaq.com.

The New York Times reported that the State Financial Officers Association has “pushed[ed] Republican state treasurers, who are mostly elected officials and tasked with managing their state’s finances, are using their power to promote oil and gas interests and thwart Mr. Biden’s climate agenda. These efforts have taken many forms, including: (1) enacting laws that “prohibit[] state agencies to invest in companies that have severed ties with fossil fuel companies”; (2) criticize the efforts of rating agencies “to integrate climate risk into their credit ratings of States”; (3) withdrawing funds from certain investment managers based on their “stance on environmental issues”; (4) effectively opposing and blocking federal candidates who believed that “financial regulators should control climate risks more diligently”; and (5) oppose proposed federal rules regarding climate risk, including not only the proposed SEC rule on mandatory climate disclosures, but even a Department of Labor rule that “would allow retirement to take into account the risks linked to global warming in their investment strategy”.

Overall, it’s no surprise that a coordinated political effort exists among elected Republicans to counter the climate policies promoted by the Biden administration. Climate change and the public response to it have become an increasingly partisan issue in recent years, and these efforts by Republican state officials are consistent with the Republican Party’s broader policy agenda. And the arena in which this action takes place — financial markets — has become an increasingly powerful arena for environmental policy, as evidenced by the Biden administration’s SEC agenda.

But the impact of this concerted effort by Republican state treasurers could have significant consequences beyond their apparent immediate goal of pushing back on efforts to integrate climate risk and environmental goals into corporate financial planning. As one commentator put it, by choosing to “we[e] the public finance market to make political statements. . . the costs can potentially be quite significant”, especially since if financial institutions exit certain markets – whether voluntarily or not – due to incompatibilities with a regulatory regime, then interest costs can increase in those markets (eg, states and localities penalizing companies with an environmental agenda) because reduced competition can increase the cost of obtaining capital (eg, higher interest rates). could lead to a division of American companies according to the set of states to which they intend to market their services, with potentially important consequences for the global economy.

Nearly two dozen Republican state treasurers across the country are working to thwart climate action at the state and federal levels, fighting regulations that would clarify the economic risks posed by a warming world, lobbying against climate-conscious candidates for top federal positions and using the tax dollars they control to punish companies that want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the past year, treasurers from nearly half of the United States have coordinated tactics and talking points, met privately and cheered each other on publicly in a well-funded campaign to protect fossil fuel companies that strengthen their local economies.


The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.


Lots of PFAS news, nothing good.


A committee of the prestigious National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommended this week that the blood of perhaps tens of millions of Americans…

EPA Expands List of PFAS Subject to Toxic Release Inventory Reporting

Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Earlier this week, on July 18, 2022, the US EPA released a final rule that subjects five new per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) to Toxic Release Inventory (“TRI”) reporting requirements in under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (“EPCRA”).

Washington County Board Approves DHS Financial Investigation Order


Following a report on Delta Health System’s finances, which showed negative net income of $13.2 million year-to-date, the Washington County Board of Supervisors voted Monday to pass a order declaring that DHS was in financial difficulty and employed senior staff. political adviser Samuel Odle and Bose Public Affairs Group to conduct an investigation and analysis of the financial situation of DHS.

The report included all DHS medical facilities and groups and was submitted by DHS Acting CEO Iris Stacker at last Monday’s regular BOS meeting.

Prior to Stacker’s report, there had not been one submitted since February 2022 by his predecessor Scott Christensen, which encompassed the months of October, November and December 2021.

Of the negative $13.2 million, DHS – The Medical Center has a net income of negative $334,000; Northwest Regional Medical Center in Clarksdale has a net loss of $3 million; Highland Hills Medical Center in Senatobia has a net loss of $2.2 million; and DHS medical groups including Washington County, Clarksdale and Senatobia have a combined net loss of $7.6 million year-to-date.

The BOS decision to allow an audit and analysis of DHS finances, as owners of the community hospital, was investigated by council attorney Willie Griffin as well as an investigation into the power to remove a director of the hospital board.

“I was researching this and found that the supervisory board does not have the power to remove a member of the board. Now there is the power to dissolve the board of directors of the company. hospital, but you can’t remove an individual board trustee,” Griffin told BOS. “You can dissolve the hospital board and that will have the effect of removing them, but I don’t recommend you to do.”

However, Griffin found that the board had legal latitude to pursue other actions with respect to the hospital board after reviewing related opinions written by the Mississippi Attorney General.

“There is authority under Mississippi Code Section 41-13-15 that authorizes this board to employ professionals and move without the authority of the hospital board or CEO to determine financial and related hospital conditions,” he said.

As such, he recommended that the council take action in view of his authority in accordance with Miss. Code 19-3-69, which essentially sets forth the right of the BOS to hire certified public accountants and other professionals to conduct an investigation and analysis of the hospital’s financial conditions, operations, and related programs.

Griffin also clarified to the BOS that while they had already retained the services of a professional consultant, they had not given authority to proceed, which would be done through passage of the order.

Before engaging these services, the BOS had to conclude in its minutes that “the finances and operations of DHS are in an unknown state.”

The order goes on to state, in part, “The Board deems it necessary and in the best interests of Washington County to order an immediate investigation and determination of the financial condition, operations, and related programs.”

The order provides that the DHS Board of Directors will cooperate and make available to Odle and Bose, their employees and associates and any records or documents necessary for the analysis.

As indicated in its order, the elements required to perform the analysis include, but are not limited to, the last three financial years of the financial statements and the most recent cumulative financial statements with balance sheet; the last two years of external budget audits; Last 12 months of Board of Directors, Finance Committee and Audit Committee minutes; the most recent Joint Commission Accreditation of Health Organization (JCAHO) inspection report; any other external reports in the last 12 months made by public bodies; summary of ongoing disputes; information about any ongoing external government agency or recipient action; and any other records the Consultants deem fair and appropriate.

District 1 Supervisor Lee Gordon was personally assured by Stacker, whom he considered “the key part” of the process, that she and the DHS board would work collectively and voluntarily with BOS until the end. of the audit and thereafter.

District 4 Supervisor Mala Brooks said after speaking with three members of the hospital’s board of directors, “they are fully prepared to move forward.”

His feelings were similar to Gordon’s in that their goal is to work in conjunction with the hospital board and provide the necessary support.

“I want to let the hospital board do their job and hold them accountable a little bit harder than they have in the past…I just want to make sure we work together. I think we would be more accomplished that way,” Brooks added.

Gordon moved a motion to adopt the order and Brooks seconded the motion, which was carried by a unanimous BOS vote.

Sonoco (SON) appoints Aditya Gandhi as chief accounting officer


News and research before you hear about it on CNBC and others. Claim your one week free trial for StreetInsider Premium here.

Sonoco Products Company (NYSE: SON), a diversified global packaging leader, is pleased to announce the promotion of Deputy Comptroller General Aditya Gandhi to the newly created position of Chief Accounting Officer, effective immediately.

Gandhi will report directly to Chief Financial Officer Rob Dillard and oversee all SEC accounting and reporting functions for Sonoco. Gandhi will be an integral leader of the finance team, partnering with senior business leaders to drive change management, innovation and programs that improve overall efficiency and effectiveness organisation.

“With nearly two decades of experience and a proven track record of success, Aditya will play a key role in partnering with global business leaders to drive greater business partnership and improve processes in the accounting organization and of control with the goal of seamlessly integrating financial services as part of our strategy,” said Dillard. “We are thrilled to have him in such a critical role for Sonoco as a strategic leader who knows our business well. , our processes and our people.”

Prior to joining Sonoco, Gandhi served as Segment Controller for Consumer Packaging and Senior Director of Technical Accounting at Westrock. Previously, he worked at GE Capital in the financial center of excellence providing accounting support to various businesses. Gandhi spent over 15 years in public accounting with Deloitte as a Senior Audit Manager supporting global Fortune 50 companies as well as national and international assignments in the Deloitte US National and London, UK offices. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Finance and Economics from the University of Mumbai. He is also a Chartered Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

About SonocoFounded in 1899, Sonoco (NYSE: SON) is a global supplier of consumer, industrial, healthcare and protective packaging. With net sales of approximately $5.6 billion in 2021, the company has approximately 22,000 employees working in more than 300 operations in 32 countries serving some of the world’s best-known brands in some 85 countries. Sonoco is committed to creating sustainable products, services and programs for our customers, employees and communities that support our corporate goal of better packaging. Better life. The company ranked first in the packaging industry on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies for 2022 and was included in Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies for the fourth consecutive year. For more information about the Company, visit our website at www.sonoco.com.

Forward-looking statementsStatements included herein that are not historical in nature are intended to be, and are hereby identified as, “forward-looking statements” for purposes of the safe harbor provided by Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. In addition, the Company and its representatives may from time to time make other oral or written statements that are also “forward-looking statements.” Words such as “anticipate”, “assume”, “believe”, “commit”, “envision”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “plan”, “future”, ” goal”, “direction”, “intend”, “may”, “could”, “goal”, “opportunity”, “perspective”, “plan”, “potential”, “project”, “strategy” , “target”, “will”, “would”, or the negative thereof, and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this press release include, but are not limited to, statements regarding the Company’s future operating and financial performance and the Company’s strategy, including plans regarding change management, innovation and programs to improve efficiency and effectiveness, efforts to strengthen business partnerships, and process improvement and integration of financial services. These forward-looking statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about our industry, the beliefs of management and certain assumptions made by management. This information includes, but is not limited to, discussions of directions and other estimates, perceived opportunities, expectations, beliefs, plans, strategies, goals and objectives regarding our future financial and operating performance. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Accordingly, actual results may differ materially from those expressed or anticipated in such forward-looking statements. Risks, uncertainties and assumptions include, but are not limited to, those relating to the Company’s ability to execute its strategy, including with respect to partnerships, acquisitions, cost management, restructuring and capital expenditures. capital, and to obtain the advantages it expects from it; the Company’s ability to return cash to shareholders and create long-term value; and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions discussed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent reports on Forms 10-K and 10-Q, in particular under the heading “Factors of risk “. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. In light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the forward-looking events discussed herein may not occur.

Lisa Weeks
[email protected]

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Source: Sonoco Products Company

A ‘Major Victory’ for Wildlife Enthusiasts: What’s Next for Utah’s Newest Wildlife Management Area


A photo of a pond in the Cinnamon Creek Wildlife Management Area taken on Friday. The wildlife management area opened on Friday. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes

AVON, Cache County — Cinnamon Creek, with its rolling hills and groves of aspen trees, has attracted hunters and anglers for years.

And with the cutting of an orange ribbon at its opening gate, Utah wildlife officials say the tradition will last for years. On Friday, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources celebrated its new ownership of the land with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new Cinnamon Creek Wildlife Management Area.

The event, in many ways, signals the start of transformations in the area after the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources acquired the 8,107-acre land just north of the Weber and Cache county line during a public auction that ended in November 2021.

“Securing the property is a major win for wildlife and wildlife enthusiasts,” Daniel Olson, regional habitat manager for the division, said in a statement Monday.

Hunters and anglers used the land in the past because state wildlife managers had an agreement with the land’s previous owner, the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. However, the use was put in jeopardy when the administration announced its intention to sell the land.

Cinnamon Creek is also considered a “vital” wintering area for wildlife, including big game species, according to the Utah Wildlife Division. The creek is also home to some of the best Bonneville cutthroat trout in the state.

With the possibility of losing wildlife space, Utah wildlife officials began raising millions of dollars from several organizations and government entities, including the Utah Legislature and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to place the winning bid of just over $20 million to keep it open for recreational use.

The official deed transfer was completed in July, when it officially became the state’s 193rd Wildlife Management Area.

A few days after this transfer, the division sent crews to the area to begin improving the entrance to the new wildlife management area, expanding its parking lot and placing a new culvert in the area to reduce the risk of flooding. . The team also rebuilt the road leading to the management area, which had fallen into disrepair.

Construction crews clear a road for the new Cinnamon Creek Wildlife Management Area on July 13.
Construction crews clear a road for the new Cinnamon Creek Wildlife Management Area on July 13. (Photo: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

Similar work is expected, especially as the division seeks to clean up damage to the land.

“Most of the roads in the (wildlife management area) are in poor condition. Recreational users have also created roads where roads shouldn’t be,” Olson said. “Providing beautiful roads for people to travel on and closing the secondary roads that have developed over the years are among our top priorities.”

Olson adds that the fences in the area also need major repairs. That said, state wildlife officials say the land itself is in “decent condition” overall, meaning they believe any future habitat restoration efforts will be successful.

The division plans to form a planning committee to develop a management plan for Cinnamon Creek in early 2023. The committee will determine the types of activities permitted in the management area in the future.

Although it will likely remain open for hunting and fishing, the management area is one of 23 where target shooting is currently prohibited due to fire hazards.


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Carter Williams is an award-winning journalist who covers general news, the outdoors, history and sports for KSL.com. He previously worked for the Deseret News. He is a transplant from Utah via Rochester, New York.

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‘Leader on Loan’ helps local nonprofit – Monterey Herald


I recently had the opportunity to interview Ann Thompson, a senior executive at Bank of America. I was intrigued by his story for several reasons.

A college graduate, after more than 10 years of a promising career in banking and credit, Thompson left the workforce to raise her two sons with no plans to return. When her youngest entered first grade, a family friend suggested that with her skills in finance and banking, she was seriously considering re-entering the workforce. Although he faced a huge technological learning curve, Thompson nevertheless returned to banking, landing a position as a loan specialist at Citibank. Within a few years, she was promoted to regional management. Four years later, Bank of America recruited her. Since then, she has steadily earned promotions. His most recent position was National Director of Specialty Lending for Bank of America, overseeing over 2,000 employees.

And now, for the second major reason, I was interested in speaking with Thompson. In 2017, Bank of America launched the Leader on Loan program in the eastern United States. This is a new program designed to bring resources to local communities. Bank of America leaders take on high-level roles in nonprofit organizations to help them create economic opportunity in cities in and around their work and home. Over the past five years, 27 senior executives have held leadership positions in their communities, with the bank supporting their salaries and benefits for the duration of their tenure.

Earlier this year, Thompson decided to step out of her comfort zone and immersed herself in her role as the West Coast’s first leader of the Leader on Loan program.

Thompson sat down with DigitalNEST CEO and Founder Jacob Martinez and COO Dr. Antonia Franco to learn more about the organization.

She was immediately taken with their mission to inspire and provide technical training to prepare young people to meet the growing technological needs of the local business community. She has assumed her role as interim CFO and is working closely with Martinez and Franco to put in place financial checks and balances that result in a sustainable future for the nonprofit organization.

Thompson mentioned how the organization is already well run and financially balanced and his role is to tighten, secure and add to the systems in place.

As much as she has to offer, Thompson realizes she can learn from the nonprofit, too.

DigitalNEST’s rural roots in Watsonville, Salinas and Gilroy and corporate culture are very different from its corporate background in San Francisco. Thus, she changed her wardrobe to better match the culture of the organization and reduced the tendency to use corporate language. In the short time she worked with Martinez and the DigitalNEST team, Thompson said she saw the community in a new light, learning more about the farming community and getting to know the staff and customers of the organization. She is proud to contribute to the DigitalNEST mission and when her assignment as interim CFO under the Leader on Loan program is over, she will shift gears again and resume her career at Bank of America.

Mary Jeanne Vincent, career expert and strategist, has a coaching practice in Monterey.
She can be reached at 831-657-9151, [email protected], or

Uk Ca Said To Pay Sick Separated Wife 43 Lakh | Bombay News

MUMBAI: A British chartered accountant has been ordered to pay Rs43 lakh in maintenance arrears to his sick and bedridden ex-wife. The woman had filed a complaint for domestic violence in the criminal court.
The defendant tried to pretend that he was unemployed and indicated that his income was nil. “Based on the statements of both parties, it is not credible that the qualified respondent (husband) residing and working in a city in the United Kingdom has no income of his own. While the documents filed by the plaintiff ( wife) appear credible that the defendant earns an income of £34,953 (Rs 33.48 lakh),” the court said.
The court said that when looking at the parties’ incomes, it appeared that the husband had to pay Rs 1.2 lakh per month in interim child support for the wife’s personal and medical expenses. The court said the woman was entitled to interim child support from the date she filed the plea, in August 2019. The woman told the court that she needed Rs 2 lakh every month for child support. medical fees.
The sick woman entered a plea through her father as she was unable to appear in court in person.
She said she married the man in 2016 and within two months she was subjected to cruelty. The woman alleged that she was taunted, forced to work and deposit her monthly income into a joint account with the man. She alleged that her in-laws fought with her over minor issues and forced her to work in the kitchen. The woman said that because of the accused, she was later forced to resign from her job.
The woman said that in February 2017 she was hospitalized in serious condition and underwent surgery for neurological issues. The woman alleged that her husband had failed to care for her and forced his family to come to London and look after her. She maintained that the doctor attributed her condition to possible extreme stress.
The defendant denied the allegations and claimed that he took care of the woman and paid for all expenses. The man said he had no income and was dependent on his family.

The Canceled Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans Has Been Remastered By An Enthusiast Over A Six-Year Period


Blizzard canceled the adventure game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans in 1998. Warcraft, an unreleased point-and-click adventure game, was leaked online a few years ago.

While the game was fully playable at the time, its cutscenes were of terrible quality, heavily compressed, didn’t exactly pace the soundtrack, and some were simply missing.

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After years of work, all cutscenes have now been updated, improved, and made easier to understand.

The completed WACRP version 1.0 has just been released by modder DerSilver83 (Warcraft Adventures Cutscene Remastered Project).

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Twenty fully remastered footage is included in the mod, two of which were later released via another leak and weren’t originally in the release.

Both the modder and the project’s website claim that a lot of work has gone into this build. Alleged manual erasure of all compression artifacts from each movie was performed by DerSilver83.

Additionally, the modder has meticulously recreated entire images and materials, frame by frame, using Photoshop.

Additionally, continuity issues were resolved and all-new transition scenes were written from scratch. Audio has been synced and video now plays at 12 frames per second.

DerSilver83 claims to have spent over six years working on this mod, and the most recent version 1.0 marks the culmination of their efforts.

He said in a post dated July 31 that he did his best in what he considered an “appropriate time” and was happy with the result.

Before it becomes a burden, I want to consider this project as something pleasant. That’s all, then. My Cutscene Remaster project is now complete and I sincerely hope that everyone who uses it finds it as enjoyable as I did. I’ve always wanted to create a crucial mod for a game I love, and now I can say I did.

HC Surgical Specialists: Responding to SGX Queries Download PDF



Incorporated into the Republic of Singapore

Registration No. 201533429G


The Board of Directors (the “Plank“) of HC Surgical Specialists Limited (the “Company” and with its subsidiaries, the “Band“) would like to announce its responses to questions raised by Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST“) on August 4, 2022 (“SGX-STQueries“) in connection with the Company’s August 3, 2022 announcement relating to the August 3, 2022 Straits Times article “SMC Seeks Longer Suspension for 2 Physicians for Sexual Exploitation of Patient” ( the “Announcement“) as following:

Unless otherwise specified, capitalized terms used in this announcement shall have the same meaning as in the Announcement.

Query 1

Please provide details of the findings of the Singapore Medical Council Disciplinary Tribunal (“CMS“), including when it was concluded/when the Society and/or Dr. Julian Ong were made aware of these findings. Please explain why an announcement was not made sooner.

Company response

In April 2022, the Board was informed by Dr Ong of the 8-month suspension by the SMC Disciplinary Tribunal (“DT Sentence“) and that he was in the process of appealing against this sentence DT (the “Call“).

The Board had a discussion and concluded that no announcement was necessary at this time for the following reasons:-

  1. The DT sentence is classified by the SMC as “private and confidential” and it is important to allow due process to take its course until the appeal is completed;
  2. As the appeal process is ongoing, the DT award is not binding on Dr. Ong until it is completed and as such is not a material development until its conclusion. ;
  3. Dr. Ong is still permitted to continue his medical practice while the appeal is pending subject to any stipulations imposed by the SMC to which he continues to adhere; and
  4. The Group’s business and operations have not been affected since Dr Ong’s SMC complaint was first published in the Straits Time in April 2020 (see table below). As the Group is constantly seeking to grow its business, the Company has also acquired Dr. Goh Minghui, who took up his post in July 2020, to strengthen the Group’s pool of doctors.


Financial year

Financial year

Financial year

ended May 31, 2020

ended May 31, 2021

ended May 31, 2022



(“FISCAL YEAR 2022“)


Group turnover




Group profit


parent owners




The table above shows the increase in Group revenue from approximately S$16,723,000 in fiscal year 2020 to approximately S$19,311,000 in fiscal year 2022; and profits for the owners of the parent company increased from approximately S$3,987,000 in fiscal year 2020 to approximately S$6,379,000 in fiscal year 2022. Fiscal year 2021 was a exceptional as the Group experienced pent-up demand for its medical services after the lifting of the circuit breaker measures on June 2, 2020.

The Group had already written down the goodwill on Dr. Ong’s company, Julian Ong Endoscopy & Surgery Pte. ltd. (“JOES“) of S$722,000 in fiscal year 2020 and S$745,000 in fiscal year 2022, representing less than 5% of Group revenue for the respective fiscal years, in accordance with applicable accounting policies as described in its financial statements.

In addition, as announced on December 31, 2020, the Company had signed a revised sale and purchase agreement with Dr. Ong to amend the terms relating to the acquisition of the remaining 30% stake in JOES, in the awaiting the outcome of the SMC investigation, in order to protect the Company’s interests. Please refer to the December 31, 2020 announcement for more details.

Query 2

Please provide the name of the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee (“CN“) assessment and justification of the suitability of Dr. Julian Ong to remain one of the Group’s key physicians.

Company response

Dr. Ong is one of the Group’s surgeons and has no executive responsibility or is a Group officer. He operates like any other surgeon employed by the Group, like the other surgeons that the Group employs and in which it invests.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board and NC note that Dr. Ong’s professional conduct as a specialist in the Group has not previously been affected by his personal conduct. The Board wishes to reiterate that prior to the complaint filed with SMC, neither Dr. Ong nor the Company had received any complaints regarding Dr. Ong’s conduct or the medical services he provided, and patients were generally satisfied. of his professionalism.

Accordingly, given that the appeal is ongoing and not complete, to date the Board and NC have determined that despite his personal indiscretions, Dr. Ong is a surgeon who has continued to provide services. quality medical care to its patients and continues to do so.

Query 3

What is the impact of the conclusions of the SMC on the Group’s operations and finances?

Company response

As the appeal was not concluded and Dr. Ong is still permitted to continue his medical practice, the SMC’s findings have no impact on the Group’s operations and finances.

Please also refer to the answer to question 1 regarding the Group’s prudence regarding its investment in JOES.

Query 4

Please disclose any other material information of which shareholders should be aware.

Company response

The Board believes that there is no other material information of which shareholders should be aware pending the outcome of the appeal.

The Council will provide further updates, as they become available, in accordance with the requirements of the Catalist Rules.

By order of the council

Dr. Heah Sieu Min

Executive Director and CEO

August 5, 2022

About HC Surgical Specialists Limited

HC Surgical Specialists Limited (the “Company”) was incorporated on September 1, 2015 in Singapore and listed on the Catalist of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on November 3, 2016. The Company, its subsidiaries and the associated company are a service group medical primarily engaged in the provision of endoscopic procedures, including gastroscopies and colonoscopies, and general surgery services with a focus on colorectal procedures through a network of 16 clinics located across Singapore.

This announcement was prepared by the Company and reviewed by the Company’s sponsor, Novus Corporate Finance Pte. ltd. (the “Sponsor”), pursuant to Rule 226(2)(b) of Section B of the Listing Handbook of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST”): Catalist Rules.

This announcement has not been reviewed or endorsed by SGX-ST and SGX-ST assumes no responsibility for the content of this announcement, including the accuracy of any statements or opinions made or reports contained in this announcement.

The contact person for the Sponsor is Mr. Pong Chen Yih, Chief Operating Officer, at 7 Temasek Boulevard, #18-03B Suntec Tower 1, Singapore 038987, telephone (65) 6950 2188.


HC Surgical Specialists Ltd. published this content on August 05, 2022 and is solely responsible for the information contained therein. Distributed by Public, unedited and unmodified, on Aug 06, 2022 11:23:00 AM UTC.

© Publicnow 2022


Sales 2021 23.5 million
17.0 million
17.0 million
Net income 2021 8.00M
5.79 million
5.79 million
Net cash 2021 3.12M
2.26 million
2.26 million
PER 2021 ratio 9.00x
2021 performance 8.33%
Capitalization 70.0 million
50.6 million
50.6 million
EV / Sales 2020 2.77x
EV / Sales 2021 2.91x
# of employees
Floating 16.8%


Duration :

Period :

HC Surgical Specialists Limited Technical Analysis Chart |  MarketScreener


Short term Middle term Long term
Tendencies Bullish Neutral Bearish

Evolution of the income statement

ICAI removes 4 chartered accountants from the register

CA Malpractice - ICAI - Chartered accountants - taxscan

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has notified the withdrawal of four Chartered Accountants from the membership register.

This is after the Discipline Committee found 4 Chartered Accountants guilty of professional misconduct. The names of the 4 members were removed from the register with the fine.

The Disciplinary Committee held CA. Sunil Kumar Agrawal (member number 075953), M52, Rajeev Nagar, RAIPUR 492 007, guilty of “other misconduct” within the meaning of section 22 of the law and therefore ordered the deletion of the name of CA. Sunil Kumar Agrawal (member number 075953) from the register of members for a period of 01 (one) month and also imposed a fine of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh) to be paid only within 60 days .

“Pursuant thereto and in exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (2) of section 20 of the above Act, it is hereby notified, under Regulation 18 of the Accountants Regulations 1988 approved, only the name of CA. Sunil Kumar Agrawal (member number 075953) will be removed from the register of members for a period of 01 (one) month from August 4, 2022,” reads the notification issued on Thursday.

In addition, the Discipline Committee retained CA. Mayur Batra (member no. 096613), 7 Barakhamba Road, NEW DELHI 110 001, guilty of professional misconduct within the meaning of items (5), (6), (7) and (11) of part I of the first schedule to the Act and accordingly ordered the deletion of CA’s name. Mayur Batra (member number 096613) from the register of members for a period of 03 (three) months and also imposed a fine of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh) to be paid only within 60 days.

Another notification issued on Thursday said that “Pursuant thereto and in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2) of section 20 of the above-mentioned Act, it is hereby notified under the Regulation 18 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 that the name of CA Mayur Batra (membership number 096613) will be removed from the register of members for a period of 03 (three) months from 4 August 2022.”

The Committee further found CA. Jatta Shankar Prasad Kushwaha (Member No. 543029), H No. D-156, Gali No. 6, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi 110,092, guilty of professional and other misconduct within the meaning of items (8) and (9) of The Part I and Section (2) of Part IV of the First Schedule read with Section 22 of the aforementioned Act and therefore ordered the removal of the name CA. Jatta Shankar Prasad Kushwaha (member number 543029) from the register of members for a period of 15 (fifteen) days and also imposed a fine of Rs. 5,000/- (five thousand rupees) to be paid only within 60 days .

“Pursuant thereto and in exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (2) of section 20 of the above Act, it is hereby notified, under Regulation 18 of the Accountants Regulations 1988 approved, only the name of CA. Jatta Shankar Prasad Kushwaha (member number 543029) will be removed from the register of members for a period of 15 (fifteen) days from August 4, 2022,” the third notification reads.

In another notification, the Disciplinary Committee retained CA. Rishi Kapoor (Member No. 511912), House No. WE-55, Rama Park Road, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar, NEW DELHI 110059, guilty of professional misconduct within the meaning of clause (4) of Part II of the second schedule to the said act and accordingly ordered the deletion of the name of CA. Rishi Kapoor (Member No. 511912) from the Register of Members for a period of 05 (five) years and also imposed a fine of Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rupees Three Lakhs only) to be paid within 30 days of receipt of the order.

“Pursuant to the aforesaid Order of the Disciplinary Committee and in exercising the powers conferred by subsection (2) of section 20 of the aforesaid Act, read together with Regulation 18 of the Accountants Regulations 1988 chartered, it is hereby notified that the name of CA Rishi Kapoor (Member No. 511912) will be removed from the register of members for a period of 05 (five) years from August 4, 2022,” he said. declared.

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Notification No.: F. No. PR/115/15-DD/140/15/DC/678/2017

Judgment date: August 4, 2022

Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Museum Sold to Walton Family Aviation Enthusiast and Will Reopen – GeekWire

Paul Allen with one of the vintage warplanes from the Flying Heritage Combat and Armor Museum he started in Everett, Washington (Flying Heritage Instagram Photo)

The Flying Heritage Combat and Armor Museum, an extensive collection of aviation and military artifacts started by Paul Allen in 2004, has been sold by the Microsoft co-founder’s estate.

News of a proposed sale to entrepreneur and philanthropist Steuart Walton, grandson of Walmart founder Sam Walton, first broke in April and became official on Thursday.

The Everett, Wash.-based museum assets are being acquired by Walton’s Wartime History Museum, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that launched earlier this year with a mission to preserve and restore historic wartime artifacts. The organization wants to continue making warplanes and armor available through live exhibits, museum properties and public spaces.

“It has been an honor and a privilege for me to contribute to the development and care of this incredible collection, to share it with the public, to preserve and celebrate the important military history and the human stories of which we are the guardians. “, Adrian Hunt, executive director of Flying Heritage, said in a press release.

Hunt added that he is thrilled the museum continues to educate and inspire the community.

The War History Museum’s plan is to reopen FHCAM to the public, at its current location at Everett’s Paine Field, within the next year. No branding changes were announced, and information about FHCAM’s opening or future plans was not yet available.

The museum was closed in March 2020, along with several other Allen properties, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Maintenance and restoration of artifacts continued during the closure.

Museum of Flying Heritage and Combat Armor
Paul Allen’s collection of aviation and combat artifacts was housed at the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum at Paine Field in Everett, Wash. (FHCAM Photo)

Since Allen’s death from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 65 in 2018, his sister and estate trustee, Jodi Allen, has dramatically transformed his many holdings. Facilities such as Seattle’s Cinerama theater and Living Computers Museum + Labs remain closed.

Walton is the co-founder of Runway Group, a holding company with investments in northwest Arkansas; and the co-founder and president of Game Composites, a company that designs and builds small composite aircraft.

He sits on the boards of Walmart and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, among other organizations, and is a licensed pilot as well as an airplane collector. His net worth has been estimated at $300 million.

Steuart Walton. (Photo Walton Family Foundation)

“This incredible collection reminds us of the significance that vintage aircraft and other historic vehicles have had on our country and the world,” Walton said in a statement. “On behalf of my fellow WHM Board members, we hope to share these important artifacts for generations to come and uncover inspiring stories to help fuel innovation, understanding and exploration.”

The museum features aircraft, tanks, and armaments from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, and the former Soviet Union, many of which have been restored to their flying or driving condition. and emphasize authentic paint schemes and mechanical systems.

Among the gems of the Flying Heritage collection are a British de Havilland Mosquito fighter-bomber built at the end of the Second World War; a Soviet-era Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik attack aircraft; a German Junkers Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber; and the White Knight carrier aircraft that helped SpaceShipOne win the $10 million X prize for private spaceflight in 2004 with Allen’s backing.

“Paul has curated an incredible collection of significant aircraft and machinery that tell strong and important stories that need to be remembered and celebrated,” said Steve Hinton, president of the Planes of Fame Air Museum and former lead test pilot of the Air Force. FHCAM.

Terms of the sale were not disclosed and all proceeds will go to philanthropy.

This report includes previous reports by GeekWire editor Alan Boyle.

Cost of living: Why is the Bank of England adding to my bills by raising rates? | Economic news


The Bank of England has imposed the biggest interest rate hike since 1995 in a bid to fight inflation, but is adding significant costs to borrowers in the process.

Consumer credit experts have told Sky News there are significant savings to be made by switching to a fixed rate mortgage deal and seeking higher savings rates after the bank rate – used to determine variable rate of return (SVR) mortgage repayments – has been increased to 1.75% by city policy makers.

It is the first time in more than a quarter of a decade that such a large increase, of half a percentage point, has been imposed after five previous, but more modest, increases since December.

It is closely following sharp rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve amid a warning from the International Monetary Fund that central banks should take an aggressive stance against inflation.

Why is the bank raising its interest rates?

This is all part of efforts to get inflation under control – currently at its highest level in 40 years – as part of the bank’s mission to bring inflation to a target rate of 2%.

The main measure of the consumer price index (CPI) currently stands at 9.4% and the bank now expects it to rise above 13%% this winter as energy price continue to climb across Europe due to Russian restrictions on gas exports to the continent.

Rate hikes are designed to remove demand from the economy, helping the steady pace of price growth to cool faster than it would otherwise.

I thought the bank couldn’t control energy costs?

It is not possible.

The bank’s big problem here is that the power shortage is a supply problem it can’t do anything about.

Its objective is therefore to accelerate the transition towards easing inflation, which, for example, has included calls for wage moderation.

The bank fears wage settlements in line with inflation, currently sought by many unions, making inflation even more tenacious to bring down.

So who is most affected by rising rates?

Any borrower.

The simple fact of life is that if the bank rate goes up, so do the interest rates paid by businesses and individuals for loans, unless they are for a fixed term.

When it comes to housing, there are still around two million households under tracker and SVR, which collectively make up around a quarter of the mortgage market.

According to figures from industry body UK Finance, tracker customers now have to pay £171.47 more per month than they did when rates started to climb last December.

For SVR customers, the figure is £108.37.

What about fixed rate offers?

The cost is – inevitably – also on as the discount rate is rising.

However, the key thing here is that current fixed rate contract holders will not feel any pain until their contract expires.

According to financial product data specialist Moneyfacts.co.uk, the average five-year fixed rate had crossed the 4% mark before Thursday’s rate hike, from 2.6% in December last year.

He put the average SVR rate at 5.17%.

Moneyfacts said the difference between the average two-year fixed mortgage rate and the SVR deal was worth around £3,300 on average in savings per year.

According to UK Finance, around 1.3 million fixed rate transactions are expected to close this year at some point.

What about business and personal loans?

It is clear that banks generally require a better rate of return, but it all depends on the financial situation of the client as the risk levels will be different.

If borrowers are paying more, why aren’t savings rates keeping up?

The old saying goes that lenders are quick to punish but slow to pass on benefits.

Moneyfacts said average easy-access savings rates stood at 0.2% last December and 0.69% at the start of this week.

Given the rate of inflation, currently at 9.4%, the power to save remains well and truly eroded.

What can I do to protect myself from rising interest rates?

The advice is to research financial products from consumer groups, charities and switching services all offering help in finding the most suitable deals.

When it comes to mortgages, affordability criteria are crucial.

Moneyfacts financial expert Rachel Springall said: “Borrowers who haven’t locked in a fixed rate would be wise to act quickly to secure a new deal as interest rates continue to climb.”

She added: “The cost of living crisis, rising interest rates and rising property prices could weigh on potential buyers if they have little disposable income and then eat away at their savings.

“On the other hand, mortgage customers may find that they have more equity in their home, but will need to seek independent advice as to whether they can comfortably afford to change their agreement.”

Staff Accountant – Axios Charlotte


One of the region’s leading affordable housing nonprofits, Habitat Charlotte Region partners with hundreds of families each year through affordable homeownership, home preservation and literacy training. financial. As a Staff Accountant, you will play a vital role in our vision of a world where everyone has a safe and affordable place to live.

Why join Habitat?
• Competitive salary and benefits
• Industry-leading health, dental, vision and flexible spending accounts (health care and dependent care)
• Work/life balance supported by generous PTO
• Opportunities for career development and promotion
• Relaxed work environment
• Retirement planning a 403(b) with 3% organizational match

Basic functions:
Use accounting skills to process accounts payable, accounts receivable and record other financial transactions in the general ledger. Work with retail departments to record sales and other activities, and process month-end transactions.

Essential functions:
• Work closely with retail departments to provide support related to recording sales transactions, inventory controls and other retail activities
• Record daily receipts for contributions and other income
• Process accounts payable accurately and in a timely manner ensuring vendor discounts are leveraged where applicable
• Post withdrawals from the operating account, ie wire transfers, automatic drafts, etc.
• Participate in the account reconciliation process on a monthly basis
• Assist with month-end process by preparing and completing assigned journal entries
• Prepare monthly sales and use taxes and prepare food and beverage declarations
• Ensure compliance with internal tax control procedures throughout invoice entry and payment processing
• Work with internal and external customers to resolve billing discrepancies
• Maintain vendor records and implement a checklist to ensure all vendor information is submitted to facilitate annual 1099 filings and worker compensation auditing
• Other special tasks/projects assigned by Accounting Manager or VP Finance

Knowledge, skills, abilities and training required:
• Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance or associate’s degree with relevant work experience
• At least 2 to 3 years of accounting experience
• Must be proficient with MS Word, Excel
• Must have excellent attention to detail
• Ability to prioritize workload
• Must be able to work in a team environment
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to identify and solve problems
• Excellent organizational and record keeping skills
• Strong math skills

Physical requirements:
• Ability to sit at a desk and use a computer for long periods of time
• Ability to move around the office frequently to interact with various staff members
• Ability to read documents and correspondence

Internal interactions:
• Housing staff
• Volunteers

External interactions:
• Subcontractors and suppliers
• Credit card companies
• Sellers

This is why the BMW M5 CS is perfect for driving enthusiasts


Last year, the mighty and ever-sporty BMW M GmbH expanded its high-performance, track-focused range, with the introduction of the new BMW M5 CS – a limited-run special edition. 2022 sports sedan.

Building on the M3 CS, M4 CS and M2 CS, BMWThe new BMW M5 CS flagship BMW M5 CS takes the BMW M family up a notch, setting new standards with outstanding performance features combined with an exclusive and luxurious look. The 2022 BMW M5 CS has average competition – like the Audi RS 7 and Mercedes-AMG E 63.

Designed to be the brand’s fastest and most powerful production car, the BMW M5 CS features a robust V8 engine with 630HP+ on tap. True to the BMW philosophy, the M5 CS comes in the form of a sports sedan, with a 2+2 seating arrangement and numerous technologies. Priced at around $175,000, the M5 CS is cheaper than the Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

At a glance, the M5 CS looks like a typical BMW M sedan, but it hides one of the most powerful engines in the BMW line. We take a look at the 2022 BMW M5 CS and why it’s the ultimate car for enthusiasts.

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The BMW M5 CS has an aggressive character

The style and details of the BMW M5 CS are inherited from its big brothers: BMW M3 CS, BMW M4 CS and BMW M2 CS. The purpose-built BMW M5 CS is based on the chassis and frame of the BMW M5 Competition.

Weighing in at 4,114 pounds, the M5 CS is about 230 pounds lighter than the 2021 BMW M5 Competition, thanks to its extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, making up the roof, rear spoiler, front splitter and hood.

A variety of unique exterior details, such as golden bronze paint on the BMW grille surround and 20-inch forged alloy wheels, set the CS apart from the competition.

The BMW M5 CS has a racing-inspired interior

The interior of the M5 CS is simple and largely similar to the standard M5 line. Although it is a performance-oriented sedan, the BMW M5 CS remains true to its luxury philosophy. Its unique interior can accommodate up to four people in its M carbon front and rear bucket seats, which are upholstered in black leather with red accents and premium stitching. Integrated head restraints, along with illuminated M5 badges for the front seats, pay homage to the legendary Nürburgring circuit.

The shift paddles are made of carbon fiber. The steering wheel is striking, with black chrome steering wheel spokes and sleek integrated buttons. At the center of the dash is BMW’s iDrive touchscreen interface, which features user-friendly menus and a super-sharp display. Its infotainment screen features an advanced voice recognition system, the best in its class. Like the seats, the center console is concealed in black Merino leather, complete with double red stitching.

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The BMW M5 CS is a competent track sedan

Under the bonnet, the new BMW M5 CS features a powerful 4.4-litre V8 engine. With BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology, the powertrain delivers a staggering 635 horsepower. That’s about 10 hp more than the power of the BMW M5 Competition. Peak ponies come in at around 6,000 rpm, with the engine redline at 7,200 rpm.

Combined with the modified dynamics of the turbocharger, direct injection allows the engine to produce its 553 lb-ft. from 1,800 to 5,950 rpm. To maximize durability, engine lubrication is provided by two pumps instead of one, even in high-g track competition.

This chassis was adopted to reduce the ride height by around 7mm. The new chassis is designed to work with track tires. The suspension system features shock absorbers originally designed for the BMW M8 Gran Coupé. These shocks not only pave the way for a comfortable ride, but also reduce tire pressure to improve handling no matter where you drive. To take account of the lower vehicle weight and increased tire performance, the front and rear axle bearing springs of the BMW M5 CS have been recalibrated and the damping control has also been revised accordingly.

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The BMW M5 CS has excellent acceleration, feedback and handling

The BMW M5 CS delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from a supercar, hitting a 62mph sprint in just 3.0 seconds, 0.2 seconds quicker than its M5 rivals. This, by default, makes the M5 CS the fastest production BMW. This rapid acceleration is due to the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system and the 8-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox. Its top speed was electronically limited to 189 mph.

Behind the wheel, the M5 CS is smooth and light. The steering is crisp and precise. The powerful motor produces a loud noise that can barely be drowned out by its quiet interior. Lightweight construction, unique chassis tuning and the M xDrive system with intelligent central control of the active M Differential all contribute to racetrack suitability.

Burien Board Reviews New “Shop Local” Website, Approves Letter to FAA, and More at Monday’s Meeting


By Mellow De Tray

At the regular Burien City Council meeting on Monday evening (August 1, 2022), lawmakers discussed a new “local shop” website, heard about an internal job promotion, the finances of the city, approved a letter to the FAA, updates on parks, the arts and more.

Proclamation: Guatemala Day
On Monday August 1, 2022, the Council proclaimed August 6 Guatemala Day, to welcome the nearly 400 people born in Guatemala who have chosen to settle in Burien.

Digital Main Street
Lorraine Chachere, Economic Development Specialist, made a presentation to council on the town’s new “local store” website. Due to the pandemic, many local small businesses have successfully adopted an increased digital presence and practiced e-commerce. The Digital Main Street project will help empower the rest of our small businesses to have a strong online presence as well.

This service will be free for all participants, in order to support a thriving local economy. The site will allow users to shop locally by category or location. The project will also provide 15 internships for young people to foster job skills and work experience, and provide language interpretation for business owners for whom English is not their primary language. The site plans to have 500 businesses represented by the end of the year, and ultimately aims to have all 2,400 small businesses brought together virtually on the site:


City jobs
Heather Dumlao, having recently served as Acting City Clerk, has been promoted permanently to that position. Her former position as Deputy City Clerk is now vacant and seeking candidates.

Municipal finances
Chief Financial Officer Eric Christianson seeks public comment on the biennial budget. The new budget will be adopted on December 5. Community members can review the budget and provide input at three upcoming public hearings on October 17, November 7 and December 5, as well as at Burien’s Thursday Farmers’ Markets.

Burien council reviews new website

City signs letter to FAA
The Board voted to add support to a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration. The letter is also signed by city officials from SeaTac, Des Moines, and Federal Way, and urges the FAA to find other ways to reduce emissions and reduce harmful particulates that impact communities around the SeaTac airport.

Download the PDF of the full letter here.

Leisure Parks and Open Spaces
Leit Myers presented recent accomplishments as well as the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (PROS) plan for the coming year. The plan was adopted unanimously to be placed on the agenda for the next business meeting.

Mayor Aragon received an affirmative vote to draft a resolution to support the City of SeaTac in negotiations with the Port of Seattle on their purchase of North SeaTac Park, to preserve it as a green space.

Burien council reviews new website

Andrew McMasters, Chair of the Arts Commission, presented the status of public art projects in the city. They recently completed public awareness on public art preferences. Sign boxes along Des Moines Memorial Drive will be decorated with artwork, and there is talk of having a Young Poet Laureate. This year, the Arts Commission was able to award $20,000 in funding, but received approximately $50,000 in applications. The Arts plan was unanimously added to the agenda for the next business meeting.

Watch the video of the full meeting here.

DeTray fluffy is originally from Seattle and has spent the past 16 years raising his family in Burien. She has volunteered at many local establishments over the years, including Burien Library, Burien Actors Theater and Hot Feet Fitness. After working for ten years at the Burien Community Center, she transitioned to teaching fitness classes and front desk at a Burien yoga studio. For many years, Mellow maintained a moderately popular food and lifestyle blog, and she had a brief stint in political journalism during a local election. Clear and informative writing has always been a secondary hobby for Mellow and she looks forward to bringing you unbiased coverage of City Council meetings.

It is inevitable that accountant-planner joint ventures will increase – but the basic fundamentals are needed first


Additionally, the accounting and financial advisory professions are facing the same talent war crisis as accountants and planners leave the industry, they are not being replaced by new entrants at the same rate.

The situation is compounded by time-strapped customer expectations demanding holistic one-stop businesses that deliver more relevant, comprehensive, and higher value-added services.

It is for this reason that accountant-financial planner joint ventures (JVs) are gaining momentum as the previous loose “alliances of convenience” between the two professions are rapidly losing favor.

For the accounting industry in particular, this shift is both profound and daunting, as the days of a focus on providing traditional tax and compliance-related services are no longer a business model. sustainable.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that it’s a matter of survival for accounting practitioners and in Darwinian terms, “those who don’t want to adapt risk being left behind…or worse”!

Historically, insurance/wealth building advice provided by financial planners has focused on achieving long-term outcomes/goals such as a financially secure retirement, while simultaneously protecting against the unexpected, namely illness, illness or death.

This dual purpose of wealth creation/protection continues to this day in a more rigorous and regulated profession that relies on academic qualifications, a new code of ethics regime, strict compliance, transparency, ongoing professional CPD and a technical study.

Unfortunately, one of the hurdles of joint ventures is that many accountants continue to cling to a misguided and outdated perception of the financial planner. Therefore:

  1. they do not appreciate and do not properly understand the financial planning process; and
  2. do not benefit from adopting the long-term approach and mindset that planners use in their businesses.

Time-pressed consumers, affluent clients and SMEs are receptive to the “one stop shop” concept. They expect a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond compliance-related services to ensure the viability of their business enterprise, as well as their long-term personal financial well-being and prosperity.

For any CA/CPA/IPA or similarly qualified accountant, providing a full range of services, including financial advice to their clients, is a daunting undertaking that requires multiple licenses and registrations; obtain numerous qualifications and designations; compliance with a myriad of regulatory training, new ethical standards and CPD requirements; And the list continues.

However, the accountant-planner JV which is the creation of two parent firms creating a commercial enterprise allows each individual firm to achieve more together than it would alone.

In many cases the benefits have been instantaneous with the joint venture and parent partners able to tap into new sources of business and revenue streams, marketing, resources and knowledge that would be impossible in a solo venture.

In short, a game-changing professional service.

But, in order to realize this potential, one must choose the right partner for the business – a task that requires both parties to:

  1. have clearly defined objectives;
  2. compatible operational ecosystems;
  3. access to the latest technologies and streamlined administrative processes;
  4. a corporate business model;
  5. a defined business plan (including an exit and succession plan for principals); and
  6. insight and understanding of customer expectations and service deliverables.

Most importantly, the joint venture must be a true partnership in which the accountant and the financial planner have come together for one reason and one reason only – and that is to look out for the best interests of the client. This is obviously best done under one brand to give convenience to the customer.

Although on the surface it may seem achievable, in reality the first challenge of a JV is to choose the right partner.

In closing, for a number of reasons, financial planners and accountants have not worked well together and, when forced to do so, have chosen informal alliances of convenience.

But times have changed, and I absolutely believe that accountants and financial planners working together in joint ventures are the future for the simple reason that both work best when they join forces and combine their enormous range of knowledge, financial experience and expertise to deliver superior benefits. and results for customers!

Jose Alguera-Lara, Co-Founder and Director, ASV Wadeson Chartered Accountants

It is inevitable that accountant-planner joint ventures will increase – but the basic fundamentals are needed first



Last update: August 01, 2022

Posted: August 01, 2022

Neil Griffiths

Neil Griffiths

Neil is the Associate Editor for Wealth Headlines including ifa and InvestorDaily.

Neil is also the host of the ifa show podcast.

Fans give Deshaun Watson an ‘enthusiastic reaction’


Getty Images

The Browns’ decision to trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson drew mixed reactions from the team’s fans. Some loved it, despite the off-field issues. Some hated it, given the off-field issues.

There were no signs of negativity on Saturday, for the first public practice of training camp. As explained by Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland Plain DealershipWatson received an “enthusiastic reception” from fans who attended the session.

Watson was enthralled with enthusiasm. He lingered long after practice was over to sign autographs, pose for photos, sign his cleats and give them to a few kids who beat him in a game of rock, paper, scissors and walked out in his socks.

That doesn’t mean some team fans have grown indifferent to the arrival of a man who faced 24 lawsuits for sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. (Twenty of them have been settled.) That just means none of those fans attended practice on Saturday, or none of them felt comfortable turning a inherently positive event into something that included even a hint of protest.

Anyway, the passage of time tends to make even the worst things a little bit better, especially since a horrible start to the summer (from a PR perspective) yielded to an audience of three days which apparently went much better for Watson than expected and one month without development, which is much better than a month of worse developments.

Now everyone is still waiting for Judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision on whether Watson will be suspended (he likely will be) and for how long (the Browns, we’re told, are gearing up for eight games ).

For now, all the Browns can do is prepare for week one, which unfolds whether or not Watson is there and for how long he won’t be.

“I can’t wait for us to get to [play with him in games], whatever week we see him,” tight end David Njoku told reporters on Saturday. “Hopefully, sooner than later.”

This is the basic reality for players and fans unaffected by the allegations. All that matters is having one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks on the court. And until they know how long he will be out, the focus remains on preparing for the games ahead.

“We just have to take each day as it is,” Njoku added. “Whoever we have, we have to do our best and keep working.”

They will continue to work in the meantime. It shouldn’t take long. Again, it’s surprising that it took so long.

The Earls got a behind-the-scenes look at Charlotte’s civil rights movement


Howard Counts (right), with his son Jonathan and grandson Jaylin.

Howard Counts (right), with his son Jonathan and grandson Jaylin.

count the family

Howard Algernon Counts, a devoted family man, community leader, IT assistant and spectator of one of Charlotte’s greatest fights for racial equality, died June 20. He was 75 years old.

Given his natural inclination toward math and science, it’s no wonder, family members say, that Counts became a mathematician and computer scientist, starting at IBM in 1969 and teaching and running a computer center at the University of Georgia in 1973.

Later, he served as chief information officer for Celanese Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, where Counts was the highest-ranking minority employee.

And given his disposition for loyalty throughout his life, it’s no wonder, family members said, that the Earls remained devoted to his community and his family, even though his hometown was once at odds with his relatives.

“She was probably the most beautiful person I’ve ever known,” said his wife Stephanie, 72.

“Math genius”

Even as a child, Counts was a thinker, family members said. Give him a problem, and he would solve it, humbly.

His intelligence landed him at one of the nation’s top prep schools, Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, an almost unheard of feat for a black student in the 1960s.

He then graduated from West Charlotte High School and a math degree from Johnson C. Smith University, the campus where Counts lived for the first 12 years of his life.

The Count’s father, Herman Counts Sr., was a professor at the University of Charlotte. He was also the pastor of two rural churches in the area. This is how Counts met Stephanie.

Stephanie lived in New Jersey but visited her grandmother in Concord. She attended one of Herman’s churches.

The rest, as they say, is history.

They married in 1969 and moved to the East Coast together as Counts’ career in computing took off.

And Counts supported Stephanie, first as a teacher (he would help her design artwork for her class) and then as a principal (Stephanie was named North Carolina Principal of the Year in 1991 and National Director of the Year later) and finally as a co-founder. of the non-profit group Women’s Inter-Cultural Exchange.

Counts was the de facto finance and IT manager for the group, roles he also held for Memorial Presbyterian Church for more than 20 years.

“It was amazing that no matter what I did, he was always there,” Stephanie Counts said. “We always worked side by side.”

A friend wrote in a text to Stephanie after Howard’s death: “Indeed, when you think of Howard Counts, you think of ‘Howard and Stephanie.’ Inseparable in love and always busy doing the work of community-minded business leaders, serving humanity and empowering people.

Integration in Charlotte

The Earls got a behind-the-scenes look at an empowerment movement in 1957.

Howard was 10 when his sister, Dorothy, was among the first black students to attend Harry Harding High School, now Harding University High School. Dorothy, or “Dot” as Howard called her, was 15 years old.

Her white classmates yelled at her, threw ice cream at her and spat on her yellow and blue dress, The Observer previously reported. The teachers just ignored her.

After a few days, Dorothy’s parents took her away from Harding.

UPS app
This historic photograph at the Levine Museum of the New South shows white students mocking Dorothy Counts as she walks towards the entrance of Charlotte’s Harding High School in 1957. File photo Charlotte Observer

As a youngster, Howard never spoke to Dorothy about the racism she endured. It’s no surprise, she said. Howard was the youngest of his three brothers, and he liked to think about problems alone, quietly.

But, she says, Howard became her protector later in life.

He drove 80-year-old Dorothy to the doctor, fixed things around her house and, of course, answered her questions about the computer.

When she received an award for bravery as a teenager or gave a presentation about her time at Harding, Howard was there.

“He was like, ‘Dot, I’m proud of you. I’m really proud of you. “, She said. “How proud I was of him.

9 Democrats vying for new House seat in St. Clair Shores, Harper Woods, Detroit

Redistricting in Macomb and Wayne counties produced a competitive Democratic primary in the new 11th House District seat, which includes parts of northeast Detroit, Harper Woods and St. Clair Shores.

Nine Democrats are running in Tuesday’s primary: Patrick Biange of St. Clair Shores, Marvin Cotton Jr. of Harper Woods, Paul Robert Francis of St. Clair Shores, Alex Manwell of Detroit, David Maynard of St. Clair Shores, Veronica Paiz of Harper Woods, Athena Lynn Thornton of Detroit, Ricardo White of Detroit and Regina Williams of Harper Woods.

Adrian Hemond, a Lansing-based Democratic political consultant, said such a large number of candidates in a primary race is the result of a recent redistricting in Michigan.

“There’s a lot of what’s going on in southeast Michigan and a lot of it is based on the redistricting commission and how they’ve done their job to maximize the districts,” said Hemond. “It creates opportunities for people to show up in these new neighborhoods where before maybe they didn’t have a chance depending on where they lived or where the neighborhood was drawn.”

The field is full of newcomers to politics and has a few candidates with experience as local elected officials.

Biange, 55, an education consultant says he is running to create, implement and oversee three state legislative goals for Michigan: human welfare, improved public safety and stability economic.

“I am working on educational legislation to drastically reduce ‘mass violence against people’. We will address many factors in my programs and break the cycle of violent psychology that plagues our sub-population,” Biange said.

Cotton, 42, was wrongfully imprisoned for almost two decades and is now defending others who have been through the same thing. He started Better Not Broken, an organization that works for the exempt, and is a motivational speaker and community organizer.

Voting rights are his biggest problem.

“I was released through the efforts of the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office Sentencing Integrity Unit. I live, I breathe the proof that the system can be wrong. put the right systems in place,” Cotton said. “My lived experience has prepared me to carry the 90,000 voices of this neighborhood in a fair and equitable way.”

Francis, 51, an Occupy sales manager who started an alternative green firewood business, says he’s running for office to break the ‘stranglehold’ of special interest groups on the state legislature so that the government works for the people.

Overall, personal freedoms are his biggest problem.

“Freedom of choice for a woman to see her doctor whether or not she needs an abortion. Freedom from armed violence. There should be no constant fear of being shot and killed for children and adults “, Francis said.

Manwell, 33, a civil engineer and financial consultant, is running for office because he believes Michigan has become notorious for infrastructure crises such as flooding, lead pipes, collapsing dams, a poor power grid and roads full of potholes.

“And yet, of the 110 elected members of the Michigan House of Representatives, there is not a single person with a civil engineering background. I find that alarming,” Manwell said.

He wants to focus on funding infrastructure improvements and providing financial relief to residents by getting money back from Michigan utility companies.

Maynard, 57, is a union mason and veteran US Army combat engineer.

“I’m running in the House to support blue collar workers. The main issue I’m running on is to support blue collar workers, but I would also like to support Great Lakes care and health,” Maynard said.

Paiz, who declined to give her age, is a member of the Harper Woods City Council and a precinct delegate. She is a member of the Michigan Municipal League Legislative Committees for Elections and Municipal Services, the Southeast Michigan Council of Government, and a member of the Executive Council of the Hispanic Latino Caucus of Michigan Democratic Party.

Addressing the diversity of concerns specific to the 11th District is his goal in the election.

“I believe I’m the most knowledgeable candidate about what needs to be addressed in state legislation that can also best benefit the people of the 11th District,” Paiz said. “I have learned from experience, including on city council, how legislation directly impacts the ability of municipalities to meet the best interests of residents – from first responders to housing to public health and more. .”

Thornton, 52, is a legal secretary in the state attorney general’s office and worked for the Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court for 30 years. She is a member of the union and was a member of the executive board of AFSCME Local 1659.

She says the human condition is the reason she is running for office.

“I see a need not only to improve the current infrastructure of the 11th Ward, which includes good drinking water and safe roads and bridges, but also to make mental health facilities more easily accessible, women’s rights to reproductive health, access to good quality education for all children, a reduction in prescription drugs and funding for small businesses are all issues facing not only District 11, but those issues facing faced all Michiganders,” she said.

White, 33, is a senior account manager at a public relations firm. He is a former Michigan House staffer and former public affairs specialist for Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“I strongly believe that government is a service industry and that our state needs experienced leaders who have the knowledge and understanding to solve our problems,” White said. “That’s why I’ve introduced the Main Street Michigan Plan which will invest new and existing dollars in policy solutions to reduce the cost of goods and services for residents, create jobs in our state, and invest in community training. workforce to maintain worker skills ready for the jobs of the future.”

Williams, 57, serves on the Harper Woods City Council and teaches math and science at the Detroit Public Schools Community District. She also served for nearly seven years on the Harper Woods Schools Board of Education.

His campaign priorities are equity in education and security from gun violence.

“My main goals, if elected, are to support equity and funding for education, to protect women’s right to choose and receive medical care, to protect the rights of the elderly and a better system healthcare, and reducing gun violence so we can all have a safer place to live. I am dedicated and passionate about serving the community and making life better for everyone,” she said.

Republicans Mark Foster and Christopher Jeffery, both of St. Clair Shores, are running in the GOP primary on Tuesday.

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PHOTOS: SilverStar attracts cycling enthusiasts


Jumping off a mountain at high speed on two wheels never really appealed to me.

So crashing down an ill-named green trail Easy Street recently confirmed my fear of mountain biking.

SilverStar Mountain Resort graciously hosted myself and other industry types (although I was the only reporter brave enough to do so) to try biking or take a nice gondola ride and hike.

I went for the hike at first, but my pushy biker buddies insisted I take a ride with the wheels and promised it would be more fun.

This was actually my second time trying the sport – I did a few years ago courtesy of SilverStar.

So I thought it couldn’t be that hard. It will be like learning to ride a bike again.

The thing about mountain biking is that it’s not like pedaling a bike through city streets.

Instead of sitting in the seat, you mostly stand on the pedals, which is what my leg muscles were screaming at me at the end of the day.

Also, some of them might remember going down Suicide Hill when it was allowed. Well imagine that, but on a bike. Then add sharp turns, berms and dirt.

For thrill seekers, it’s great. And those who are conditioned to ride mountain bikes love the adrenaline rush.

Tearing my knee and bruising my legs and ego, despite being fully geared up, definitely turned out to be a thrill. I just need a little more practice.

Even if this sport is not necessarily my forte, it attracts many enthusiasts.

You can see some of the craziest at SilverStar this weekend where the Crankworx Summer Series is going on all weekend. No pass is needed and it’s free to check out the action.

Or head up the hill anytime to spot the regulars for yourself. You might even be inspired to rent a bike, take a lesson, and try a race for yourself.

I got to see some of the baddest girls I know go down the mountain this past weekend. The LIV Bombshell Enduro saw over 100 women register and complete the track.

All ages from 10 to the oldest at 60 were all smiles, with a bit of grime between the mats.

There was even a new mum, whose husband set up stops along the track with their six-week-old baby so she could breastfeed between races.

It was pretty amazing to see so much female power.

Maybe one day I can take off my training wheels and join them.

For now, I just encourage them and buy them a beer!

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People in the retirement industry are on the move | PLANADVISER


Mercer appoints US nonprofit CIO

Merciera Marsh McLennan company, named Gene Lohmeyer as US nonprofit CIO, starting July 6. In this role, Lohmeyer leads strategic asset allocation, dynamic asset allocation and portfolio construction for NFP clients, while leading the NFP portfolio management team. Based in Saint-Louis, Lohmeyer reports to Stan Mavromates, CIO for the Americas.

“NFP investors of all sizes face a long and growing list of uncertainties, including extreme macroeconomic risks, as well as a rapidly changing geopolitical and regulatory landscape,” says Lohmeyer. “Our mission is to help clients navigate today’s complexities, while leveraging a timeless set of investment principles that have served our clients well for decades.”

Lohmeyer brings over 20 years of investment management experience and most recently served as Senior Director of Investments at the University of Oklahoma Foundation, where he led research on investment managers spanning all asset classes. He also previously worked at Cambridge Associates as Managing Director, where he provided investment advisory services to endowments, foundations, pension schemes, healthcare institutions and family offices.

Lohmeyer earned his MBA from Duke University. He is a CFA charterholder and military veteran, having served in the United States Army.

Mesirow Strategic Fixed Income adds a key specialist

Mesirowan independent, employee-owned financial services company, announced that Todd Kurusu joined the Fixed Income Strategy Team as Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager. Kurisu will implement the investment strategy and oversee portfolio construction and trading.

Kurisu is a veteran in the fixed income space and will strengthen the team and its products through overseeing portfolio construction and integrating environmental, social, governance and sustainability themes into the investment process and strategies. investment.

He brings over 30 years of investment management experience. Prior to joining Mesirow, he was a portfolio manager and fixed income ESG specialist at William Blair & Company. Previously, he was at Asset Allocation & Management, where he served as Chief Corporate Bond Trader and Portfolio Manager.

Kurisu has also been a frequent speaker for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Schroders appoints director of sustainable investments

Schröders announced the appointment of Whitney Sweeney serve on the Global Sustainable Investing Team in the role of Chief Investment Officer, Sustainable Development.

In this role, Sweeney will focus on ESG efforts, integration and education across multiple channels, including intermediary, insurance, Canada, US offshore and Latin America. She will focus on building partnerships through these channels, managing the education and training of advisors and investment professionals. It will also strengthen the firm’s understanding of the political and regulatory landscape in each of the regions.

Sweeney will report to Marina Severinovsky, Sustainability Manager, North America. She has been with Schroders for over 16 years, holding various positions. Most recently, she worked as an investment strategist within the intermediaries team, focusing on building client relationships, providing market intelligence and product positioning. Previously, she was Client Portfolio Manager for the City team and Chief Investment Officer for US and Global Fixed Income and Securitized Credit.

CAPTRUST Expands Presence in the Midwest with New Acquisition

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors announced its acquisition of Frontier Wealth Management. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Frontier brings an extensive presence in the Midwest, with additional locations in St. Louis; Denver; Wichita, Kansas; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Frontier offers a full range of financial planning, investment, insurance and other wealth management solutions for individuals, families, executives and professionals, as well as retirement plan advisory services. ‘company.

Frontier is run by partner and CEO Nick Blasi and adds five locations, 46 new colleagues and over $4 billion in new client assets to CAPTRUST.

The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter. Consistent with previous companies, Frontier will transition to the CAPTRUST brand after closing.

Read more PLANADVISER coverage of the transaction here.

Whanganui accountant Stephan Du Bruyn moves up the ranks at Venter and Hull


Whanganui accountant Stephan Du Bruyn has had a busy few weeks, with a promotion to partner at Venter and Hull quickly followed by the birth of his first child.

He is now back in the office and ready for the next phase of his career.

Du Bruyn and his wife Daniel emigrated from South Africa to Whanganui in 2015, and he has since been in Venter and Hull.

The first step towards partner is becoming a chartered accountant, which De Bruyn achieved in 2019.

“Then after two years you can do your public practice certificate, which is a short course with ethics as the main module,” he said.

“You have to show that you have experience and that you will be able to serve customers to a certain standard.”

As a partner, he can take care of his own clients and has more responsibility in running the business itself.

He is currently in charge of staff training.

Du Bruyn said he enjoyed working with numbers from an early age, so accounting was the obvious career path.

“It’s something that’s always been appealing. It’s nice to be able to solve a problem and help people.”

Outside of the office and spending time with his family, wandering, fishing and birdwatching were his big interests, Du Bruyn said.

Despite his new hometown, he remains a strong Springbok supporter.

“I support the All Blacks when they play Australia or England.

“The next tests (NZ vs SA) will be interesting. I am hopeful but I remain cautious.

“You can never assume the All Blacks are just going to lie down and give up to the Boks. It’s going to be close.”

3 Styles of Loire Valley Chenin Blanc Everyone Can Enjoy


Chenin Blanc is a chameleon. Dry, sweet or sparkling, it excels in all three styles. And there are three distinct estates for high-quality Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley, where it can produce some of the finest examples out there. In Touraine, the twin appellations of Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire are located, near the city of Tours, capital of Touraine. Further west in the Anjou-Saumur region near the city of Angers, capital of Anjou, are the Coteaux du Layon, home to surprisingly sweet and sweet drier wines. Finally, at the limits of Anjou, before its transition to the Atlantic vineyard of Muscadet, is the small, dry and tight vineyard of Savennières.

The dry whites of Savennières are among the most evolutive white wines, with an aging potential of 10 to 20 years. The same goes for the gourmet wines produced in Vouvray, Montlouis-sur-Loire or the Coteaux du Layon. Chenin Blanc forms the basis of a sparkling Vouvray and is blended with sparkling wines from Saumur. All of these can be complex, mysterious in their transformations, and beautifully memorable.

Chenin Blanc produces some of the highest quality wines of any variety in the region. It is certainly more dynamic than the often one-dimensional Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc. So why is its reach so limited, its reputation less considered?

While it makes great white wines, Chenin can slip easily, resulting in vaguely semi-sweet white wines with little definition that are unforgettable. And outside of its Loire land, whether planted in New World regions (apart from high-end producers) or in the south of France, the varietal’s reputation has been tarnished. However, it is worth setting aside these concerns and assumptions for expressions of Chenin Blanc grown in the Loire Valley.

Take your time

The Savennières Chenin Blancs come from the schistous soil of 80 hectares on the north bank of the Loire on plateaus that stop abruptly, forming cliffs that descend to the river. The appellation has a strong leaning towards organic and biodynamic philosophies, driven by the vineyards of Roche-aux-Moines and Coulée de Serrant, the latter being a monopoly held exclusively by the charismatic owner Nicolas Joly.

It is here that Florent Baumard, owner of the Domaine des Baumard, cultivates the vines of another emblematic Savennières vineyard, the Clos du Papillon, so named because it has the shape of a butterfly with outstretched wings.

Asked why Savennières is so favorable to Chenin Blanc, he replies: “The taste of the grape is relatively neutral. It can soak up the taste of our terroir, especially with dry wines. This is why we can have so many different tastes in the remarkable terroir of Savennières and why some of our wines age so well.

And Savennières is aging beautifully. Austere in its youth, after four or five years it develops flavors of honey and beeswax while remaining dry and retaining the intense acidity. The wines are consistently rich, relatively high in alcohol and able to mature gracefully for 20 years or more. If there is a comparison, it is with the German dry Riesling.

These wines are at the peak of dry Chenin in the Loire. They bring out the terroir, the soil, translating the shale into a powerful structure, the sandier soils away from the river into lighter wines that ripen more quickly. They take advantage of their remarkable southern exposure to bring in the sun to develop the sugars and the intensity of the fruit aromas without ever losing sight of the acidity.

Aging is also the preeminent quality of the other appellation that makes great dry Chenin: Vouvray in Touraine. Some 20-year-old wines from some great estates like Domaine Huet can still be as fresh as a daisy. Or as with Château Gaudrelle and Domaine Bourillon Dorléans, develop a taste of hazelnut mixed with cooked apples, while retaining this essential acidity.

wine glasses with chenin blanc
Photo by Tom Arena

The softer side

Sweet Chenin Blanc wines from the Loire have traditionally been the glories of the grape. It is the combination of lightness, acidity and intense sweetness aided by botrytis that makes these wines so great. The cool climate of the Loire gives the first two, while the fluvial character of the vineyard with its autumnal mists leads all the botrytis to develop and therefore to produce these remarkable sweet wines.

The Layon, a tributary of the Loire, flows through a high, narrow valley just east of Angers. In autumn, the mist rises easily and regularly on the sides of the valley. If the sweet wines come from all over the Layon, the finest come from two small vintages.

Florent Baumard, who also owns vines in Quarts de Chaume, one of the first two sites in the Coteaux du Layon, boasts of the vineyard’s sandstone soils. “It doesn’t just produce sweet wines, but gives a strong sense of place to the wines,” he says. The Quarts de Chaume are a series of four ridges just above the valley; the name comes from the fact that the lord of the manor asked for a quarter (or liter) of the vineyard’s production each year.

The other Layon super-cru is Bonnezeaux. Again, the vines face south-west. Like Quarts de Chaume, the wines have that balance of acidity and sweetness that comes so easily to Chenin. The wines will age for decades and should definitely not be drunk for 10 years.

Vouvray wines can be produced with the same grape variety, but the grapes are grown under very different conditions. Semi-sweet wines are commonplace. But sweet wines, made from botrytised grapes, are rare. This is why the producers of Vouvray favor dry and sparkling wines.

But when Vouvray scores points with its sweet wines, it can, as Vincent Carême of Vouvray Domaine Vincent Carême says, “do the best”. According to him, it is not just the main Loire that gives these perfect botrytis conditions, but the small side valleys that nestle between the ridges of the Vouvray vineyard.

The wines are a little heavier than at Layon. Fortunately, there is no escaping the acidity that gives even the sweetest wines freshness.

Sparkle and Shine

Saumur is traditionally at the center of the Loire sparkling wine business. Large companies, like Champagne with cellars dug into the crumbly rocky cliffs, surround the city dominated by its imposing castle with many turrets.

Chenin Blanc has long been the mainstay of sparkling wines from Saumur. The amount of Chenin in the blend can vary, but most Saumurs are now a blend of Chenin with Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. In terms of style, it rivals the newer Crémant de Loire, which can be made anywhere along the Loire Valley, and is now much more likely to be made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. : Champagne blending, in other words.

But Chenin Blanc is regaining its place in the two Touraine appellations of Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire The contribution of Vouvray to sparkling Loire wines is more significant, each producer of still wine also producing sparkling wines from vines picked earlier.

Chateau de Moncontour, a riverside chateau, is one of the main producers, while estates such as Chateau Gaudrelle and Domaine Brisebarre are adding sparkling Vouvrays to their list of still wines.

Vincent Carême, who produces a wine called L’Ancestrale using a technique in which the first fermentation is stopped and then finished after bottling, notes that while he can do any style from anywhere in his vineyard of Vouvray, certain soils are better for each style. “We make still wines from chalk and flint soils because the wines bring out the characteristics of the soils, while soils with more clay are better for sparkling wines because we don’t want too much terroir taste. in these wines.

While Saumur and Crémant de Loire have an international touch thanks to the presence of Chardonnay, the sparkling expressions of Vouvray and Montlouis are different, uniquely from the Loire. With their flavors of apple and hazelnut, sometimes also evoking notes of honey and pepper, like many expressions of Chenin Blanc de Loire, these are wines that could not come from anywhere else.

This article originally appeared in the August/September 2022 issue of Passionate about wine magazine. Click here to subscribe today!

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Domaine de Brizé 2018 Loire Renaissance (Anjou), $41, 92 points. (Buy on Wine-Searcher)

Château de Fesles 2018 La Chapelle Vieilles Vignes (Anjou), $24, 92 points. (Buy on Wine-Searcher)

Le Clos Galerne 2018 Exspecto (Anjou), $45, 94 points. (Buy on Le Clos Galerne)

Château d’Épiré 2018 Cuvée Spéciale (Savennières), $33, 93 Points. (Buy on Vivino)

Domaine du Petit Clocher 2020 (Anjou), $20, 90 points. (Buy on Wine-Searcher)

Domaine Bourillon d’Orléans 2019 La Coulée d’Argent Sec Montgouverne (Vouvray), $50, 93 Points. (Buy on Wine.com)

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The White House prepares for the terrible news on the economy

But White House officials admit that even if the financial system continues to create jobs and people continue to spend, changing people’s minds is a scary process because the best inflation in four years has slashed wages.

“I guess none of us are trying to persuade anyone that their emotions about the economy are wrong,” said Jared Bernstein, a member of the Council of Financial Advisors and considered one of the most trusted aides. oldest of Biden, in an interview. “What we’re trying to do is clarify it in a more nuanced way than what most people get from the day-to-day news stream.”

Bernstein’s CEA and Treasury Division are blogging and studying that the current post-pandemic period — while unusual and alarming for many people — is just not close to a recession.

“This is not a financial system in a recession,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program on Sunday. On Monday, Biden’s senior aide Gene Sperling stepped into enemy territory on Fox News. The next day, Brian Deese, director of the National Financial Council, attended a White House briefing to make the case.

Aides even quietly praise former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, the White House’s occasional nemesis, speaking on Monday. mentioned on CNN Anyone who says we’re in a recession right now is either ‘ignorant’ or ‘eager to reach the political level’. Summers still thinks a recession will likely unfold in the relatively near future.

On Friday afternoon, Biden got a briefing from Yellen, Deese, Sperling. CEA President Cecilia Rouse, Energy Minister Jennifer Granholm, Price Range Director Shalanda Younger, and State Division Global Electrical Coverage Coordinator Amos Hochstein.

The long, distant session focused on falling gasoline prices (a White House obsession), its impact on customers, and ongoing geopolitical issues (particularly the war in Ukraine), which could lead to a further rise in oil and gasoline prices.

White House press workers also often hold briefings with financial reporters and senior administration officials to talk about the strengths of the economy, regardless of the GDP numbers this week.

Republican leaders, however, are seeing an opportunity to capitalize on their already large advantage in the financial system as a by-election issue and push it to even bigger features in November than polls had predicted.

“It’s too dangerous that the White House doesn’t have a denial vaccine,” the consultant said. Kevin Brady The top Republican on the Home Strategies and Means Committee comes from Texas. “The question is simply not whether or not we are in a recession. The question is how arduous and how long. The reason people are struggling so badly right now could be because they deny inflation and labor shortages and other mismatches within the financial system.

Top White House aides are promising that Biden will return to his midterm campaign road soon after fully recovering from Covid, to respond to that narrative with a more specific message regarding the economy. It looks like it is both strong (with strong job growth) and improving (lower gas prices).

And Biden plans to align with bipartisan laws to spice up home-based semiconductor manufacturing, and the Build Higher Again program as ways for the administration to behave to minimize the burden of inflation in order to save a lot of prescription drug costs.

“You can see a line of sight to real progress on some of these key points and count on him to focus on that, elevate those things to get people to understand that this progress is important,” said a senior assistant at the White House. who was not authorized to speak on the document.

And Biden will be more vocal in criticizing GOP plans to make permanent tax cuts under President Donald Trump and weaken regulation.

Many economists agree that this post-pandemic second does not meet most standards for a recession, a politically charged term that has no exact definition and is normally only proclaimed – usually after the decline has ended. – by the National Bureau of Financial Analysis. analysis group.

Unemployment charges are near document ranges, regardless of US GDP down two-quarters. Employment alternatives are very high and buyer spending can be very solid. And the unfavorable numbers for the first quarter were significantly skewed by technical components on stocks and trade.

“If we print an unfavorable GDP growth tax this week, the administration should win controversy among economists over whether we are already in a recession, given that nearly all are likely to look not only at the contraction of two quarters, but in addition to its severity and its magnitude, mentioned Mohamed El-Erian, president of Queens School of Cambridge and chief financial adviser to the monetary conglomerate Allianz. given the framework’s introduction to knowledge dissemination.”

To be sure, the powerful forces facing Democrats — inflation over 9%, a voter happy that we’re already in a recession, and Biden’s lowest approval scores within the financial system — could prove insurmountable.

The White House will also be grappling with a Federal Reserve, which is expected to raise interest rates by at least three-quarters on Wednesday. The Fed’s March campaign to slow demand and rein in inflation is putting a damper on customers’ plans to buy huge bills like homes and vehicles, according to the latest Buyer Sentiment figures from the Convention Board .

And pollsters say the White House and Democratic candidates are unlikely to create a huge difference in public opinion, even when Thursday’s GDP figure comes as a pleasant shock.

“Inflation is a much bigger issue than the rest on everyone’s mind, including Covid, Ukraine, arms, three times bigger,” said unit analyst Tim Malloy. Quinnipiac College survey. “As time is running out towards the mid-terms, there is very little time left for them to fix this. There may actually be little to no upside potential for them here.

On the average of major national surveys on the subject conducted by RealClearPolitics, Biden approves of the economy at 32%, compared to 64% disapproving.

Despite strong winds, senior White House officials say they have no choice but to try to make claims that the economy is doing better than the polls suggest.

“Each person is the best professional in the world in the way they do it,” said a second administration official. “The reason it’s important to get out and get the financial system right is that you don’t need people to be too pessimistic about future components and only believe in those with the most important megaphones in the media.”

EQ Accountants appoints new consultant


A highly respected and experienced business adviser who led the growth of one of Scotland’s leading law firms, has been appointed consultant to accountancy, tax and consultancy specialists, EQ Accountants LLP.

Craig Nicol, former managing partner of Thorntons Law LLP, will join EQ in August to focus on supporting the firm in its growth ambitions and enthusing the next generation of advisers. He will use his extensive professional experience to help develop EQ’s partners and staff while providing a new network of contacts and prospects to aid in the continued growth of the business.

David Morrison, Managing Partner of Dundee, said: “We are delighted to have Craig join us as he has been a professional friend of the firm for many years. His experience and contacts within the business world are exceptional and he will be able to help us develop our network and relationships across Scotland. We have an exceptional team of people and Craig will help energize the team, just as he did in his time at Thorntons, enabling us to capitalize on the growing demand for our business advisory services.

Over the past five years, EQ has achieved growth of over 28% and has seen a surge in key tax and industry advisory and business advisory engagements, most recently with significant demand for succession planning and of the exit. Craig led Thorntons Law through a period of substantial growth and is well placed to support EQ as they continue to build on their recent success.

Craig added: “I have known EQ for a long time and have worked on several assignments with them during my time at Thorntons. I have always been very impressed with the levels of customer service they provide and am delighted to join the company at a time when they have achieved significant growth and have tremendous opportunities in the period ahead. I look forward to working with the team and playing a part in the next stage of success at EQ.

EQ Accountants LLP is a £9 million business with 115 staff and 17 partners across three offices in Dundee, Forfar and Glenrothes.

This Spacious Home in Saanich is a Nature Enthusiast’s Dream


Written by
STOREYS Custom Studio

Calling all nature lovers! If you’re looking for a luxury home just steps from a plethora of trails, parks, and beaches, then this listing in Saanich may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Located at 2796 Arbutus Road, this extremely private property is nestled in the tranquil neighborhood of Ten Mile Point, a wooded peninsula jutting along the east side of Cadboro Bay.

Spanning 3,459 square feet, this two-story home offers plenty of space for the whole family, while maintaining a warm and inviting feel. And with earthy walls, a stone gas fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in tons of natural light, this home has a very laid-back island vibe.

For when you inevitably have guests over (because who wouldn’t want to crash into that luxurious pad?), the house has a private guest bedroom, complete with its own en-suite bathroom – indeed, the accommodation has become much easier.

READ: This posh condo in Fairview is the epitome of prestige

While the property’s expansive outdoor space in the front and back yard means you won’t need to leave the property to get a taste of nature, it will certainly be hard to resist the dozens of tree-lined paths and parklands. right at your doorstep.


Although the area is surrounded by nature, it is by no means ‘in the middle of nowhere’. A quick 5-minute drive will take you to Cadboro Bay Village, where you can shop at Pepper’s Foods, sip coffee at Mocha House or even treat yourself to a massage at Bliss Spa.

Our favorite thing

In such a quiet area full of nature, outdoor space is of the utmost importance. This house has not one, not two, but Three outdoor terraces – two of which overlook the tree-lined back yard and one that faces the completely private front yard, which just so happens to have a pond to gaze at while you sip your morning coffee. These outdoor spaces are perfect for organizing summer barbecues, birthday parties or just to spend a pleasant evening.

Nature lovers: don’t miss this rare opportunity to buy the house of your dreams, located in a peaceful area where you will never run out of things to do, without the wilderness at your doorstep.







This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

Written by
STOREYS Custom Studio

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Best Companies to Refinance a Car Loan with Bad Credit 2022


Getting a car refinance loan with a bad credit rating is very similar to getting one with any other credit rating. But with more limited options for lenders and even fewer options for lenders with reasonable rates on car loans for bad credityou may need to do a little more legwork.

1. Check your credit score

The first step to getting a car loan refinance with a bad credit score is to confirm if you actually have a bad credit score. If it’s been a while since you checked yours, it may have changed back and forth. Knowing your credit score can help you get a realistic idea of ​​the rates you’re likely to receive and the options available to you.

You are entitled to a free credit report once a year through one of the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. However, nowadays many banks, credit unions and credit card companies offer free credit score updates to their customers.

If you want regular access to a more detailed credit history, you can also pay to subscribe to a credit reporting service. This can help you identify areas of concern on your credit report and work to fix them.

2. Find a refinance lender who works with borrowers with bad credit

After getting a good idea of ​​your credit situation, the next step to getting new financing is to find companies that will refinance your car loan with bad credit. Fortunately, you have a few places to look.

Where to find car refinance loans with bad credit

Auto loan refinancing is a popular financial product. This means you can find them from different types of lenders, even if you have bad credit.

Here are the main types of lenders:

  • Traditional banks: Physical banks are still a popular source for auto refinance loans. Credit requirements vary from institution to institution, but some banks are willing to work with borrowers with bad credit.
  • credit unions: Credit unions are similar to banks, but are member-owned rather than for-profit corporations. As a result, credit unions can offer better rates and provide refinancing options for people with lower credit scores.
  • Online lenders: Online-only lending institutions have lower operating costs than traditional banks and, therefore, may be able to offer lower rates. The number of these types of lenders – which are usually backed by big banks – means that some specialize in different types of borrowers, including those with low credit ratings.
  • Auto loan brokers: Rather than going directly to a lender, you can work with a broker who will shop around to refinance car loans for you. These companies usually operate online.
  • Loan markets: With the marketplace model, borrowers can enter their information and receive offers from service providers directly. This allows people to easily compare multiple refinance offers.

3. Shop around for your best options

Our team recommends that borrowers obtain several financing offers and compare them. When it comes to finding the best companies to refinance an auto loan for borrowers with bad credit, the differences can be significant.

People with bad credit scores can sometimes feel desperate to find financing options. Some lenders take advantage of this fact, offering exorbitant interest rates to these borrowers. But not all lenders act this way. Some offer rates that, while higher than borrowers with good credit, are still reasonable. Comparing a few quotes can help you find the best rate for you and your credit situation.

Will applying for multiple bad credit refinance loans hurt my credit rating?

It is true that any loan application, including a refinance car loan, requires a thorough credit investigation. This will likely cause your credit score to drop. This part is unfortunately unavoidable.

However, credit reporting agencies now assess multiple credit checks for the same type of loan in a short period of time, like one. This means there is no additional impact on your credit score for getting multiple loan offers from different lenders compared to just one.

Arthur D Little Appoints Justin Tan as Chief Financial Officer of SEA, Taiwan

  • Over 20 years of experience providing strategic advice to clients
  • Experience in strategy development, business transformation, risk management

Arthur D. Little (ADL) announced that Justin Tan (Photo) was named partner and head of the firm’s financial services practice in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

In a statement, the company said Tan’s experience spans strategy development, business transformation and risk management for clients in retail and commercial banking, corporate banking, management wealth management and private banking, as well as private equity.

He added that prior to joining ADL, Tan was a career consultant, industry practitioner and entrepreneur.

He began his consulting career with Oliver Wyman, eventually becoming the senior partner for retail and corporate banking, as well as wealth management, in Asia-Pacific, ADL said.

After Oliver Wyman, Tan co-founded a consulting firm focused on financial institutions and new business incubation.

He was also previously Head of Strategy and Business Development for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in the Pacific region, leading both organic and inorganic growth initiatives.

ADL said Tan’s expertise includes applying advanced data analytics across digital and traditional segments, helping organizations build robust analytics capabilities and leverage analytical insights to improve decision-making. commercial.

Philippe De Backer, managing partner and global head of the financial services practice at ADL, said Tan will make an excellent leader of the firm’s financial services practice in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

“But what makes him especially perfect for ADL is his entrepreneurial vision and attitude.

“Our culture encourages thinking outside the box and the drive to drive and grow projects to their full potential, and Justin embodies that spirit,” De Backer said.

Commenting on his appointment, Tan said, “Banks and financial firms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan have been among the first to embrace the possibilities of digitalization, as institutional and consumer demands change.

“However, much more needs to be done to transform the financial services industry and accelerate its adoption of best practices.”

“Companies are looking for partners who can help them innovate, and ADL is well positioned to fill that role,” Tan said.

Tan holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Science (Management Science) from Stanford University.

He also holds Chartered Financial Consultant and Financial Risk Manager certifications.

Accountants in charge of preaching the standardization of the quality of goods and products


Uganda Chartered Accountants have been invited to promote and encourage the quality of products and services offered by small, medium and large enterprises in the manufacturing sector in Uganda.

This was during the conclusion of the 3-day 10th CPA Economic Forum held at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe with the aim of formulating viable solutions for the development of the Ugandan economy with a focus on leaving no one behind.

This year’s Economic Forum was held under the theme “A Responsive Economic Development Agenda” and attracted over 630 participants from all sectors and government agencies who came together to discuss issues affecting the growth of the economy. and, ultimately, to propose solutions to the challenges that the Country and its individuals face. These solutions, according to the organizers, will be submitted to the government through the National Planning Authority and the Ministry of Finance, among other government agencies, to be implemented where deemed appropriate.

During his presentation to accountants, David Livingstone Ebiru, Executive Director of Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), said accountants have a huge role to play as they hold sensitive positions in different agencies, companies and governments.

Ebiru said that most companies and agencies trust the decisions made by accountants for the development of organizations and therefore ensure that quality standards could be influenced by them.

He cited some of the causes of low compliance with standards that need to be tackled by convincing the public to strictly adhere to them if the country is to develop and every stakeholder or citizen benefits.

“Some of the reasons for the low level of compliance with standards include; Gaps in knowledge, technology and skills, capacity of regulators and enforcement agencies, people looking for cheaper options and substitute products, associated to an ignorance of the effects of consuming substandard/unsafe products which end up affecting them and paying a high price. Labeling is also part of the requirements of the standards. All products must be labeled with the name of the product, the manufacturer’s name, address, ingredients, expiration date and all must be visibly displayed.

Ebiru also noted that non-compliance with quality standards affects the country’s level of development and the standard of living of its people and, over time, slows down industrialization and undermines the country’s competitiveness.

“Without standards, the country will become a dumping ground and anyone will sell their products, no matter how harmful and toxic they are,” he said.

Ebiru also added that “UNBS Q mark is only valid for one year. This is a control measure to ensure that producers do not compromise the quality of their products after obtaining UNBS certification.

Winston Katushabe, Commissioner for Transport Regulation and Safety at the Department of Public Works and Transport highlighted the fundamental aspects of transport which involve among others, the economic role of transport, the impacts or investments in transport, the transport service supply and influences on transport demand.

From skincare enthusiast to owner of a fast-growing brand, the story of Skintrist


Skintrist is an American skin care company specializing in the manufacture and retail of premium quality products made from natural and sustainable ingredients.

According to data from the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting up to 50 million Americans each year. It is estimated that around 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 suffer from at least minor acne.

The Skintrist founder was one of those 85%, suffering from severe acne as a teenager but expecting that problem to be resolved by the time she became an adult. As a teenager, the founder of Skintrist had frequently consulted a dermatologist for seven years. From chemical peels to laser treatments, she had learned all about the process and the products her dermatologist had used.

One of the biggest revelations of his life was realizing that not every product available works as advertised. Realizing this as a teenager, the founder of Skintrist turned to fitness.

Feeling dissociated is a common problem for people struggling with acne-related issues. The Skintrist founder felt this on a deeper level, as no one in her family had experienced acne before. The future founder of one of America’s fastest growing skincare brands was then driven to create an effective solution to her acne woes.

This series of events led to the launch of Skintrist, a range of premium skin care products with unparalleled effectiveness.

The founder of Skintrist didn’t make such an important decision overnight. She spent four years collaborating with local dermatologists, working on a host of different formulas that could meet the needs of people with sensitive and post-procedure skin.

According to her, the medical grade ingredients were too strong while the purely natural ingredients were not strong enough. The founder of Skintrist felt it was important to know what kind of treatment patients were coming for so she knew what kind of follow-up treatment to provide in response.

Skintrist launched its first product in September 2020. A fragrance-free vitamin C serum based on a lightweight formula, which was designed with small molecules, which could penetrate deeper into the skin, was Skintrist’s first product.

Currently, the Skintrist founder is working with two professional chemists to review the ingredient list and decide which trajectory her brand should head next.

Most of the latest products in the Skintrist line contain niacinamide components. This immunity booster is loved by many for its many health benefits, such as regulating oiliness, reducing the appearance of pores, reducing spots and redness, and more.

The latest product launched by Skintrist is the Pro Skin Renewal Mist, which was introduced to the brand’s catalog in April 2022. Packed with a variety of natural vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and essential oils. tree, this product is ideal for oily skin. types of skin and is able to reduce facial sebum production by 40%.

The Skintrist founder announced that she plans to continue working with dermatologists, nutritionists and industry leaders to “bridge the gap between effective and natural post-medical care.”

The company announced that Noni Facial Oil, a moisturizing facial product for acne-prone skin, is in development and is expected to release later this year.

More information about Skintrist can be found on the company’s official website.

Media Contact
Company Name: skin sad
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States
Website: https://www.skintrist.ca/

Nasdaq bear market: 5 amazing growth stocks you’ll regret not buying on the downside


This year has been memorable in all the wrong ways for the investment community. Since hitting their respective closing highs between November and January, the timeless Dow Jones Industrial Averagewide seat S&P500and dependent on growth Nasdaq Compound (^IXIC -1.87%), lost up to 19%, 24% and 34% of their value. This firmly entrenches the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq in a bear market.

Although major index declines can be frightening and test investors’ resolve, decades of history show that bear markets are the perfect time for patient investors to shop. Indeed, every major decline in major indexes, including the Nasdaq, was eventually erased by a bull market.

Image source: Getty Images.

This is a particularly good time to consider putting your money to work in innovative growth stocks. Companies that have the ability to change the world or disrupt their existing industries are the types of companies that can make patient investors much richer over time.

Below are five amazing growth stocks you’ll regret not buying during this Nasdaq bear market decline.

Selling power

The first remarkable growth stock you’ll blame yourself for not buying during the Nasdaq bear market decline is the cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software provider. Selling power (RCMP -1.55%). The company’s shares have been cut nearly in half since hitting an all-time high in November.

Without getting too technical, CRM software is used by consumer-facing businesses to improve existing customer relationships and boost sales. While this is an obvious opportunity for service businesses, CRM software is increasingly finding its way into unexpected sectors, such as manufacturing, finance and healthcare.

What makes Salesforce so intriguing is its dominance of this opportunity for sustained double-digit growth. According to an IDC report, Salesforce has been the world’s leading provider of CRM solutions for nine consecutive years and has significantly increased its share of total CRM spend over the past five years. In 2021, Salesforce accounted for nearly 24% of global CRM software spending, more than four times as much as its nearest competitor.

Salesforce’s long-term outperformance is also a reflection of co-CEO and co-founder Marc Benioff overseeing a number of earnings-accelerating acquisitions. Buying companies such as MuleSoft, Tableau Software, and Slack Technologies has expanded the Salesforce ecosystem and given the company plenty of reason to sell its highest-paying solutions.

Palantir Technologies

A second amazing growth stock that would be wise to buy as the Nasdaq plunges into bear market territory is the mining specialist Palantir Technologies (PLT -6.20%). Shares of Palantir have slipped 80% below their all-time intraday high, which was set in early 2021.

Palantir’s growth story essentially boils down to the company’s two primary operating platforms: Gotham and Foundry. Gotham is the company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform for federal governments. It helps with mission planning and data aggregation. Meanwhile, Foundry reaches out to enterprise customers and helps them streamline their operations by making sense of large amounts of data.

The really intriguing thing about Palantir is that there’s simply no replacement for what the company can deliver at scale. This lack of competition and software innovation should allow Palantir to continue to grow its revenue by 25-30% per year.

Additionally, Palantir has an exceptionally long growth track when it comes to Foundry. While Gotham’s opportunities are limited by national security issues (for example, Palantir would not offer its services to the Chinese government), Foundry is only tip of the iceberg in terms of Fortune 500 companies that it can make more effective.

A bank employee shaking hands with potential customers in an office.

Image source: Getty Images.

Assets received

Sometimes the most battered companies offer the best opportunities for long-term investors. Seems to be the case with the AI-based lending platform Assets received (UPST -8.51%)which has lost more than 90% of its value since hitting an all-time high last year.

For now, Wall Street is clearly concerned that higher interest rates will suppress lending activity and increase delinquency rates. This is obviously not good news for a company whose premise is to use AI to verify loans to financial institutions. But things are not as cut and dried as they might seem.

Prior to the recent interest rate hike, Upstart’s lending platform clearly demonstrated its benefits to lenders. About three-quarters of all loans were fully automated, saving time for applicants and money for lending institutions.

Equally important, relying on AI as opposed to traditional loan verification metrics has led to more applicants being approved. Although all of Upstart’s loan approvals had a lower average credit score than the traditional loan verification process, the delinquency rate was similar. In other words, Upstart’s lending platform accurately predicted lending risk and expanded the potential pool of candidates for banks and credit unions.

With plenty of opportunities to expand its AI lending platform to car loans, mortgages, and small business loans, Upstart’s growth appears to be in its infancy.

Ping Identity Holdings

A fourth obvious growth stock that would be perfect to buy during the Nasdaq bear market decline is the small-cap cyber security stock. Ping Identity Holdings (PING -1.28%). Ping shares are down about 50% since the start of 2021.

The beauty of cybersecurity actions is that they provide a service that has become a basic necessity. A recession or a bear market won’t stop hackers and bots from trying to steal consumer and business data. This means that the demand for cybersecurity solutions is stronger than ever, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

As the name suggests, Ping primarily focuses on identity verification. The company’s PingOne Intelligent Cloud platform is designed to work with on-premises security solutions to continuously assess, verify and authorize users.

What makes Ping Identity such an exciting growth story is the company’s shift from term-licensed subscriptions to a software-based subscription-as-a-service (SaaS) model. SaaS models typically result in lower customer churn and more predictable operating cash flow over time. As this shift to SaaS accelerates and annual recurring revenue grows, Ping should see sales growth accelerate rapidly.


A fifth and final amazing growth stock you’ll regret not buying during the Nasdaq bear market decline is the kingpin of e-commerce. Amazon (AMZN -1.77%). Amazon shares are down nearly 40% from their intraday record high.

Most people know Amazon because of its leading online marketplace. A March report from eMarketer predicted that Amazon would bring in 39.5% of all online retail revenue in the United States in 2022. For comparison, the 14 closest competitors are expected to control 31% of sales. online retail in the United States this year, on a combined base.

However, it’s not overall online retail revenue that’s really driving Amazon’s growth. For starters, the company’s subscription services play a key role in expanding its sales and profits. Amazon’s online market dominance has resulted in more than 200 million people signing up for a Prime membership. The annual fee collected from Prime members allows Amazon to invest in its logistics network and reduce prices from physical retailers.

Even bigger is cloud infrastructure service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). Even though AWS traditionally accounts for only about one-eighth of the company’s net sales, it is often Amazon’s biggest provider of operating revenue. Indeed, cloud operating margins outperform online retail operating margins. AWS, subscription services and advertising are all key for Amazon to potentially triple its annual operating cash flow over the next five years.

N109bn scam: Court dismisses former AGF Ahmed Idris


Judge Ajayi ordered that Idris and his co-defendants be held in Kuje pending a hearing of their bail applications on July 27.

The removal order follows the indictment of the former accountant general on Friday, July 22, 2022, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The other defendants are Godfrey Olusegun Akindele, Mohammed Kudu Usmanand Gezawa Commodity Market and Exchange Ltd. They are being prosecuted on 14 counts of theft and criminal breach of trust to the tune of N109,485,572,691.9.

The EFCC alleged that Ahmed Idris, between February and December 2021 in Abuja, being a civil servant by virtue of his position as Accountant General of the Federation, accepted from Olusegun Akindele, a gratuity in the total amount of N15, 136,221,921.46 (Fifteen Billion, one hundred thirty-six million, two hundred and twenty-one thousand, nine hundred and twenty-one naira and forty-six Kobo) the sum of which was converted into US dollars by the said Olusegun Akindele and the sum of which was not part of your statutory compensation but as grounds for expediting payment of the 13% diversion to the nine (9) oil producing states of the Federation.

through the office of the Accountant General of the Federation, and has thereby committed an offense contrary to Section 155 of the Penal Code Act, Cap 532, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990 and punishable under the same article.

Count eight readings,”That you, Ahmed Idris as the Accountant General of the Federation and Godfrey Olusegun Akindele as the Technical Assistant to the Accountant General of the Federation between February and November 2021, in Abuja at the Abuja Judicial Division of the High Court of the Federation Capital Territory, as such charged with certain property, namely: N84,390,000,000 (eighty-four billion, three hundred and ninety million naira) has committed a criminal breach of trust in the respect of the said property, when you have dishonestly received the said sum from the Federal Government of Nigeria through Godfrey Olusegun Akindele trading under the name and style of Olusegun Akindele & Co., and you have thereby committed an offense punishable under of Section 315 of the Penal Code Act, Cap 532, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990”.

Rotimi Jacobs SAN the prosecution attorney while the chief Chris Uche SAN, represents the 1st defendant (Idris).

The job opening made for grill lovers


There are some pretty epic jobs, but a new post from Reynolds Wrap takes the cake – er, the steak – for hardcore grillmasters. The role of “Chief Grillderness Officer” is new to the foil maker (via Reynolds Wrap). Once selected, the job requires the winner and a guest to travel across the United States to visit state or national parks, barbecue, and otherwise explore. A recreational vehicle will be provided, and winners will also receive approximately $2,000 worth of Reynolds Wrap merchandise and merchandise, such as a portable cooler, outdoor portable grill, folding chairs, and more, per official rules.

If selected, the Chief Grillderness Officer will also receive a $10,000 gift card, as well as another $2,000 gift card for gas, park fees and other similar expenses. In total, the value of the total prize is $24,000, since the RV itself costs $10,000 to rent. The winner doesn’t even have to quit their day job either, as the trip begins August 28 and ends September 6, 2022. Applicants must be at least 25 years old, due to RV rental requirements . It’s not a bad “work” week, is it?

The Chief Grillderness Officer visits tasty places

Reynolds Wrap isn’t preparing a grueling itinerary for the winner of its “Chief Grillderness Officer” contest. In fact, they want the person selected to choose national and state parks that really speak to them. There are 423 national parks on 84 million acres in the United States and its territories (per National Park Foundation), plus nearly 7,000 state parks (via US State Parks), so there are clearly more than enough options to choose from.

Submissions must be made by August 4, by Reynolds Wraps. Once selected, the Chief Grillderness Officer should hit the road with a friend and document the grilling and exploring experience on social media, using both photos and video. To apply for this position, the company wants applicants to email [email protected] a short essay (200 words or less) detailing what your “dream camping adventure entails”, an explanation of what who makes you the right person for the job, and a description (and photo, if you have it) of your favorite meal to grill out. If you win, just make sure you don’t make those mistakes people make when cooking or misusing your new grill.

DBPR Secretary to Deliver FSU Opening Addresses


Melanie Griffinthe secretary of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, will be the keynote speaker at Florida State University’s upcoming summer graduation ceremonies.

Griffin was appointed to her position by the governor Ron DeSantis in December 2021. The Tampa attorney is a triple FSU graduate. After earning her bachelor’s degree in finance from the FSU College of Business, she went on to obtain a master’s degree in business administration and a juris doctor (JD-MBA).

Griffin is an attorney at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick and Senior Advisor for Business-to-Business Relations at Shumaker Advisors Florida, as well as Chair of the Board of the Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers.

She founded the company Spread your sunshinewhich offers speaking and professional training services as well as “inspirational” stationery and gifts.

Griffin won the 2017 FSU Inspire Award for Distinguished FSU Alumni. Other honors include being named FSU Notable Nole and receiving the FSU College of Business Recent Alumni Achievement Award. She is a member of the Board of Visitors of the Faculty of Law.

The university is expected to award more than 3,000 degrees this summer, including 1,0743 undergraduate degrees, 1,034 master’s and honors degrees, and 163 doctoral degrees.

The debut will take place at the Donald L. Tucker Center on Friday, July 29 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Griffin will speak at both ceremonies, along with the FSU president. Richard McCullough presiding. The university said it expects around 1,800 graduates to attend.

The 2 p.m. start will award diplomas to graduates of Dedman College of Hospitality, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, College of Nursing, College of Business, College of Music, and College of Education, among others.

The evening ceremony will honor graduates of the College of Medicine, College of Fine Arts, College of Communication and Information, College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, College of Social Work, College of Law and the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Rishi Sunak vs. Liz Truss: Everything you need to know about the PM contenders | Conservative management


Rishi Sunak, 42 ​​years old

Winchester College. Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford. MBA from Stanford.

Married Akshata Murty, daughter of Indian billionaire NR Narayana Murthy, in 2009. They have two daughters.

Before government
Analyst at investment bank Goldman Sachs. Partner of hedge fund management company The Children’s Investment Fund Management.

Richmond (Yorkshire), elected in 2015

To the government
Deputy Minister for Local Government (2018-19), Chief Secretary to the Treasury (2019-20), Chancellor of the Exchequer (2020-22).

High career
Winning praise for swiftly introducing billions of pounds worth of ‘furlough’ support schemes to preserve jobs and businesses through 18 months of Covid lockdowns.

Achilles’ heel
His family’s wealth and his wife’s controversial non-dom status.

He said the food he would notice the price hike the most was bread, because “we all have different breads at my house”.

what others say

A bit like Philip Hammond, just with a bit more charisma”

– Anonymous economist.

[He] watched a lot [Tony] Blair’s body language and manages to distance himself while being the most central in government”

Tim Shipman from the Sunday Times.

Unknown fact
A self-proclaimed “Coke addict” – from Mexico’s version of Coca-Cola, which is made from cane sugar.

Campaign to become prime minister

Main funders
Dominic Raab, Jeremy Hunt, Norman Lamont.

Lines of attack on the rival
Accused Liz Truss of promoting ‘socialism’ by promising unfunded tax cuts and described plans to ‘walk your way out of inflation’ as ‘a fairy tale’.

On the economy
Promises “a return to traditional conservative economic values”, a position seen as an argument for the instinctive budgetary prudence of conservatives, or a desire to return to “austerity economics”. Differs from Truss on tax cuts, saying acting now would fuel inflation and increase borrowing.

On internal affairs
Supports Rwanda removal program, although No 10 sources have informed that he opposed it as chancellor. Promises a ‘crack down on grooming gangs’ and pledged to create a requirement for all police forces to have a child sexual exploitation squad.

On the environment
Would set a new legal target for the UK to be energy independent by 2045 at the latest. Committed to upholding the government’s legally binding target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and assured the green wing of the Tories that he would protect the environment.

Liz Truss, 46

Roundhay Secondary School in Leeds. Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford.

Married to accountant Hugh O’Leary since 2000. They have two daughters.

before the government
Worked as an accountant for Shell and Cable & Wireless. Deputy director of the centre-right reformist think tank.

South West Norfolk, elected in 2010.

To the government
Junior Minister for Education (2012-2014), Minister for the Environment (2014-2016), Lord Chancellor (2016-2017), Chief Secretary to the Treasury (2017-2019), Minister for International Trade (2019-21 ), Minister for Equality (2019-present), Secretary for Foreign Affairs (2021-present).

High career
Rise to Foreign Secretary, putting her at the forefront of Britain’s global push to support Ukraine. Oversaw efforts to secure the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori from Iran.

Achilles’ heel
Track record as a former Liberal Democrat who called for the abolition of the monarchy and a Remainer who opposed Brexit.

Getting lost trying to leave his press conference exposing his leadership booth. Told in Parliament: ‘In any trade deal we do we will heed our high standards to make sure our farmers are undermined.’

little known fact
Daughter of parents whom she describes as “on the left of Labour”. Her ‘horrified’ father discovered she had joined the Tories by picking up a postcard from the family home that read, ‘I can’t believe you’ve become a Tory, Liz.’

what others say

Maybot 2.0″

– some Tory MPs, according to the Spectator.

No no. They call it the human hand grenade because it gets things done”

– Nadine Dorries, denying that Truss’ nickname among officials is due to her causing chaos.

Campaign to become prime minister

Main funders
Nadine Dorries, Jacob Rees-Mogg, possibly Boris Johnson, the Daily Mail.

attack lines
Told Sunak during a debate that he had raised taxes to the highest level in 70 years, adding, “It’s not going to increase economic growth.” Accused him of increasing National Insurance in the face of opposition from her and other cabinet members.

On the economy
Reverse the rise in National Insurance rates, intended to fund health and social care. Wants to continue Johnsonian leveling agenda, but based on low-tax, low-regulation zones. Told the viewer that she would treat the loans accumulated during the pandemic as a war debt to be canceled over a long period.

On the culture wars
Joined former leadership candidate Kemi Badenoch in attacking Penny Mordaunt, recounting a debate she opposed moving forward with transgender self-identification.

On internal affairs
She reportedly said she would try to expand the Rwandan migrant removal program to countries like Turkey.

On the environment
Committed to maintaining the government’s legally binding target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, but would suspend taxes on green energy.

Veet loved life! Strong, colorful and enthusiastic! – echo


Veet was a passionate activist, “Coonan’s wildcat killer”, whose message to all of us was, “I am love”. I like. I am kind.

‘Veet’ was born Gary Ivor Lang on March 17, 1942 in Frankston, Victoria during World War II to Beryl and Ivor Lang. His parents married before Ivor left to serve in the army.

Young Gary was one of those kids who never had to sweat in school and always had good grades as a student. Gary left school and began his plumbing apprenticeship at Swinburn Technical College at the age of 15, becoming dux of the school and apprenticed to his father in Canberra.

Gary married Lorraine in 1966 and they gave birth to two daughters Nikki and Fiona.

When Gary’s mother, Beryl, died in 1977, in her grief he struggled to maintain the marriage to Lorraine or the relationship with his father and his daughters Nikki and Fiona. That same year, Gary and Lorraine divorced.

Gary found his new family at the Dreamtime community in Thora Valley. He went to India in 1980, was blessed by Osho and given his new name, Veet Mayo. Veet then sold his handcrafted marimbas in the markets of Bellingen.

passionate activist

Veet was a passionate activist for the planet. One day he went to Sydney, bought a tent and pitched it outside Neville Wran’s office in Macquarie Street and protested against sand mining in Middle Head.

In 1991, Veet headed to Queensland to join a community. There he opened a carpentry shop where Veet became a self-taught drum maker and was known as the “wildcat killer of Cooran”.

Veet and Paula met at Durrumbul Hall in 1997, they danced, laughed and became one. The mother drums, the highlight of the venture, were sold to Cirque du Soleil, enactment of the arrival of the Thor Heyerdahl Kon-Tiki raft in Oslo, Norway, and local artist Solveig, Wilsons Creek .

In 2004, Veet and Paula bought a share of the Main Arm Eco Village and moved into an old Bedford bus that they renovated together by hand. As Veet entered his 70th year, they shut down their business and began building the biggest drum house of all time. Construction has never stopped, today the land has many creations: sustainable off-grid habitats, workshops, orchards and vegetable gardens.

When Veet realized he needed to document his life story, he entered the Hoffman Process, to prepare for his final frontier; death, and wanting to remove some of the obstacles that made him live unconsciously.

Veet was a magic maker! Veet’s message to all of us: ‘I am love. I like. I am kind.

For memorial details, see the classifieds pages.

“Crypto Winter Could Be Over” If Bitcoin Price Does, Expert Says

We want to help you make more informed decisions. Certain links on this page – clearly marked – may direct you to a partner website and allow us to earn a referral commission. For more information, see How we make money.

If the price of bitcoin stabilizes over the next two weeks, the crypto’s prolonged bear market — also known as crypto winter — could end just as quickly as it began.

This is according to Edward Moya, a senior market analyst at brokerage firm Oanda, who says “Wall Street is enjoying a positive risk mood, which is good news for cryptos.” He says the crypto market is starting to look “attractive now that the economy is doing a bit better as Fed tightening expectations have eased.”

Moya refers to the rise in the stock market in recent days and a general easing of macroeconomic fears among investors. Often, a rise in stocks will also increase cryptocurrencies. He says investors are starting to feel more optimistic about the economy, inflation and rising interest rates, which is a positive sign for risky assets. Generally, the more confident investors are about the stock market and the macro environment in general, the more risk they are willing to take.

Bitcoin surged above $23,000 on Tuesday, hitting its highest level in more than a month. Ethereum is up over 40% in the past few days and was trading above $1,500 on Tuesday.

Many crypto experts we spoke to over the past few months were expecting one last major drop in the crypto market, with some targeting lows between $10,000 and $14,000 for bitcoin. While that could still happen, Moya says if more institutions buy in the next few weeks, it could allow bitcoin’s bottom to have been hit since “market positioning got extreme.”

What’s next for the crypto market and how should investors react?

Less than a month ago, the crypto was in the midst of one of the worst stock market crashes it has ever seen. Bitcoin and Ethereum are down more than 70% since peaking in the bull run last year. Several high-profile crypto companies, including hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and crypto lender Celsius, have filed for bankruptcy. The size of the industry itself had fallen below $1 trillion, a significant decrease from a few months prior when it was worth over $3 trillion.

But investors are hopeful the upheaval of the past few weeks is coming to an end, says Marcus Sotiriou, market analyst at digital asset broker GlobalBlock. Crypto prices are rising as investors are starting to feel more optimistic about the crypto market, thanks in part to the recent rally in stock markets in the United States, Europe and Asia, he says. Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, have been following the stock markets closely since the start of the year.

“When the market starts reacting positively to negative news, it’s a signal that a local bottom could be hitting for the time being, as fear may have caused the news to price in,” Sotiriou said.

Despite the positive momentum of the past few days, the crypto market is still suffering. Both bitcoin and ethererum are down more than 50% this year, and bitcoin suffered its worst quarterly loss in more than a decade between April and June.

“We are in a full-fledged bear market, not a bear cycle. Just because we see positive price action doesn’t mean we’re out of harm’s way,” says crypto expert and educator Wendy O. “We are currently trading at $1,500. [for ethereum], and for me to be super bullish on Ethereum, I would need to see us break above $2,248. That’s a 50% price pump right there.

So what does the latest crypto rally mean for investors? This shouldn’t significantly change your crypto investments or the way you invest in crypto if you’re in it for the long haul. Given the crypto’s history of volatility, this increase does not guarantee a long-term reversal. Crypto prices are just as likely to fall back as they are to continue to climb.

Because the future of cryptocurrency is sure to include a lot more volatility, financial advisors recommend allocating no more than 5% of your investment portfolio to crypto and investing only what you are okay with. to lose. Always make sure your financial foundations are covered – from your retirement accounts to emergency savings – before investing extra money in a speculative asset like bitcoin or ethereum.

“We still have a long way to go before anything happens,” O says.

The accountant failed to challenge his suspension


The non-payment of security for costs ends Robert Walker’s appeal.

The Disciplinary Tribunal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants has now released its full decisions.

Accountant and insolvency practitioner Robert Walker, who spent 11 years as liquidator of bankrupt real estate group Property Ventures, has exhausted his appeals against the suspension of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

The Disciplinary Tribunal of the Institute pronounced a provisional suspension

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4 countries where South American sparkling wine shines


In South America, bubbles burst gracefully. Winemakers create a range of styles through Charmat and traditional methods using Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and other varieties.

Throughout the continent, but particularly in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, the grapes come from high altitude or coastal vineyards. Some are influenced by the cool climate of the Andes, while others are shaped by the cool breezes of the Pacific or Atlantic oceans.

In 1959, the first Moët et Chandon winery outside France was established in Argentina. Since then, other Champagne houses and global winemakers have looked to South America, working alongside local experts to craft world-class sparkling at affordable prices across diverse soils.

While it’s not always easy for South American operations to compete with the long history of Old World wine regions, some of these producers have been producing sparkling wines for several years. According to the producers, the biggest challenge is integrating their well-designed bubbles into global glasses.


“We have identified exceptional terroirs, particularly in the highest part of the Tupungato region, to produce extraordinary sparkling wines,” explains Patrick D’Aulan, founder of the Alta Vista winery in Mendoza, Argentina. Born in France, the D’Aulan family previously owned the Piper-Heidsieck champagne house.

Known for its single-vineyard Malbecs, Alta Vista also produces sparkling wines using traditional and Charmat methods. D’Aulan thinks that the climatic conditions of the Uco Valley are ideal for bubbles.

“With poor, stony soils on the slope of the Andes, these unique terroirs benefit from warm, sunny days but cool nights due to the high altitude,” he says.

Photo courtesy of Bodega Alta Vista

The retail price of one of its bottles, Alta Vista Brut Nature, is around $13, which shows the competitive prices of South American sparkling wines.

Other Argentinian producers that export sparkling wines to the United States include Alpamanta, which makes a pét-nat from Criolla grapes, and Bodega Tapiz, which produces extra brut sparkling wine from Torrontés.

In Mendoza and Patagonia, producers like Salentein and Bodegas del Fin del Mundo have introduced sparkling wines to diversify their portfolios. Bodega Cruzat, Reginato and Alma 4 are among those that only produce sparkling wine.


Sparkling wine is not new to Chile. The country’s first dedicated sparkling wine winery, Valdivieso, was founded in 1879. However, as Chilean producers expand winemaking to new regions, they find an array of terroirs suitable for sparkling wines. After production started in the central valley, it spread to the Casablanca coast and is now popular in southern regions like the Malleco Valley.

“Producers are looking for places with lower temperatures that will allow them to obtain a base wine with higher acidity,” explains Jose Manuel Peralta, head winemaker at Viña Aquitania. The winery planted Malleco’s first Chardonnay vines in 1993. One of the owners is Ghislain de Montgolfier, who ran the Bollinger family champagne house.

When asked if sparkling wines from Chile could be an alternative to those from Europe, Peralta says he is sure the wines are of excellent quality, “but there is more work that needs to be done. commercially to present these wines as an alternative” to European bubbles.


Alberto Antonini, a Tuscan-born wine consultant, says, “Geology doesn’t know the terroir of the New World or the Old World. The geology is the same everywhere.

Antonini is the consulting winemaker of Bodega Garzon in Maldonado, Uruguay, just 11 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The vines are influenced by the humid maritime climate and grow on granite soils which offer excellent drainage.

“Granite is a type of rock that gives intensity and nerve to wines,” explains Antonini. He notes that this is where he grows grapes for the winery’s traditional method sparkling wines.

A photo of the Bodega Garzon Winery and Vineyard
Photo courtesy of Bodega Garzon

When it comes to making wines with good natural acidity, “making wines with that level of humidity and sunshine is an advantage,” he says, comparing the region’s climate to that of Champagne, where clouds filter direct sunlight.

As in Argentina and Chile, the Uruguayan wine industry focuses on red wines – Tannat is generally considered Uruguay’s flagship grape. Few of Uruguay’s sparkling wines are exported to the United States, but many sparkling wines are made in the small country at family-owned wineries such as Varela Zarranz and Familia Deicas in Canelones.


In many South American countries, producers are making sparkling wines to diversify their portfolios of still red and white wines. Yet in Brazil, sparkling wine is often the star.

“When, in the 90s, more imported wines were introduced to the Brazilian market, Brazilian sparkling wines were the only local wines capable of competing with them,” explains Mario Geisse, founder of Familia Geisse. Born in Chile, Geisse has spent most of his life producing sparkling wine in Brazil, even before Chandon hired him in 1976.

Familia Geisse is one of many wineries located in Pinto Bandeira in Brazil’s Serra Gaucha, a cool-climate sub-region with abundant rainfall. The vineyards are located on volcanic soils at 2,200 feet above sea level, and cloudy skies during the ripening period allow the grapes to ripen slowly while retaining their acidity.

Convinced of the great characteristics of Pinto Bandeira’s terroir, Geisse worked with other producers to create a Denomination of Origin (DO) for their traditional method sparkling wine. Currently awaiting government approval, DO Altos by Pinto Bandeira will be the first of its kind in South America. It regulates aspects of viticulture and the winemaking process, such as which grapes can be used – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and only up to 10% Italic Riesling – and a minimum aging time of 12 months.

A landscape shot of the Familia Geisse vineyard
Photo courtesy of Familia Geisse

Brazil has a great diversity of styles, and Italic Riesling and Moscato are two of the most popular grapes used to produce dry, sweet sparkling wine, along with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Other producers exporting their wines to the United States include Casa Vadulga and Miolo.

Currently, South American sparkling production is small compared to the amount of still wine produced in this region. However, producers offer a diverse range of styles such as Brut Nature, Brut, Extra Brut and demi-sec wines. It is the result of work carried out for many years, sometimes for more than a century, to meet the demand of thirsty local consumers. Over the past 50 years, winemakers have refined their bubbles and now offer an excellent alternative to other traditional sparkling wines such as Prosecco, Cava and Champagne.

Training Capacity Specialist – National Indigenous Times


Training Capacity Specialist

  • Status: Ongoing (permanent)
  • Location: Any considered CASA office location
  • $93,483 – $102,560 plus 15.4% retirement pension

About the role

Reporting to the Capability and Strategy Section Head, the Training Capability Specialist is responsible for planning, executing, coordinating and managing procurement activities supporting the training needs of ACSA.

The Training Capability Specialist also supports procurement activities related to broader branch operations as required.

The Training Capabilities Specialist is required to work under limited direction, exercising reasonable autonomy and responsibility in the performance of work of a complex nature to achieve Section, Branch and CFSA results.

The Training Capability Specialist should have excellent stakeholder engagement and management skills. The position requires well-developed research, analytical and decision-making skills to support the completion of activities and produce defined results.

The Training Capabilities Specialist may be called upon to supervise and manage a team while conducting projects in support of the branch’s activities, with responsibility for all aspects of team management and development, including including prioritizing work, assigning and tracking work, managing performance, and identifying training and development opportunities for their staff.

The position may require local and interstate travel.

The Training Capability Specialist is responsible for the following deliverables:

  • purchase external training solutions on behalf of CASA, including assessing requirements with business units, obtaining approvals, determining procurement methods, developing and issuing procurement requests, and managing response evaluation
  • manage complex contracts through to completion; including reviewing analysis, reports and making recommendations for products, goods and services
  • assist organizational and technical capacity specialists during periods of high workload to support capacity activities
  • liaise with external organizations and use inter-agency networks to promote and coordinate participation in acquired training
  • coordinate cost recovery in consultation with the Finance Branch for participation in training acquired by external stakeholders
  • coordinate the delivery of acquired training, in consultation with the training operations team, external vendors, participants and facilities to ensure effective delivery of training activities
  • provide guidance and mentorship to develop staff members as needed
  • proposing and facilitating innovative initiatives and contributing to business improvement strategies and changing workplace practices
  • contribute to the planning and prioritization of team and branch work activities
  • promote safety, equity and diversity in the workplace and act in accordance with CASA values ​​and behaviors
  • other duties as directed by the Capacity and Strategy Section Chief.

This role was also advertised alongside as Positive Measure – Disability or Indigenous.

Candidates wishing to apply for an Affirmative Measure must meet the eligibility criteria and will need to submit their application on the Affirmative Measure vacancy on the CASA website. CASA website.


Employment is subject to the conditions prescribed in the Civil Aviation Act 1988.

  • At a minimum, prospective employees must undergo a pre-employment screening. You must be prepared to provide the information required to pass a criminal record check.
  • Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

We encourage applications from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities, culturally and linguistically diverse people and people from the LGBTIQA+ community, including transgender, gender diverse and intersex people.

Eligibility (affirmative action)

  • The filling of this position is intended to be an affirmative action under section 8(1) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and under section 27 of the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Direction 2016. These positions Vacancies are only available to Indigenous and/or Torres Deprived Persons or Persons with Disabilities. To be engaged under the positive measures provision, proof of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage or disability may be required.

Our ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience:

  • Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage and coordinate projects in an administrative and technically complex environment
  • Understanding of government procurement practices
  • Demonstrated experience in developing, leading and managing procurement activities
  • Knowledge of internal budgetary processes and practices
  • Experience using government systems and applications
  • Experience delivering learning and development solutions in a demanding operational environment.

About Us

The primary function of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is to conduct the regulation of the safety of civil aviation operations in Australia, Australian civil airspace and the operation of civil aviation operations in Australia, airspace Australian civil aviation and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas.

CASA is committed to having a flexible and inclusive workplace and recognizes and values ​​the diversity of the wider Australian community.

We encourage and welcome applications from people with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, LGBTIQ+ people, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and people of mature age.

Culture and Benefits

We value our employees. CASA values ​​social and cultural diversity and is committed to a safe workplace. We are committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining Indigenous Australians and encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

CASA is committed to achieving and retaining the highest quality of qualified professionals and to providing a desirable work environment in which they can maximize their talent and potential. We offer rewarding careers, promote work-life balance and support professional and personal development.

For further details and information on the role, please visit the CASA website.

Contact agent for inquiries: Karin Bullock on tel: 02 6217 1111

Closing date for applications: AEST 11:59 PM, July 28, 2022

Robert Half International (NYSE:RHI) downgraded by Truist Financial to “Sell”

Robert Half International (NYSE: RHIGet a rating) was downgraded by stock analysts Truist Financial from a “hold” rating to a “sell” rating in a report released on Friday, market beat reports. They currently have a price target of $66.00 on the shares of the business service provider. Truist Financial’s price target indicates a potential decline of 13.91% from the company’s current price.

RHI has been the subject of a number of other research reports. BMO Capital Markets upgraded Robert Half International from an ‘outperforming’ rating to a ‘market performing’ rating and lowered its price target for the stock from $125.00 to $80.00 in a report research on Thursday, May 26. CL King raised its price target on Robert Half International from $128.00 to $132.00 in a research report on Wednesday, April 27. StockNews.com upgraded Robert Half International from a “strong buy” rating to a “buy” rating in a research report on Saturday, May 28. Finally, Bank of America downgraded Robert Half International from a “buy” rating to an “underperform” rating and lowered its price target for the stock from $133.00 to $67.00 in a report. research on Thursday, June 23. Two equity research analysts rated the stock with a sell rating, one issued a hold rating and two assigned the company’s stock a buy rating. Based on data from MarketBeat.com, Robert Half International has a consensus rating of “Hold” and a consensus target price of $95.60.

Robert Half International Awards Performance

Robert Half International stock opened at $76.66 on Friday. The stock has a market capitalization of $8.47 billion, a price/earnings ratio of 13.02, a PEG ratio of 3.47 and a beta of 1.49. Robert Half International has a 1-year low of $73.10 and a 1-year high of $125.77. The company has a fifty-day moving average price of $83.91 and a 200-day moving average price of $103.09.

Robert Half International (NYSE: RHIGet a rating) last released its quarterly earnings data on Tuesday, April 26. The business services provider reported earnings per share of $1.52 for the quarter, beating analyst consensus estimates of $1.47 by $0.05. Robert Half International had a return on equity of 48.53% and a net margin of 9.54%. The company posted revenue of $1.81 billion in the quarter, compared to $1.80 billion expected by analysts. In the same quarter last year, the company achieved EPS of $0.98. The company’s quarterly revenue increased 29.8% year over year. On average, equity research analysts expect Robert Half International to post earnings per share of 6.35 for the current fiscal year.

Insider activity

In other news, CEO Paul F. Gentzkow sold 50,000 shares of the company in a trade dated Thursday, May 12. The stock was sold at an average price of $92.87, for a total value of $4,643,500.00. Following completion of the transaction, the CEO now owns 275,751 shares of the company, valued at approximately $25,608,995.37. The sale was disclosed in a legal filing with the SEC, accessible via this link. Insiders hold 2.80% of the shares of the company.

Hedge funds weigh on Robert Half International

Several institutional investors and hedge funds have recently changed their holdings of RHI. Capital World Investors bought a new position in shares of Robert Half International in Q1 worth approximately $636,060,000. Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC acquired a new stake in Robert Half International during the 4th quarter for a value of approximately $114,599,000. Wellington Management Group LLP increased its stake in Robert Half International by 4,173.7% during the 1st quarter. Wellington Management Group LLP now owns 653,580 shares of the business services provider worth $74,625,000 after buying an additional 638,287 shares in the last quarter. Acadian Asset Management LLC increased its stake in Robert Half International by 35.2% during the 4th quarter. Acadian Asset Management LLC now owns 2,123,299 shares of the business services provider worth $236,749,000 after purchasing an additional 552,918 shares last quarter. Finally, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB publ increased its stake in Robert Half International by 70.4% during the 4th quarter. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB publ now owns 617,078 shares of the business services provider worth $68,724,000 after buying an additional 254,892 shares last quarter. Hedge funds and other institutional investors hold 86.40% of the company’s shares.

Company Profile Robert Half International

(Get a rating)

Robert Half International Inc provides recruitment and risk consulting services in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company operates through three segments: Temporary Staff and Consultants, Permanent Placement, and Risk and Internal Audit Advisory Services. He places temporary services for accounting, finance and bookkeeping; temporary and full-time clerical and administrative staff consisting of executive and administrative assistants, receptionists and customer service representatives; full-time accounting, finance, tax and accounting staff; and contract information technology professionals and full-time employees in the areas of platform systems integration to end-user desktop and technical support, including specialists in application development, networking and cloud, systems integration and deployment, database design and administration, and security and business continuity.

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Transfer zone: Barcelona finances explained, and why Riyad Mahrez needed a new contract


Pablo Torre, Franck Kessie, Andreas Christensen, Raphinha and now Robert Lewandowski.

Barcelona were supposedly broke, but the big names keep arriving at Camp Nou. So how are they doing?

In truth, the club made a number of wise but risky decisions. The sale of 10% of their La Liga TV rights and the sale of up to 49.9% of their marketing and licensing company provided a very significant cash injection.

If that wasn’t enough, getting Spotify on board as a major shirt sponsor also helped the club’s coughers.

Or maybe we’re diving too deep into the situation. Maybe it’s all down to having a quality accountant.

Chelsea need to sign Kevin Garnett just for corners.

Raheem Sterling would end the season with insane assist numbers.

Riyad Mahrez recently signed a new contract with Manchester City.

The striker needs to invest in new phone coverage when his first salary rolls in at the end of the month.

Leighton Baines brings Cornet to Everton.

Robert Lewandowski announced without lights? Maybe the aforementioned accountant took the money from the electricity bills and put it in the transfer budget.

READ MORE: Robert Lewandowski will have nightmares at Real Madrid, but what about other La Liga clubs?

The end of the era of cheap money sabotages dozens of corporate bonds


Dozens of corporate bond trades have not floated in recent months as the end of central bank stimulus leaves firms bereft of cheap funds.

It is generally rare for companies to end bond transactions once bankers actively attempt to sell the debt to investors. But in June, deals withdrawn or postponed in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region more than tripled from May, according to Bloomberg data.

Records of write-offs are sparse, but “there have probably been more deals taken off the market in the last three months than in the last three years,” according to Mark Lynagh, co-head of debt markets for Europe. at BNP Paribas.

Now that benchmark interest rates are set to rise and Ukraine-fueled inflation has proven persistent, fund managers are demanding much higher returns in return for their investments. But companies are balking at that higher price after years of largesse, especially with a potential recession ahead. Bankers say that ultimately companies will have to learn to live with more expensive debt.

“Before, it was child’s play: you would put a deal there, the European Central Bank would come in with a massive order and everyone would pile in,” said one banker.

“Now it is much more difficult. The market is already grappling with inflation and interest rates. Then there is the war in Ukraine, the Bank of England wanting to sell its corporate bond portfolio and the ECB’s asset purchase program coming to an end. This is the worst possible time for all of these things to happen together.

Central banks have kept interest rates close to, or in the case of the ECB, below zero percent since the 2008 financial crisis, with support rising when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Through its asset purchase programs, the ECB held 345 billion euros in corporate debt at the end of June, up from 195 billion euros at the start of the pandemic, often buying debt on the so-called market. primary on its first issue.

Companies have been gorging themselves on this opportunity to issue cheap debt, with $1.2 billion hitting the European market in 2021, according to Refinitiv data.

But now the ECB is pulling back, reinvesting maturing assets but not buying new debt. If enough private sector investors step up to buy a bond anyway, lured by hefty interest payments or the reliability of the issuer, the lack of ECB support doesn’t matter. But in difficult market conditions, or for more fragile borrowers, the ECB provided essential support.

“[The ECB] is the difference between success and failure” when an issue garners just enough investor support, said Will Weaver, head of debt capital markets for Europe at Citi. “In an amazing market,” the ECB’s withdrawal might add only a tiny bit to the company’s cost of borrowing. But “in a market like this, it’s [half a percentage point] or maybe the deal is not done”.

Companies in Europe have a history of exploiting low costs to borrow opportunistically, to raise funds for general purposes or to accelerate the purchase of new equipment. In favorable market conditions, banks are often able to reduce borrowing costs through the one to three day process of collecting orders from investors.

No longer. Johannes Laumann, chief investment officer of German holding company Mutares, backed out of issuing a 175 million euro bond in June after failing to attract investors with promises of regular interest payments of 7.5%.

“It was honestly one of the hardest raises I’ve ever done,” he said. “You face investors who actually buy your story. . . but they say they won’t invest at all yet or there are better opportunities [elsewhere].”

French car rental company Europcar also reached a bond deal on May 9, canceling plans to raise debt to bolster its vehicle fleet.

Company executives checked twice a day with bankers for the 150 million euro deal, but as investors demanded ever-higher interest payments, company directors ended the taken, according to a person familiar with the deal. Investor demands were simply beyond Europcar’s limits, according to this person, especially since the company “didn’t really need” access to the market.

The value of new corporate bonds coming to the global market fell 17% in the first half compared to 2021, according to data from Refinitiv. Riskier so-called high-yield issues fell 78% to their lowest level in the first half since 2009.

This slowdown is bad news for banks involved in fundraising. In high-yield transactions, banks guarantee corporate debt and then resell it to specialist investors. But banks can incur losses on these transactions if investors demand higher borrowing costs than expected.

A banker said conditions were “awful” for speculative debt. “Most bankers lose money in high yield issues. There is no cash,” he added. Several bankers said it had become a “buyers’ market”, allowing investors to be more selective and making life difficult for less traditional borrowers.

JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley recently acted as bookmakers on £1bn of debt issued to fund gaming company 888’s takeover of William Hill’s European operations. They offered the debt at a deep discount to investors and with a yield of 11.5% – well above the euro high yield benchmark of around 7% – and are still struggling to win over investors. buyers.

Even much higher yields than previous years may not be enough. “Not all double-digit returns are sustainable here,” said Alberto Gallo, chief investment officer at Andromeda Capital Management, which he co-founded this year in anticipation of stress in credit markets. “As investors, we need to understand which companies can live with higher interest rates.”

Line chart of Euro Corporate Index (total returns) showing European debt has come under intense pressure this year

The stress is also clear in the secondary market, after debt issuance. The amount of European debt traded at distressed levels – with prices so low that yields are more than 10 percentage points above their benchmark – more than doubled from late May to late June.

Some investors fear a wave of defaults is looming, but most analysts are more optimistic, pointing out that the rush to issues in recent years should swell corporate balance sheets for now. According to data from Fitch Ratings, only one of the debt securities trading at distressed levels in Europe is expected to mature in the next 12 months.

Yet many new debt issues will cost companies more than they are used to. “Higher prices reflect more normal conditions,” said Ed Eyerman, head of European leveraged finance at Fitch. “What was abnormal was the period from 2017 to 2021.” Rising benchmark interest rates and slowing earnings mean a resumption of ratings downgrades is likely, Fitch suggested.

Analysts at Moody’s, another ratings agency, warn that companies with low cash flow and high amounts of floating-rate debt, where interest payments rise in line with benchmark rates, may not have sufficient cash to repay or refinance their debt. Floating rate debt represents 18% of high yield bonds in Europe.

Column chart of European high yield debt maturity dates (in billions of euros) showing that the 2021 borrowing glut pushes back maturities

Some of the pain is concentrated on particular borrowers and sectors. Three of the seven European bonds classified as distressed by Fitch and due to mature before the end of 2024 come from the troubled German real estate company Adler or its subsidiaries, for example.

S&P Global has also identified sectors that have yet to recover from the pandemic — including real estate, consumer discretionary businesses and industrials — as the areas most vulnerable to a period of stagflation.

But as consumer confidence hits historic lows in the UK and hits new highs in the euro zone and the US, the outlook for credit markets is weakening. “There is very little that is protected against widespread consumer weakness,” said Sunita Kara, global co-head of high yield at Aviva Investors.

Several bankers said some companies were looking for new solutions – such as bank loans – rather than bonds, to take on debt. Companies would still need to borrow to invest, with the green transition requiring medium to long-term spending, said Guy Stear, head of fixed-income research at Societe Generale.

For issuers, the end of cheap money means that fear of missing out on good financial conditions in 2021 has given way to fear of making mistakes in a volatile market.

“Companies don’t want to take risks,” said one of the bankers. “If you’re a CFO or treasurer and you get board approval but then pull the bond, that doesn’t sound good for you or for the company.”

Family fun for equestrians starts this weekend in Tipperary!


Tipperary is a true jewel in the crown when it comes to equestrian experiences here in Ireland.

The country offers so much to see and do for the whole family, from horse riding and trekking experiences to museums and stud and yard tours plus three racecourses to choose from. There is something for every taste.

Family Festival Day at Tipperary Races takes place this Sunday 17th July, with plenty of free entertainment for the little ones, live music and a national chase card featuring seven races over jumps. What’s not to like?

Children under 13 take part in races free of charge accompanied by an adult and entry is €20 for adults and €15 for students and OAPs. Conveniently located next to Limerick Junction, a day at the races in Tipperary can even be combined with an exciting train ride and once you’re at the races all the family entertainment is free.

The Front Runners Kids Club is popular at racetracks nationwide. Kids learn all about racing, from the gear jockeys wear to how to choose colors for your horse as an owner, with dressing and coloring, it’s always a winner.

Ger’s Animal Farm offers a chance to view and pet the many animals on display and Art Attack, a superb arts and crafts station will be running throughout the day. A puppet show and a Magic Mike show will take place at regular intervals throughout the afternoon.

There is a children’s DJ, a Horse Racing Ireland junior activity program and the RACE simulator. The RACE simulator always attracts attention. Typically used by apprentice jockeys from the Racing Academy and Center of Education to practice and hone their riding style, at Tipperary races this Sunday you can hop on board to test your racing skills and get riding tips. professional trainers.

Why not extend your trip to the races in Tipperary with a stay at the nearby four-star Ballykisteen Hotel, which has a leisure centre, spa and 18-hole golf course. Alternatively, you could consider another four-star family option, the Minella Hotel, Clonmel, which offers three separate horse tourism packages and more. For example, a trip to Minella’s Lavally Farm, the famous nursery of recent Aintree Grand National winner Minella Times and Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Minella Indo.

Nearby, the magnificent walled town of Fethard is home to the famous Coolmore Stud and the exquisite Fethard Horse Country Experience, a must for any horse racing enthusiast where the team will guide you through the incredible history of thoroughbreds. The heritage towns of Cashel and Cahir are also a wonderful addition to any itinerary.

The Crossogue Equestrian Center is also a real treat offering a fun day out at an authentic working stud farm which has successfully bred and bred horses for steeplechase racing for decades. Located just outside Thurles, you can enjoy horse riding trails or pony treks around the picturesque farmhouse.

In the north of the county, there are so many choices; for example, Tipperary Mountain Trekking offers hikes suitable for all levels of experience. If the great outdoors and activities are your thing, visiting Lough Derg is a must. Named one of the top 20 holiday destinations in Ireland this week, Lough Derg will not disappoint.

With this period of good weather expected to remain in place, Family Day at Tipperary Races provides a great day and a perfect start to any trip for outdoor riding enthusiasts looking for something exciting to do this weekend. -end. To book race tickets online visit www.tipperaryraces.ie and for all tourist information such as where to stay, things to do and sample itineraries visit www.tipperary.com.


LCP highlights the link between the generosity of DB transfer values ​​and the volume of transfers

There is a clear link between the relative generosity of defined benefit (DB) pension plan transfer values ​​and the volume of transfers out, according to the LCP analysis.

He noted that this evidence could be important for plans considering a range of member options designed to benefit members while improving the plan’s funded position as part of its long-term funding strategy.

Since October 2018, the FCA has required financial advisers to measure the relative generosity of a DB transfer offer using a “transfer value comparator” (TVC), which is a comparison between the transfer value quoted and the cost of purchasing replacement benefits with the transferred funds.

LCP conducted an initial analysis of CTVs on approximately 200 diets, which was published in 2018, and included findings such as a large variation between diets in the CTVs they offer, which, in general, reflects the changes in cost for benefit delivery plans In question.

The initial analysis also revealed that TVC ratios tend to be much higher for people at retirement age than for those 10 years away from retirement age.

He noted that, all things being equal, a given member’s transfer value tends to increase the closer they get to retirement, because the scheme assumes that the investment used to support the promise of pension will produce a return on investment and that there is less time for this return to be made as the member ages.

The latest published LCP study confirmed these findings, as “there are a number of plans that provide transfer values ​​more than double that of other plans for members who are not yet retired.”

The report also found that there is less movement in the CTVs for retirees, as the composition of the underlying investments has changed less since 2018 and that, for members 10 years from retirement, the average CTVs are improved by around 11% since 2018.

A correlation between higher TVCs and higher take-up rates for transfers was highlighted in the report.

Based on plans administered by LCP, plans with top quartile CTVs saw 24% of accepted transfer value ratings, compared to only 14% in the bottom quartile of plans ranked by CTV generosity.

LCP Partner Clive Harrison commented: “In recent years, many defined benefit pension plans have de-risked their investment strategy, resulting in an upward drift in generosity of transfer values ​​offered to members. But the underlying investments still vary widely, resulting in a huge variation in how much different plans can offer for the same retirement benefit.

“We also find that schemes that offer more generous transfer terms can see a significantly higher level of transfer activity. In many cases, more generous transfers will further improve overall scheme funding and this is a factor. administrators will want to consider when considering the transfer values ​​they offer.”

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Accounting Best Practices


We all have our list of favorite restaurants that we like to visit. It’s not just the food, but the ambience, ambience, staff, cutlery and other factors that make us love the place. You may have heard of so many new restaurants opening and then closing due to bankruptcy.

In the end, it all comes down to good bookkeeping. Efficient and proper restaurant bookkeeping will add value and ensure its smooth operation.

If you are new to this, then the practices mentioned below will help you maintain and run the catering business well. It’s not just about managing the restaurant, chefs, servers, tables and inventory. These are numbers.

understand the language

If you operate a restaurant, it is important that you understand the basic principles of accounting.

This will help you master your restaurant accounting and help you take the right steps. As a restaurant owner, you need to know words like debit, credit, balance sheet, cash flow, and other forms and vocabulary. This will help you understand bookkeeping better and also let you know if the accountant or accountant is doing the job properly.

Accuracy Matters

Sort of in the principle of restaurant accounting is that you should never round numbers. Even a small difference in rupees can have an impact on your entire balance sheet and accounting result. You should take note of the exact of each rupee, which will eventually help you to assess your profits and expenses.

Cash data

The cash flow projection formula will give you an overview of revenue. The formula is total income – total expenses = projected cash flow.

Whether you are a new or returning restaurant owner, you need to be aware of cash flow projections as they help shape the business. In fact, it makes financial planning easier and gives you a complete picture of the budget.


Whether borrowing a small sum to run the business efficiently or borrowing a large sum of money, restaurant accounting can be tricky. You should list both short-term and long-term goals so that the loan you take out helps you achieve them. You will need a qualified and licensed accountant to guide you, otherwise you risk incurring losses or even closing your business due to bankruptcy. But above all else, you’ll need financial statements to apply for a loan, and that’s where restaurant accounting will help.


You need to master the art of payroll management when it comes to restaurant accounting. It’s not just about paying employees; it’s about paying suppliers, accounting for unforeseen expenses, and so on. Classifying employees by salary will help streamline the process. Many restaurants outsource this to a third party because it involves way too many calculations, including time off, overtime, and the like.

Accurate records

Keeping accurate and correct records is paramount. Technical data sheets must be updated and placed in the correct folder so that they can be consulted whenever necessary. Financial records need to be updated as audits occur, and if the numbers don’t match, there can be legal hassles. For financial clarity, cash flow, inventory, and other expenses should be explicitly listed.

pay tax

As a restaurant owner, you should have a conversation with your accounting team and be aware of all taxes that need to be paid quarterly and annually. Laws vary from state to state and you should make sure your accountant is aware of them.

Financial planning

Restaurant owners want to make money from the business, which will happen if you follow good restaurant accounting practices. After all, accountants are great with numbers. Apart from profit and loss, they can even help you reduce operational costs and maximize profits. You need to talk to your accountant; it will help you save and even plan for your retirement.

Wrap it!!!

Restaurant owners should never think that hiring an accountant is unnecessary. For efficient restaurant accounting, hiring a professional accountant is a must. If it was so easy, many restaurants would not have closed due to financial difficulties. You should hire an expert accountant who is not only good with numbers, but well versed in restaurant accounting practices as this will help your business thrive.

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Thames Valley Wine School launched for beginners and enthusiasts


A local wine enthusiast is set to open the brand new Thames Valley Wine School for beginners and enthusiasts.

Alex Stevenson, who has spent the past 20 years in the hospitality and beverage industry, recently moved from London where he completed a WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) degree.

The WSET Certified Educator is looking forward to launching his first event in Reading and then branching out further to Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead.

Thames Valley Wine School is part of the growing Local Wine School family.

Alex said: “I have always been impressed with the local wine school as they were a competitor of mine and so I approached them about setting up a school in the area.

“I am excited to launch my first class in September and build the school to not only provide wine classes and education, but also to provide beer and spirits education.

“With Thames Valley Wine School, I will provide a fun, friendly and informal environment to help locals better understand their wine.”

Events taking place throughout Berkshire are said to allow people to experience some fantastic wines.

This will improve confidence when buying in stores and restaurants and will allow.

Sessions include food and wine pairing experiments with new discoveries from around the world.

So far there are 27 independent wine school franchises similar to this Thames Valley branch across the UK, offering a wide range of events.

The various courses will include evening introductory sessions to eight-week courses aimed at beginners and more experienced wine connoisseurs. Alex plans to start offering more specialty courses.

Chris Powell, owner of Local Wine School, said: “We are delighted to welcome Alex as the new franchisee for Thames Valley.

“His experience and knowledge make him an ideal candidate to lead wine courses and classes and we look forward to seeing the business grow.”

Entertainment will include the tasting of three whites and three reds where guests can learn about some of the major grape varieties, key winemaking techniques and which countries are best suited for wine production.

The first event is set to take place at The Corn Stores in Reading on Tuesday September 6, after which it will expand to Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead in the following months.

BSPS entrusts LGIM with the management of its assets

The administrator of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) has announced that Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) will be appointed to manage the combined assets of the BSPS Defined Benefit (DB) scheme.

LGIM and the trustee have a tentative agreement in place, with several employees of the plan’s internal investment manager who will transfer to LGIM to support the transition, which is expected to begin in the last quarter of 2022.

BSPS has approximately 69,175 members and £9.9 billion in assets, and is administered by BS Pension Fund Trustee Limited, a trust company set up for this purpose.

BSPS Chairman and Independent Trustee Keith Greenfield said he was very pleased to announce the deal, noting that Legal & General, LGIM and LGRI already manage and insure just under 40% of the scheme’s assets.

“Leveraging the scale and expertise of LGIM will address a number of cost and operational risk issues and support our strategy to secure full liability with one or more insurers, and be able to ‘make additional payments to members under the agreement made when the scheme was set up,’ he continued.

“The Administrator would like to take this opportunity to thank his past and present colleagues on the scheme’s internal investment team for their significant contribution to the old and new British Steel pension schemes over a period of several years.

“I hope a number of our colleagues will continue their careers and program involvement with LGIM in the future.”

LGIM Managing Director Michelle Scrimgeour added, “We are delighted to support BSPS directors and members on their journey to secure liabilities.

“Like many DB schemes, BSPS has seen its level of funding relative to the cost of securing commitments with an insurer improve significantly in recent months.

“Our role will be to manage investments while closely matching insurer pricing and in doing so we will leverage all the resources of the L&G Group.”

What does ‘Lush’ mean in wine?


While some hear the word lush and immediately think of one of the greatest shoegaze bands of all time, and others may associate it with someone who drinks too much, the term takes on a whole new meaning when it’s about wine.

Lush “describes a wine that is juicyplump and rich, but also deep,” says Kari Brant, vice president and general manager of wholesale at wine importer and distributor Frederick Wildman & Sons. “‘Luxurious’ wines are not necessarily unbalanced but often lead with their opulence and ripe fruit.”

A lush wine is usually fruity and full-bodied with a velvety texture, the opposite of a austere bottle.

Lush wine can be a bit polarizing. “I don’t often enjoy wines that I would call lush,” says Brant. “I look for wines that demonstrate precision, finesse, elegance and freshness.

Wine sellers sometimes avoid the term because of its potential negative connotations.

Kilolo Strobert, the owner of Fermented Grapes in Brooklyn, avoids the term altogether when describing wine and instead opts for words like supple or silky.

“I like to use ‘supple’ the most as an almost exact replacement for ‘lush’ when trying to describe how different wines feel on the palate,” she says. “And I use ‘silky’ to describe an extremely pleasant wine texture or a fantastic mouthfeel.”

In the wine business, “the term is a bit of a taboo,” says Brandt, because buyers tend to prefer focused, fresh wines with balanced fruit and high acidity.

If you’re looking to try a lush wine, you might want to pair it with grilled or aged meat. A lush wine also pairs well with honey or herb-infused goat cheese.

Some lush wines include some Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, as well as Super Tuscans like Campo di Sasso Insoglio Cinghiale, a wine that Kilolo has loved for years and carries in her shop, although she would rather call it “supple” than “lush.”

Posted on July 12, 2022

Sanctuary Wealth Accelerates M&A Activity with 2 Additional Transactions

Sanctuary Wealth continued to grow its platform last week with two strategic investments, one of which will strengthen the advisory platform’s retirement plan offerings and another that will add $150 million in assets under management in the South – east of the country.

Earlier in the week, Sanctuary announced that it had taken a $3 billion minority stake in GoalPath Solutions, a retirement plan consultant in Overland Park, Kan., that provides pension management services and technology. investment, financial planning and financial wellness education to sponsors and participants of workplace pension plans.

According to Sanctuary’s director of growth, Michael Longley, the investment is aimed at increasing the capabilities of all of Sanctuary’s partner companies.

Noting that GoalPath has been certified by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence, he said that while many advisors offer retirement planning for individuals, few companies on the Sanctuary platform specialize in government-sponsored retirement plans. ’employer.

“Their specialty is not a specialty that your traditional financial adviser who works with individuals rather than businesses would necessarily possess,” Longley said, “So by investing in this business, Sanctuary has essentially increased its capabilities in this regarding the types of services, as well as expertise, that can be offered to partner companies.The financial advisors we work with can, in turn, offer it to their clients.

In addition to investment management, planning and education services, GoalPath helps independent advisors scale their pension business by providing access to systems, processes, sales tools, investment solutions and a range of other back-office products and services.

“Our primary goal is to help advisors deliver more value while supporting the fiduciary role that weighs on most employers,” said Marko Ungashick, co-founder and CEO of GoalPath. “Ultimately, however, our ultimate goal is to help more employees achieve long-term retirement success.”

“We look forward to bringing our retirement skills to our partners in the Sanctuary Network to help them grow their retirement businesses, as we do for many advisors with GoalPath Solutions,” said Vern, co-founder and CIO of GoalPath. Cookingbery.

Separately, Sanctuary also announced last week the acquisition of Marriott Wealth Advisors in Hot Springs Village, Ark., which will become a division of Sanctuary’s partner firm mFORCE Capital in Fort Worth, Texas. Marriott, an independent retirement planning firm, was founded in 2010 by Joseph Marriott, a 30-year veteran of the financial services industry, who will be joined by two team members.

According to Longley, the opportunity to resolve succession issues, providing long-term stability and room for growth, was the primary motivation behind Marriott’s decision to sell his practice.

“Joe Marriott wanted a succession plan that would ensure his customers continued to receive the care and attention he and his team provided for so many years, and mFORCE Capital was looking for additional opportunities in a new market,” said Longly. “The two teams were highly compatible, and we were able to help them come together in a way that allows each team to achieve their own goals.”

“We both come from a cabling company and share a ‘customer first and always do the right thing’ attitude. It just felt natural,” said mForce Founder and CEO Brad Bruce. . “And on top of that, as an Arkansan native, I’ve always wanted to have a footprint in the state. Along with mFORCE COO Joana Horton, I will be working to bring Marriott Wealth Advisors into the Sanctuary Network and I will do everything we can to help them be even more successful.”

The acquisition will bring an additional $150 million in assets under management under the Sanctuary umbrella, which has grown to around $25 billion in client assets since its inception just four years ago.

“We are at a major inflection point for the wealth management industry, as the founders of many advisory firms pursue exit strategies and others seek support to focus their time on client service and accelerate growth,” said Sanctuary Founder and CEO Jim Dickson. “This presents huge opportunities for companies like Sanctuary that have the knowledge, expertise and capital to be the partner of choice.”

“With our investment in GoalPath Solutions,” he continued, “we are adding an exceptional partner to the network. This allows us to provide our partners with best-in-class resources to help them better serve business owner customers and improve their retirement business. »

Since its inception as a destination for independent advisors in 2018, Sanctuary has pursued an aggressive M&A strategy, adding six teams so far in 2022. The rapidly growing network of partner firms now spans 20 states.

The Sanctuary Wealth Group includes wholly-owned subsidiaries Sanctuary Advisors, registered investment adviser and broker/dealer Sanctuary Securities, as well as Sanctuary Asset Management, Sanctuary Insurance Solutions, Sanctuary Global and Sanctuary Global Tax and Family Office.

Rogers outage, Paletta FCA tax case and other Canadian accounting news


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TORONTO, July 10, 2022 – The big event of the week was the Rogers Communications outage which disrupted internet connections for hundreds of thousands of Canadians, businesses and services including accountants and law firms accountants, and even the payment of property taxes. Coming so soon after Rogers’ messy takeover of Shaw Communications, this second service outage in 15 months promises to be very bad for Rogers, as well as for Canadian Internet security as a whole.

York University professor Richard Leblanc, a governance expert and contributor to Canadian Accountant, told The Canadian Press that “the outage presents a learning opportunity for threat actors such as government-sponsored hackers. ‘Russian State’. Rogers blamed the outage on a “maintenance upgrade”, although many online commenters expressed skepticism. And now, on to the rest of last week’s news in Canadian accounting.

The loss of the court of Paletta will cost a pretty penny. Will the case go all the way to the Supreme Court?

The wealthy Paletta family of Burlington, Ontario are no strangers to tax disputes. The Tax Court of Canada ruled their Hollywood investment strategy a hoax in 2019. Now, a recent Federal Court of Appeal ruling could end up costing them a pretty penny, unless they don’t. choose to challenge the decision all the way to the Supreme Court. from Canada.

The case involves a currency exchange system which, as we reported in 2020, was also used by former members of the Toronto Maple Leafs. While David Rotfleisch provides an analysis of the case in Canadian Accountant, we have taken a look at some of its more curious aspects. For example, the Paletta Estate initially won the case in Tax Court before Judge David E. Spiro, which was the subject of a controversial incident involving the University of Toronto.

Spiro ruled that currency trading activities give rise to a business. Incidentally, among the precedents cited in the case was Friedberg v. Canada, 1993, an appeal of a FCA decision in which one of the lawyers involved was David E. Spiro.

The unanimous decision in the Paletta case is particularly harsh: “the reasons of the Tax Court…are not only incorrect, they are implausible” and “the Crown has succeeded in demonstrating that Mr. Paletta demonstrated gross negligence by presenting its business losses as business losses even when they were not. The FCA essentially ruled that the entire scheme was intended to create tax losses, not “the pursuit of profit”.

With millions of dollars at stake, will the case go to the Supreme Court? The tax community, which celebrated the original Tax Court decision, appears dismayed by the FCA’s “surprising result”. For the media, however, the Paletta tax cases are the gift that keeps on giving.

Go east, young accountant

Mylène Lapierre, president and CEO of CPA New Brunswick, caught the media’s attention this week with a report on the contribution of the accountancy profession to the provincial economy. She took the opportunity to showcase the province as an attractive location for accountants – especially young accountants and internationally trained individuals – as the current workforce nears retirement.

Accounting firms look to the post-pandemic world

Business in Vancouver, the business publication published by Glacier Media, recently spoke to several accounting firms about working in the post-pandemic world. Among the issues discussed were hybrid working models and legislation around disconnecting email after hours. Among the revelations, companies are cutting their travel budgets as they learned during the pandemic that work can be done competently via video conferencing.

RCAF bonanza baffles residents of Prince Edward Island

Anne of Green Gables would kick up her heels. But residents of Prince Edward Island were just troubled this week by a boon from the Canada Revenue Agency, which combined a whole bunch of tax refunds into one check and all labeled as “Prince Edward Island sales tax credit”. According to the CBC, the people of the Maritimes were not impressed and had to investigate to find out why they had been so lucky.

Quick shots

CRA loses fight with construction foreman over driving-to-work expenses (Financial Post)
NDP calls for action to ensure the rich and powerful pay their fair share (NDP.ca)
CEOs of Canada’s largest companies saw their salaries increase by 23% in 2021 (Globe and Mail)
Edmonton realtors push back on idea of ​​councilor mansion tax (CBC)
Will the second pillar block the real estate bearings of multinationals? — Part 1 (Bloomberg tax)
Why the US dollar will be replaced as the dominant global currency — sooner than you think (Toronto Star)
The stock market plunges. What should you do to protect your investments? (Toronto Star)
Former Wirecard accountant admits falsifying documents for KPMG special audit (Financial Times)
EY fuels accounting credential inflation by calling senior executives a ‘partner’ (Financial Times)

By Canadian accounting staff.

The Recorder – Gardening enthusiasts visit their ‘happy places’ with biennial Greenfield Tour


Posted: 7/10/2022 1:31:58 PM

Modified: 07/10/2022 1:31:42 PM

GREENFIELD — Residents and outsiders flocked to home gardens designated by a wooden daisy on Saturday.

Visitors attended a tour organized by the Greenfield Garden Club. For a ticket price of $10, each attendee took a self-guided tour of neighborhood gardens, giving them the chance to see hidden private spots in Greenfield they didn’t know about.

“We all walked and drove past these houses, but we were unaware of the urban oasis there,” commented Pamela McBride, a member of the Greenfield Garden Club.

The visit to the gardens has been taking place for 25 years. In recent years, due to the pandemic causing residents to seek more outdoor activities, the event has grown significantly. In 2020, volunteers had to run to a photocopier twice during the tour to make more copies of the map for attendees. During the first two hours of Saturday’s event, more than 100 people had already registered.

“The gardens are my happy place,” said Linda Tyler, a member of the Greenfield Garden Club, when asked why she attends.

Tyler is not alone.

“People are so happy to be outside with flowers and community during all of this,” said Garden Club member and garden host Marsha Stone. “This program is an excellent public service. It gives people ideas and distractions,”

Garden host John Crowe agreed with Stone’s sentiment. Crowe explained that he was not interested in receiving attention for his garden, but felt he needed to share the teachings of gardeners who came before him.

“I just wanted to be a good citizen,” he said.

Crowe told anyone interested about his unusual gardening methods. He uses a “no dig” method, where he places a tarp over his grass to prepare the ground for planting flowers for the next season.

None of the gardeners suggested that their gardens be stops on the tour. Instead, members of the Greenfield Garden Club strolled around town and picked out their favorite gardens. They then knocked on doors and invited people to show their work to the community.

“A lot of people were interested, but not everyone,” club member Eva Carrier said.

Along with this garden tour, the club offers monthly programs, which can be found on the group’s website, thegreenfieldgardenclub.org

“I learned so much today from others,” Crowe said. He explained that the participants had asked him questions, advice and requests for seed exchange.

“I joined the group because I didn’t know gardening,” Carrier explained. “I learned so much about gardening and made lots of new friends.”

Contact Bella Levavi at 413-930-4579 or [email protected]

IDBI SO Recruitment 2022 latest date to apply today for 226 SO Posts on idibank.in direct link


IDBI SO Recruitment 2022 last date to apply today

Photo: iStock

Industrial Development Bank of India, IDBI SO Recruitment 2022 ends today. Candidates interested in applying for the vacancies can submit their application on the official website – idbibank.in.

A total of 226 vacancies are available for the position of Specialist Officer, SO at IDBI Banks nationwide. In accordance with the official notification issued, the positions of Director, Deputy Director and Deputy Director are open in the areas of infrastructure management, premises and security, administration, fraud risk management, digital banking and emerging payments, finance and accounting, information technology and GIS. , legal, risk management and treasury.

IDBI SO Recruitment 2022 – Direct Link to Apply.
IDBI Bank recruitment started on June 25, 2022 and will end today, July 10, 2022. Applicants can refer to the process below for how to apply for the vacancies.

IDBI SO Recruitment 2022 – How to Apply

  1. Visit the official website – idbibank.com
  2. On the home page, click on the ‘Careers’ tab
  3. A new page will open, click on the “Apply Online” link given under Specialist Officer Recruitment
  4. Complete your application form, upload all documents
  5. Pay the application fee, if applicable, and submit the form
  6. Download and print for future references.

Applicants should note that the last date to complete the form as well as the last date to make changes in the application form for registered applicants is today, July 10, 2022. Applicants would be allowed to print their forms . until July 25, 2022.

Applicants should ensure that they have completed their degree before applying for the IDBI SO Recruitment 2022. The detailed degree and age limit are mentioned in the official notification issued by the bank.

Applicants would be notified of the location, time and date of the selection process through an official notification on the official website or through an admission card or appeal letter.

Aduro expands and modernizes the laboratory

SARNIA, Ontario, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. (“Aduro” or the “Company”) (CSE: LAW) ( ACTHF) (ESF: 9D50), a Canadian developer of patented water-based technologies to chemically recycle plastics and transform heavy, renewable crude oils into new-age resources and higher-value fuels, announces the expansion of its laboratory facilities to accelerate its research and scaling capabilities and to increase its ability to host trials and demonstrations with potential customers.

The expanded lab is located in the Newbold Business Park in London, Ontario. The multi-tenant complex is zoned light industrial. The 4,371 feet2 The facility will house renovated offices, modern laboratory space, new additional analytical equipment and will house the Hydrochemolytic™ (“R2 Plastics”) continuous-flow plastics upgrading reactor.

The Company is committed Rally Engineering Inc. and Endri Poletti Architect Inc. to facilitate needs assessment, space design and planning, engineering, site permitting, project management and construction administration of the new facility. This new facility will more than double the size of Aduro’s research footprint and is expected to be completed in late summer 2022.

The new space will be dedicated to:

  • Operate long term tests on a variety of raw materials.
  • Analyze and optimize collection product flows.
  • Hosting customer trials and demonstrations; and
  • Core research and development of Hydrochemolytic™ technology to further expand patent portfolio

In line with the company’s strategy for early-stage customer engagement through the established customer test program, the facility will begin serving customers following configuration, testing and commissioning of the R2 Plastics reactor. expected early in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“The new lab will strengthen our ability to accelerate our technology development and support our customer engagement program,” said Ofer Vicus, President and CEO of Aduro. and changing market needs and provides the opportunity to create a pipeline for future business projects and engagements.

The Company also announces that it has entered into an investor relations agreement with Investment Publishing LLC to provide financial advisory and investor relations services. The consulting agreement provides for fees of CA$8,000 per month. The duration of the services begins on June 30, 2022 and will continue on a monthly basis for a period of 12 months. Either party may terminate the Agreement upon 30 days written notice. The director of Investment Publishing LLC was previously granted 150,000 stock options in the company under an advisory agreement for his consulting services, which was announced by the company on June 20, 2022 Options vest monthly in equal installments over 12 months.

About Aduro Clean Technologies

Aduro Clean Technologies is a developer of patented water-based technologies to chemically recycle plastic waste; convert heavy crude and bitumen into lighter, more valuable oil; and turn renewable oils into more valuable fuels or renewable chemicals. The company’s Hydrochemolytic™ technology activates the unique properties of water in a chemical platform that operates at relatively low temperatures and costs, a revolutionary approach that converts low-value raw materials into 21st century resources. With funding and support from Bioindustrial Innovation Canadathe company has developed a pre-pilot reactor system to turn heavy oil into lighter oil.

For more information, please contact:

Ofer Vicus, CEO
[email protected]

Abe Dyck, Investor Relations
[email protected]
+1 604-362-7011

Investor Cubed Inc.
Neil Simon, CEO
[email protected]
+ 1 647 258 3310

Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. All statements, other than statements of historical fact that address activities, events or developments that the Company believes, expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future, are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements reflect management’s current expectations based on currently available information and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Although the Company believes that the assumptions inherent in forward-looking statements are reasonable, forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and, accordingly, undue reliance should not be placed on such statements due to their inherent uncertainty. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the Company’s expectations include adverse market conditions and other factors beyond the control of the parties. The Company expressly disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable law.

CSE has not reviewed, approved or disapproved of the contents of this press release.

A photo accompanying this ad is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/857a03a4-b524-4df5-acc9-64e41db28f61


HD Davis, a white glove to cut the ribbon in a new office Business Journal Daily


LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio – The HD Davis CPAs and White Glove Payroll teams announced this week the move to their new office on Belmont Avenue.

Billed as an expansion of services as much as a physical location, the grand opening will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting at 4 p.m. Thursday, July 28.

“I am extremely proud of our new space,” says Tim Petrey, Managing Partner. “This was the culmination of many years of research, planning and a ton of hard work by many people and companies. 100% of our suppliers for the project were either our customers or small local businesses. This space represents something even bigger than our company and I am extremely excited and proud to be able to unveil it to the touring community.

Located around the corner from where the company was founded on Churchill Hubbard Road, the new space attempts to incorporate the company’s core values ​​and brand in a meaningful way.

According to the announcement, HD Davis CPAs and White Glove Payroll hope employees, customers, partners and everyone else who walks into the new office will see and feel who they are as a company – a company that has remained committed in Liberty Township, creating dream jobs for its employees, helping local businesses thrive, and rebuilding the Youngstown community as a place of prosperity.

Pictured: Top row, left to right: Bradley Linton, Staff Accountant; Alyssa Gray, staff accountant; Bryana Pecchia, Billing Specialist; Kristin Oliver, senior tax accountant; Alex McNally, Manager; Meredith Gruelle, HRD; Tim Petrey, Managing Partner; Trisha Harding, Senior Accounting Systems Administrator; Melissa Libert, Senior Tax Manager; Ken McBride, Director of CFO Services; Landon Glinn, junior accountant; Will Rauber, Chief Financial Officer; Jocelyn Tabus, Senior Supervisor.

BBottom row: CJ Hilbert, staff accountant; Erin Sturrus, Director of Tax Services; William Reph, Accounting Trainee; and Megan Jones, Marketing and Events Coordinator

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.

Blade enthusiast takes advantage of the public interest



HIS fascination with blades has become a new source of income for Abd Gahaffar Awang, Kosmo! reported.

The 55-year-old Johorean bought a cleaver from a blacksmith in Perak during the movement control order in early 2020.

“I bought the cleaver for RM500 and uploaded a picture of it on social media, and some people expressed interest in buying it from me.

“From there, I bought more in the hope of reselling them.

“I would also occasionally buy blades without supports, with the supports then being specially ordered from manufacturers in Ulu Tiram, Johor,” he said.

Abd Gahaffar, who quit his job in 2006, said he also tried various other ventures to earn income before becoming a motivational speaker in 2010.

“The MCO, however, stopped all physical programs, which forced me and my colleagues to find other ways to earn a living,” he added.

He said apart from cleavers, he also bought machetes and axes which would be resold through social media, adding that he was able to sell at least five to six items a month.

Currently, he has between 150 and 200 blades worth between RM100 and RM800 each.

> The daily also reported that actor and entrepreneur Aeril Zafrel has refuted criticism that he flaunted an excessively wealthy and quiet lifestyle on social media.

This follows a recent incident in which Aeril posted a video that went viral, showing him paying for a steak costing RM10,000 at Salt Bae restaurant in London, England.

“A steak that costs RM5,289.07 (£1,000) in the UK is actually normal for locals. In fact, it’s our low exchange rates that make it seem extravagant,” he claimed.

He added that the hefty bill of RM10,000 also included hidden charges, resulting from the owner Nusret Gokce, popularly known as Salt Bae, making his salt nuggets and cutting the meat for Aeril’s table. .

“I expected the price of our meal to be between RM7,000 and RM8,000, but I was surprised when it was over RM10,000.

“To be honest, it’s not easy to dine at this restaurant either. It would be an even bigger mess if I passed up the chance to meet Salt Bae face to face,” he said.

The actor also said that he wouldn’t hesitate to dine at this restaurant again whenever he travels abroad in the future, adding that his recent trip to Europe should also not be looked down upon. close because it had been more than two years since his last trip abroad.

● The above article is compiled from vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies). Thus, the stories are grouped according to the respective language/media. When a paragraph begins with this sign ‘>’, it designates a distinct short story.

Anne Simpson, Global Head of Sustainability at Franklin Templeton, Recognized as an NACD Directorship 100™ Winner


Published 7 hours ago

Proposed by Franklin Templeton

July 8, 2022 /CSRwire/ — The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) has announced the 2022 NACD Leadership 100™ — the most influential peer-nominated leaders in the board and corporate governance community. Included among this year’s esteemed winners is Anne Simpson, Global Head of Sustainability at Franklin Templeton. This is Ms. Simpson’s 12th consecutive year on the NACD list.

Franklin Templeton President and CEO Jenny Johnson notes, “We are very fortunate to have someone of Anne’s caliber leading our global stewardship and sustainability efforts. We recognize that an organization of our stature can have a major impact on sustainability issues, and Anne has been a very important and prominent voice in advancing efforts in this critically important area.

Ms. Simpson provides Franklin Templeton with overall strategic direction on environmental, social and governance (ESG) management, sustainability and investment strategy globally. Previously, she served as Managing Director of Governance and Sustainability Investments for the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) Board of Directors; she led the development and execution of CalPERS’ award-winning sustainable investing strategy across a $500 billion global portfolio.

Prior to joining CalPERS, Ms. Simpson was a lecturer and fellow at the Yale School of Management, head of the Global Corporate Governance Forum at the World Bank, executive director of the International Corporate Governance Network, and co-CEO of Pensions and Investment. Research Consultants (PIRC) Ltd.

Ms. Simpson also brings international regulatory and policy experience. She has served on the Investor Advisory Committee of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Investor Advisory Group of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, and the International Financial Reporting Standards Advisory Board. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Official Forum of Monetary Financial Institutions, a member of the Board of Directors of Ceres, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

Ms. Simpson was recently appointed as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Oxford by the Chancellor and teaches at the University of California, Berkeley Haas Business School as a Lecturer in Sustainable and Impact Finance.

Now in its 16th year, the NACD Directorship 100 Awards recognize top directors and governance professionals nominated by their peers. Winners are assessed in four key categories: Integrity, Mature Trust, Sound Judgment and High Performance Standards. A selection committee reviewed the nominees’ track record of improving board performance and conducting corporate governance practices in accordance with established NACD principles. The principles provide a framework that encourages excellence in areas such as risk oversight, business strategy, compensation and transparency.

“The NACD Directorship 100 continues to honor those who have demonstrated exemplary board leadership and innovation in corporate governance,” said Peter R. Gleason, President and CEO of NACD. “We pay tribute to the forward-thinking spirit of these individuals and their ability to lead their boards and their organizations to current and future success.

The full list of 2022 NACD 100 Directors is available at https://directorship100.nacdonline.org/honorees/2022.

The winners were recognized at the NACD Directorship 100 Gala, a black-tie event held on June 22 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City. To learn more about the NACD Directorship 100 Gala, please visit the Directorship 100 Gala and Sponsorship site.

About the NCD
For more than 40 years, NACD has been at the forefront of corporate governance, setting standards of excellence that have elevated board performance. NACD provides today’s directors with ideas and education that advance their mission, while preparing a new generation of board leaders to meet the greatest challenges of tomorrow. NACD is a community of more than 23,000 directors driven by a common goal: to be trusted catalysts of economic opportunity and positive change, in companies and in the communities they serve. To learn more about NACD, visit nacdonline.org.

About Franklin Templeton
Franklin Resources, Inc. [NYSE:BEN] is a global investment management organization with subsidiaries operating as Franklin Templeton and serving clients in more than 155 countries. Franklin Templeton’s mission is to help clients achieve better results through expertise in investment management, wealth management and technology solutions. Through its specialist investment managers, the firm offers boutique specialization on a global scale, bringing extensive capabilities across fixed income, equities, alternatives and multi-asset solutions. With offices in more than 30 countries and approximately 1,300 investment professionals, the California-based firm has 75 years of investment experience and approximately $1.45 trillion in assets under management as of May 31, 2022. For more information, please visit www.franklintempleton.com.

Franklin Templeton Logo

Franklin Templeton

Cybersecurity Is Still At The Frontline Of Geopolitics


By Christopher Gannatti, CFA

We recently hosted an office hours webinar on Disruptive Growth Megatrends. During the audience polling, ‘geopolitics’ was a big topic in focus. In looking at the global investment flows to different megatrend investment vehicles, cybersecurity was also a huge topic.1

However, for all the focus that people are putting on cybersecurity, the share price performance of the companies hasn’t been great.

As we look at the picture and landscape, we note:

  1. A lot of attention turned to cybersecurity as a result of the Russia/Ukraine crisis. Microsoft (MSFT) published a report recently summarizing some of the very real attack efforts being made by Russia against both Ukraine and other NATO members.2
  2. The way in which cybersecurity is done has been evolving, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for many people to access all sorts of data from anywhere. Many of the companies providing these innovative solutions are newer, possibly only having entered public markets quite recently. As they seek to achieve scale, they may have revenues, but they may not yet have positive free cash flows or earnings.
  3. The macroeconomic backdrop functions independently of any specific cybersecurity concerns—to put it simply, inflation is high and central banks are undertaking policies to combat it. A side-effect is that newer companies that don’t yet have positive earnings have been punished with negative share price performance and lower valuations. The first half of 2022 has seen this approach using a very broad brush, so it is our view that at a certain point it will again be appreciated that a company providing cybersecurity solutions should be treated differently than one providing a more discretionary service.

Here, we can take a look at some of these different factors in turn.

Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Report on the Ukraine Conflict So Far

One notable factor, that would not have been the case in any prior conflict, is that Ukraine was able to get much of its most critical systems and data into the cloud. Microsoft noted the provision of services valued at $107 million (provided to Ukraine’s government at no charge) to help with this cloud transition. The result is there isn’t a physical ‘on-prem’ data infrastructure that Russia can target and destroy.3

Russia is waging cyberattacks across multiple fronts and operational units4:

  • GRU (the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation): The GRU is involved in trying to steal data with phishing attacks through its STRONTIUM operation. Its IRIDIUM operation showcases some of the types of malware that are aiming for data destruction. DEV-0586 also is involved in data destruction and influence operations.
  • SVR (the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation): The NOBELIUM operation has been spread across both Ukrainian and NATO member diplomatic targets.
  • FSB (the Federal Security Service in Russia): The FSB’s ACTINIUM, BROMINE and KRYPTON operations are primarily involved in phishing attempts and further data theft.

The report also notes that Russia has been very adaptive in its cyberattacks, combining them with physical attacks against specific targets, for example. Good words to describe the efforts so far could be “strategic” and “deliberate.” To date, there haven’t been any attacks using ‘wormable’ malware like the 2017 NotPetya attack, in which the malware could jump from one computer network to another. The attacks appear to be designed to stay inside Ukraine.

The report also details 128 Russian network penetration and cyber espionage operations outside Ukraine. Roughly half of these targeted government agencies, but notably, the success rate was only 29%. One must remember that cybersecurity attacks can be a numbers game, but it is interesting that while the world is now fully focused on this, they are able to mount at least a somewhat effective defense—at least so far.

Let’s Look at CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike (CRWD) is a company well positioned for the current cybersecurity environment, helping with cloud security and endpoint protection. In its most recent quarterly results, CrowdStrike actually raised its full-year guidance. Like many other security providers, CrowdStrike indicated that they have not seen any overt evidence that customers are going to be cutting back on their security spending. When articles are written and analyst coverage is relayed, it is generally very positive and focused on a strong long-term story for CrowdStrike.5

So where is the disconnect coming from—specifically with such difficult 2022 share price performance? While we probably cannot know with certainty why a stock trades the way it does, we can see that CrowdStrike has tended to have a very high valuation relative to earnings or revenues. Maybe the long-term growth story can support this, but in the current macro environment, having exposure to such a high multiple company may lead to near-term volatility regardless of the product or service being provided.

Conclusion: SaaS Companies Should Trade based on the Problem They Solve

It’s amazing how competitive the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space can be. Think of Shopify (SHOP) — a great business. Their reward, at least one of them, for being a great e-commerce platform is getting to compete with Amazon (AMZN) Prime. Think of Zoom (ZM) — a household name. Now, they get to compete against Microsoft Teams, quite a tall order. It’s great that these upstarts can keep some of the largest companies in the world on their toes, consistently improving their product offerings.

However, cybersecurity, in our view, is a bit different from other SaaS businesses. While the specific companies that people can work with differ, every business and really every person needs to have some sort of cybersecurity strategy to protect their data and their other digital efforts. Additionally, the space is constantly evolving, whether due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia/Ukraine crisis or other factors. We believe that in a way, you need to be focused on newer companies providing more cutting-edge solutions. Even if the coming months may be volatile, we do love the longer-term case for this megatrend.

For those interested in the cybersecurity space, consider the WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund (WCBR).As of 7/7/22, WCBR held 5.35%, 0%, 0%, 0%, 0% of its weight in CrowdStrike, Shopify, Amazon, Zoom Video Communications, and Microsoft, respectively.

1 Sources: WisdomTree, Morningstar & Bloomberg. All data as of 3/31/22 from WisdomTree’s quarterly thematic classification study and subsequent quarter updates.

2 Source: “Defending Ukraine: Early Lessons from the Cyber ​​War,” Microsoft, 6/22/22.

3 Source: Microsoft, 6/22/22.

4 Source: Microsoft, 6/22/22.

5 Source: Eric J. Savitz, “CrowdStrike Posts Strong Earnings and Boosts Guidance, but the Stock Slips,” Barron’s. 6/2/22.

Important Risks Related to this Article

Christopher Gannatti is an employee of WisdomTree UK Limited, a European subsidiary of WisdomTree Asset Management Inc.’s parent company, WisdomTree Investments, Inc.

There are risks associated with investing, including the possible loss of principal. The Fund invests in cybersecurity companies, which generate a meaningful part of their revenue from security protocols that prevent intrusion and attacks to systems, networks, applications, computers and mobile devices. Cybersecurity companies are particularly vulnerable to rapid changes in technology, rapid obsolescence of products and services, the loss of patent, copyright and trademark protections, government regulation and competition, both domestically and internationally. Cybersecurity company stocks, especially those that are internet-related, have experienced extreme price and volume fluctuations in the past that have often been unrelated to their operating performance. These companies may also be smaller and less experienced companies, with limited product or service lines, markets or financial resources and fewer experienced management or marketing personnel. The Fund invests in the securities included in, or representative of, its Index regardless of their investment merit and the Fund does not attempt to outperform its Index or take defensive positions in declining markets. The composition of the Index is heavily dependent on quantitative and qualitative information and data from one or more third parties, and the Index may not perform as intended. Please read the Fund’s prospectus for specific details regarding the Fund’s risk profile.


Christopher Gannatti, CFA, Global Head of Research

Christopher Gannatti began at WisdomTree as a Research Analyst in December 2010, working directly with Jeremy Schwartz, CFA®, Director of Research. In January of 2014, he was promoted to Associate Director of Research where he was responsible to lead different groups of analysts and strategists within the broader Research team at WisdomTree. In February of 2018, Christopher was promoted to Head of Research, Europe, where he will be based out of WisdomTree’s London office and will be responsible for the full WisdomTree research effort within the European market, as well as supporting the UCITs platform globally. Christopher came to WisdomTree from Lord Abbett, where he worked for four and a half years as a Regional Consultant. He received his MBA in Quantitative Finance, Accounting, and Economics from NYU’s Stern School of Business in 2010, and he received his bachelor’s degree from Colgate University in Economics in 2006. Christopher is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Original Post

Editor’s Note: The summary bullets for this article were chosen by Seeking Alpha editors.

Vivo ED case: the Vivo investigation expands to the role of three accountants and a company secretary

Indian agencies are probing the local support two Chinese nationals got to join a company that billed itself as a subsidiary of smartphone maker Vivo.

Two accountants and a company secretary are already under the scanner of investigators, people in the know said.

The company, Grand Prospect International Communication Pvt Ltd, is a distributor of Chinese manufacturer Vivo’s products in Jammu and Kashmir. Falsified documents were allegedly used for company registration and obtaining directors’ identification numbers.

The three professionals had certified the documents despite knowing they were forged and filled with “false information”, the people claimed.

The trio also knowingly filed documents containing false information on behalf of the two Chinese nationals – Zhengshen Ou and Zhang Jie – with the Ministry of Commercial Affairs, they alleged.

A “subsidiary” created for fraudulent business

The Economic Crimes Wing of the Delhi Police filed a complaint against the company on a complaint from the Deputy Registrar of Companies in December.

On Tuesday, the Law Enforcement Branch raided nearly four dozen locations linked to Vivo and its associated entities, including Grand Prospect. The central agency is investigating whether shell companies have been used to launder money.

Vivo told ET on Tuesday that it is committed to full compliance with laws and is cooperating with authorities to provide them with all required information.

The two Chinese nationals are shareholders of Grand Prospect. The company falsely projected itself as a subsidiary of Vivo and was incorporated to conduct fraudulent activities, according to the deputy clerk’s complaint filed with police.

An investigation by the Deputy Registrar of Companies for Delhi and Haryana revealed that the two Chinese nationals were using the business address of a chartered accountant in New Delhi. The investigation also reportedly revealed that the CAs facilitated the incorporation of the company by “witnessing” the signatures and documents of Chinese nationals.

The Company Secretary, the Deputy Registrar or Companies investigation found, allegedly certified the processes relating to proactive enforcement and compliance with legal requirements under the Companies Act without auditing them.

The Deputy Registrar’s investigation also revealed that all of Grand Prospect’s current admins failed to meet the KYC requirement and had their admin ID numbers disabled.

In his complaint to the Delhi Police in December, the Deputy Registrar of Companies said failure to comply with the law by a professional CA or company secretary was a serious offence.

The investigative agencies are also looking into whether there were accomplices for the two CAs and the company secretary.

7 Chilean Pinot Noir to decompress this summer


When you buy something using retail links in our stories, we may earn a commission. Wine Enthusiast does not accept payment for wine, beer, spirit or other product reviews. Learn more about our blind tasting and review process here. Prices may vary by retailer.

Pinot Noir is a sought-after grape variety all over the world. From California to Burgundy, it is attracting demand. Winemakers around the world are now growing quality pinot noir to capitalize on the demand for this popular international variety. Chile is no exception and has planted the variety throughout the country with great success, finding well-suited cool-climate sites along the Andes Mountains.

Much of Chilean Pinot Noir is grown in the warmer north. You can find it in the Casablanca Valley as well as the Leyda Valley, but there are pockets of dedicated pinot noir vineyards throughout the country in other regions.

The wines lead with aromas of red fruits, such as raspberries and cherries, but the wines are well suited to aging in oak barrels, which can lead to hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and other baking spices. It is not uncommon to also find flavors of stone, tobacco and hints of green tomato.

Pinot Noirs are a great summer wine as they tend to be lighter in body and alcohol, with many enjoying a light chill on a hot day.

Here are seven we recommend:

Casas del Bosque Pinot Noir Reserve

Casas del Bosque 2019 Reserva Estate Pinot Noir in bottle (Casablanca Valley); $18, 88 Points. Peppery plum and tomato aromas include a touch of green herbs, while this pinot is lightly concentrated, fresh and racy. The raspberry, tart cherry and thyme flavors are peppery throughout, while it ends with a slight bitterness. Best buy.Michael Schachner


Brands of Casa Concha Pinot Noir

Concha y Toro 2019 Marques de Casa Concha Coastal Vineyard Pinot Noir (Limarí Valley); $20, 88 Points. Zesty red fruit aromas of cranberry, cassis and raspberry include a note of iodine and a hint of dried meat. This is a lively style of mid-weight pinot. Spicy oak notes accent plum and raspberry flavors before a finish fueled by healthy acidity. —Michael Schachner


Cono Sur Ocio Pinot Noir

Cono Sur 2018 Ocio Pinot Noir (Casablanca Valley); $42, 90 Points. It opens in the glass with aromas of strawberry, cherry and clove, with a slight hint of struck match. The palate offers firm tannins and generous red fruit flavors of cherry and raspberry with subtle oak and spice, all supported by good acidity. The wine is very pleasant and has a lingering finish. —jesica vargas


Montes Alpha Pinot Noir 2020

Montes 2020 Alpha Pinot Noir (Aconcagua Costa); $20, 90 Points. Ripe cherry, nutmeg and a slight salty note emerge from the glass. Silky tannins frame the tasty mouth. Flavors of cherry, plum and cinnamon (with a slight espresso note) are supported by just enough acidity to refresh the medium finish. —jesica vargas


Ventisquero Heru Pinot Noir

Ventisquero 2018 Herú Pinot Noir (Casablanca Valley); $35, 91 Points. This elegant wine has delicate aromas of cocoa powder, black pepper and red fruits with a hint of espresso and a subtle woody note. The palate has firm tannins and a nice juicy acidity. It is savory with notes of cherry and raspberry mixed with coffee beans and spices. It has a fresh and persistent finish. —jesica vargas


Casablanca Nimbus Estate Pinot Noir

Viña Casablanca 2019 Nimbus Single Vineyard Pinot Noir (Casablanca Valley); $25, 88 Points. Aromas of plum and blueberry present as ripe and ready. The palate of this warm year Pinot Noir is fresh and quite tight. The plum, cassis and pepper flavors stick to a fairly narrow path, while this tastes slightly medicinal on a steady finish. —Michael Schachner


Marty - Silver Drop, Pinot Noir, 2020

Viña Marty 2020 Goutte D’Argent Pinot Noir (Leyda Valley); $20, 90 Points. This wine features bright strawberry and raspberry aromas with an aromatic nose. Good acidity brings freshness to the juicy palate. It offers flavors of red fruits and a touch of spice. It is not a complex pinot noir but it is a very pleasant wine. —jesica vargas


We Recommend:
  • https://www.winemag.com/2022/07/06/chile-pinot-noir-summer/#

    Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle MAX Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler

  • https://www.winemag.com/2022/07/06/chile-pinot-noir-summer/#

    ZENOLOGY SOMM Pinot Noir Blown Wine Glass (Set of 2)

Posted on July 6, 2022

Immerse Arkansas adds seven people to its staff


Immerse Arkansas, a Little Rock-based nonprofit that serves youth in crisis, recently hired Mojadesinuola Adejokun, Alicen Bennett, Robert Butler, Debbie Chambers, Jana Coleman, Chelsea Taylor and Letha Todd. The organization also created five new positions to expand its staff.

Mojadesinuola Adejokun is Immerse’s Senior Communications and Development Specialist. Adejokun’s responsibilities include overseeing the organization’s internal and external communications, working to cultivate and develop donor relationships, and ensuring that all donor donations are accurately recorded and donor tracking current and potential is in accordance with the protocol.

Alicen Bennett has two decades of experience in family and foster services that will come in handy in her role as a LifeBASE Supervisor. Bennett will support transition-aged youth and families in the Immerse Arkansas LifeBASE Care and Teen program by overseeing program operations, supervising coaches and resident assistants, and expanding the reach of both programs throughout Arkansas.

Robert Butler is expanding the Immerse Arkansas staff as the organization’s third Overcomer Central (OC) coach. Her responsibilities will include planning and implementing creative life skills courses, mentoring youth, and promoting healing through transformational experiences.

Debbie Chambers will be the first job coach for Immerse. She will support teens and young adults in all program areas of the organization with the goal of helping them learn, grow and succeed in employment by teaching skills, facilitating practice, helping to apply for and keep a job and by establishing partnerships with employers.

Jana Coleman joins Immerse Arkansas as the organization’s first grants manager. She has multiple certifications from the National Grant Writers’ Association and experience as a program administrator for the Arkansas Department of Economic Development. Coleman will be responsible for overseeing fundraising for the organization’s grants through fundraising, grant writing and reporting, and grant and data management.

Chelsea Taylor has been hired as the first trauma therapist for Immerse Arkansas. In this role, Taylor will support transition-aged youth who participate in the organization’s programs by providing direct therapeutic services (including individual and group therapy), connect adolescents and young adults with external health support mental health and provide coaching to ensure young people have opportunities that promote development and growth and lead to self-sufficiency.

Letha Todd will serve as Chief Financial Officer of Immerse. With more than two decades of experience in the areas of account management and human resources, she will be responsible for overseeing all financial and human resources operations, as well as serving on the Immerse Arkansas leadership team. , which guides the overall direction of the organization.

Immerse Arkansas was founded in 2010 with the singular mission of turning young people out of crisis into winners. The non-profit organization serves young people between the ages of 14 and 24, whose past traumas and challenges have created barriers to becoming independent, healthy and successful adults. Immerse Arkansas coaches work with youth and families to address the underlying trauma resulting from abuse or neglect.

Breakup: Councilors react to resignations of Sunak and Javid

Ministers handed in their resignations, including Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Care Minister Sajid Javid, leading some shocked financial services professionals to take to Twitter.

MP Andrew Murrison also announced on Twitter that he had resigned as trade envoy.

Javid has been Secretary of State for Health and Social Care since June 2021; Sunak has served as chancellor since 2020.

Consultant Roger Edwards said: “I go for a quick bath and walk out to find Sunak and Javid quit.”

Martin Bamford of Informed Choice, tweeted a photo of himself outside Downing Street and said: “Hold on tight. I got this.”

Former Conservative adviser and financial consultant Jonathan Purle joked: “Can you hand over financial regulation to me, Martin?”

Alistair Cunningham, director of financial planning at Wingate Financial Planning, said: “The problem with resigning in protest in the current government is that it makes people think your line has just been crossed by the current scandal, and not by everything that preceded it.

“I guess that’s why so many people are still holding on.”

Both Sunak and Javid are said to have resigned after having no faith in Prime Minister Boris Johnson to lead the country, following questions about Johnson’s role in the appointment of MP Chris Pincher, who is facing allegations of misconduct sex, as Deputy Chief Whip earlier this year.

It is unclear how many additional MPs have tendered their resignations; it is clear that an urgent response from the Conservative Party will be needed over the next few days.

[email protected]

Oceania Natural accountants are censored for market manipulation


Two chartered accountants appeared before the Disciplinary Tribunal this morning.

Zhongyang (Sean) Meng and Jiashun (Sam) Qian reported to NZICA.

The two accountants implicated in Oceania Natural’s market manipulation case could be censured and ordered to take an ethics brief by the accounting regulator.

Oceania Natural (ONL) Director Zhongyang (Sean) Meng and Chartered Accountant Jiashun (Sam) Qian appeared before the new

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Craft beer decides auxiliary lagers are cool, actually


In 2009, a video titled “I’m a Craft Brewer” was released in which a plethora of well-known brewers decried the encroachment of big breweries into smaller territories, sang the praises of quality products and bold flavors and, at one time mocked the use of complementary ingredients like corn and rice in macro-brewed beers like Budweiser.

Craft brewers like Sean Lilly Wilson of Fullsteam, Adam Avery of Avery Brewing, Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River and others all recited the same lines in the four-minute supercut. The tone is dark, with a few furrowed eyebrows.

“Just over 100 years ago, there were 3,000 breweries in the United States,” the brewers explain. “Around the same time, mega-corporations decided to put corn in their beer. They decided to put rice in their beer. I don’t put corn in my beer. I don’t put rice in my beer. Everything I put in my beer, I choose to put because it enhances the flavor. I’m not afraid to make my beer more interesting, rather than less.

Almost 13 years have passed since the release of the video. Does the message stick?

“I thought about this video and these comments,” says Shaun O’Sullivan, co-founder of 21st Amendment Brewery. He was also featured in the video. “We were all so precious back then.”

In 2015, the 21st Amendment released El Sully, a Mexican lager brewed with flaked corn. It remains one of the brewery’s most popular offerings.

“We realize these ingredients are quite nice and pair well with beer styles,” says O’Sullivan. “Brewers may disagree with the business and marketing practices of great beer, which is where the statement ‘I don’t put rice or corn’ has been pointed out, but ultimately the ingredients are the ingredients.”

In the late 1990s and early 1990s, as the craft beer segment emerged and took hold in America, corn and rice were looked down upon by small brewers who favored more “traditional” grains like beer. two-row barley in their lagers and ales. This was laughable to some brewers, who pointed out that early American brewers used both corn and rice in their beers because grains like these were readily available.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, major brands like Coors and Bud Light have made no secret of their use of so-called supplements like corn and rice. Based on popularity and sales, general beer drinkers never seemed to care about these ingredients in their frosty pints.

El Sully of the 21st Amendment Brewer
Image courtesy of 21st Amendment

In 2013, in response to criticism, Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing in Massachusetts released a corn lager called The Mule. “I wanted to show that corn as an ingredient isn’t bland, it’s a recipe or a purpose that makes it bland,” he said. “The corn or rice isn’t the culprit, it’s the structure of the beer.”

He expected customers to be pushed away when the beer came out, he says, but was only met with enthusiastic drinkers.

There’s a bigger shift now, as small producers are creating rice lagers or corn beers that not only bring sweetness and lightness to the beers, but also familiar flavors, expanding a customer base. This is partly due to the increase in the number of small maltsters growing not only barley, but also other specialty corns. Much of this goes to distilleries, but some ends up in brewing kettles.

When Maui Brewing Company launched a Japanese rice lager, head brewer James Newman said, “Don’t work too hard and drink light.

“We were all so precious back then.” —Shaun O’Sullivan, 21st Amendment Brewery

It’s hard to imagine those words being spoken even five years ago. But as craft beer evolves, seeks to attract new customers, and becomes more comfortable with the technical skills required to make crisp, clean beers, ancillary lagers are becoming the new darlings of the craft beer bar.

Small breweries like KCBC in New York, Bow & Arrow in New Mexico, Ecliptic in Oregon, and countless others have released corn or rice lagers, often with great success.

“Our Denim Tux pilsner uses blue corn and for us, that brings us back to tradition and connects us to our mission to use local ingredients,” says Shayla Shepard, founder of Bow & Arrow Brewing. She notes that the brewery uses a local mill to grind the corn to meet brewing specifications and pays a premium for the ingredient. “It means a lot to us, buying local businesses and supporting jobs, and being an economic resource for people.”

Notch Brewing Corn Lager
Image courtesy of Rob Hughes

In small taverns across the country, styles like light American lager and cream beers are becoming easier to find, and there has been a noticeable increase in Japanese lagers. This style, already popular with Japanese brewers like Sapporo and Asahi, is crisp, refreshing and dry thanks to the large amounts of rice used in the cereal bill. Some American brewers add specialty ingredients – supplements, if you will – to their recipes, such as herbs or spices. Others generously skip a few batches.

Sapporo, it should be noted, recently acquired Stone Brewing, the company responsible for financing the video “I am a craft brewer”.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in brewing a lager with rice,” says John Harris of Ecliptic Brewing, whose line includes a jasmine beer.

Lohring notes that using corn and rice is much more difficult than grains like barley, with the potential for blocked equipment and longer than normal brew days. Using these ingredients is not for the faint of heart, he says.

Still, it seems more and more small brewers are willing to give it a try.

“I feel like we’ve all grown up in a certain way and as lagers become popular, we as brewers use ingredients to create those styles and create new ones such as Cold IPA which, in some ways, is an American lager version of an IPA,” says O’Sullivan. “We’ve taken a page from the big beer and beat them at their own game. At GABF [Great American Beer Festival], in the major lager categories, you see more and more craft brewers winning medals that were once dominated by the larger breweries. We adopted it.

Today in Crypto: Celsius Keeps Withdrawals Closed


Babel Finance, a cryptocurrency firm that is bending under the weight of significant debt, is looking to hire US-based restructuring firm Houlihan Lokey, CoinDesk reported on Friday (July 1), citing unnamed sources.

CoinDesk said neither Babel Finance nor Houlihan Lokey responded to requests for comment. On June 20, several days after withdrawals and redemptions halted, Babel said on its website that it had “reached preliminary agreements on the repayment of certain debts.”

See also: Crypto lender Babel announces debt relief

Meanwhile, Three Arrows Capital, which was ordered liquidated last week by a court in the British Virgin Islands, has taken steps in the United States to coordinate the disposal of its assets and maximize their value.

The company filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy July 1 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Chapter 15 proceedings generally permit cooperation between bankruptcy trustees in foreign jurisdictions and courts in the United States.

Read more: Court Orders Liquidation of Three Arrows Crypto Fund

Three Arrows have been joined in the case by two administrators appointed in the British Virgin Islands to manage the liquidation of Three Arrows.

Additionally, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday (July 3) that customers who were caught when Celsius stopped allowing withdrawals or redemptions in mid-June are beginning to lose hope of ever seeing their money.

Three weeks after the company ceased withdrawals, the Journal reported that customers are learning the hard way that Celsius is not a traditional bank.

In other news, no matter how many times Tether proponents say the stablecoin is well-backed by assets, investors still act like they’re nervous, Bloomberg reported on Sunday.

The report notes that Tether’s reserves are dollars and dollar-equivalent assets and allow the company to maintain its 1:1 peg to the dollar. Tether’s market value fell by around $600 million this week, according to data from CoinGecko.

Finally, the recent resignation of Argentina’s finance minister has prompted his compatriots to seek financial refuge in crypto, Bloomberg reported on Saturday (July 2).

The crypto market is the only one that operates on Saturdays, according to the report. Argentina has strong crypto adoption, and after the quit, the cost of buying USDT stablecoin with Argentinian currency increased.



About: More than half of utilities and consumer finance companies have the ability to digitally process all monthly bill payments. The kicker? Only 12% of them do. The Digital Payments Edge, a collaboration between PYMNTS and ACI Worldwide, surveyed 207 billing and collections professionals at these companies to find out why going digital remains elusive.

The tax base is questioned for the former partner


Q: I have a question about tax depreciation for partnerships. The accountant of a partnership of which I was a partner told me that I had to find my own tax adviser. I do my own feedback using purchased software. I tried to answer this question by searching the internet and posting a question on a website. I feel like this is a common thing and there must be an answer. I had a 25% interest in a partnership that owned several rental properties. I left the partnership in May and received one of the rentals. The value of the property I got was agreed at $375,000. The tax base of my interest in the partnership was $134,834. The partnership accountant told me that the ownership base is $161,115 for the partnership. They used 27.5 years as the depreciation period and started depreciation in 2016. It looks like my tax base will become $134,834 and not $375,000 or $161,115. Can you confirm it? I can’t find if I start depreciating the property in 2022 over 27.5 years or if I can start again in 2016 using the date of acquisition of the partnership.

A: Many tax questions can be answered by searching the Internet. It’s not one of them. The answer can only be found in statutory tax law.

The answer is simple under the law. However, it may be a good idea for you to hire a good tax advisor for 2022 to ensure that the amortization schedule is set up correctly.

A good tax advisor can also check the facts and figures you have provided to me to ensure that they are correct. I will answer assuming they are.

Along the way, I will also give you citations to the law so that you, or someone you hire, can verify the answer I provided.

First, the distribution is not taxable to you or the partnership. Section 731 says this. Section 732 states that the base of ownership for you becomes $134,834, which is the base of your interest in the partnership.

Since the distribution was subject to section 731, section 168(i)(7) explains how you determined the useful life to use for depreciation.

You will use the same start date as the partnership, i.e. 2016. The lifespan is 27.5 years from this earlier date.

Depreciation for 2022 will need to be shared between you and the partnership. You will use mid-May as the acquisition date.

Your 2022 amortization will include half a month for May and seven full months for the rest of the year. Therefore, you will claim 7.5/12 of the 2022 depreciation. The partnership claims 4.5/12 of a full year’s depreciation.

This, of course, assumes that you will be using the property for commercial or investment purposes. I suspect you know this, but I had to mention it.

You are correct that the property tax base has gone from $161,115 for the partnership to $134,834 for you. This is because the basis for you is “substituted” for your partnership interest.

The continuing partners of this partnership can recover the “lost” base of $26,281 ($161,115 minus $134,834) if the partnership has, or makes in 2022, a section 754 election. This is not not your concern.

If your partnership interest base had been, say, $175,000, the ownership base would instead have become $175,000. In such a case, the “additional” base would be a new asset.

This means that $161,115 would use a start date of 2015, but the additional base of $13,885 would start amortization in 2022.

Again, you may want to have a tax advisor dig into the facts a bit to make sure there are no pitfalls that I couldn’t identify from the facts you’ve stated.

I assumed that the property had been acquired by purchase and not by contribution from one or more partners.

If the asset was contributed by another partner and had a fair value greater than its tax base, the contributing partner may be forced to recognize a gain on this distribution.

I also assumed that you did not acquire your interest in the company by contributing property (not money). Unless it’s the property that was distributed to you, the answer could also be different.

Jim Hamill is the Tax Practice Manager at Reynolds, Hix & Co. in Albuquerque. He can be reached at [email protected]

The 10 best margarita recipes to make at home


As with many classic cocktails, the specifications for the best margarita recipe depend on who you ask. Do you prefer sweeter or tangier drinks? Tequila or mezcal? And what about orange liqueur – is triple sec or Cointreau better for margaritas, or should you toss the orange and opt for blue curaçao?

Fortunately, there are more right than wrong answers.

“It’s delicious in every way,” says Ronnie Muñoz, chef-owner of Todos Santos in Los Angeles. He loves Tommy’s margaritas, a riff that replaces orange liqueur with agave syrup. Muñoz often opts for mezcal over the traditional tequila.

A margarita can take many forms and appeal to countless palates.

“It’s super accessible and takes on a lot of other flavors, like fruit purées and other spirits with other flavor profiles,” he says. “For us, for me, it’s just a very fun cocktail to make and drink. He is universally loved.

A margarita can be a practical or a sentimental choice.

“They’re familiar, delicious, potent, and hard to mess up,” says Kara Newman, spirits reviewer for Passionate about wine. “Even a ‘bad’ margarita tends to be pretty good.” She adds that since many of us have sipped margaritas on vacation or at dinner parties with friends, we often associate the cocktail with fun and festive times.

“It also doesn’t hurt that tequila has become one of the most popular spirits in America, and that margaritas now come in such a wide range of variations,” says Newman.

In a divided world, margaritas offer something for everyone.

What’s typical in a Margarita?

Margaritas are usually made with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Some may include an additional sweetener like simple syrup or agave nectar.

Within this rubric lies a world of possibilities, according to John deBary, author of drink what you want.

“You can find huge variation in margaritas just by changing the type of tequila and orange liqueur you use,” he writes. “Try one with blanco and Cointreau, and try another with reposado and Grand Marnier, or swap the tequila for mezcal. This drink can take many forms.

Choose your mind wisely, adds deBary. “The biggest margarita crime is using bad tequila.”

Silver or blanco tequila is usually the base alcohol for margaritas, although some prefer to use lightly aged reposado tequila to balance out the citrus notes of the drink.

“My favorite margarita is the tequila reposado, rocks, no salt,” says Newman. However, she will change her order depending on the circumstances. “Especially on a humid day, I wouldn’t say no to a frozen margin straight out of the blender.”

Either way, keep your mind light and your flavors bright. “Save the expensive, very old tequila añejo to sip,” writes Dale DeGroff in The craft of the cocktail.

How much alcohol is in a margarita?

In 2014, Britain’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) created a digital calculator to help cocktail lovers figure out how much alcohol is in their favorite drink.

There is a fair amount of alcohol in a margarita. According to the NIH, three-ounce margaritas contain 33% alcohol. In comparison, the organization registers a six-ounce tonic vodka with 13% alcohol.

Of course, the actual alcohol content of a cocktail depends on who prepares it and how. If you pour spirits with a lighter touch or prefer more orange liqueur than tequila, your drink will be less alcoholic than someone who puts a lot of tequila in theirs.

What tools will you need to make margaritas?

Luckily, you don’t need a cabinet full of fancy bartending equipment to make margaritas at home. Your most important tool is a cocktail shaker. There you will combine your ingredients with ice, shake for 10-15 seconds, then pour into a glass.

You’ll also need a jigger to measure your spirits and juices, but in a pinch, a measuring cup or tablespoon will do the job as well.

Fresh lime is the key. Depending on your agility, you can either squeeze limes with a juicer or use your bare hands and some elbow grease. If none of these work for you, try holding half a lime over a bowl while you dig into it with non-reactive kitchen tongs. Then twirl the lime on the tongs to mimic a juicer.

Rocks glasses are what many bartenders use to serve margaritas, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with pouring your own into a tall, bowl-shaped margarita glass if that’s what you prefer. It’s your happy hour.

The best margarita recipes (maybe)

This collection of cocktails contains some of our favorite margarita recipes. Whether you want a classic margarita, a spicy iteration, or a flavor-packed virgin margarita, there’s a cocktail for every drink.

Still, the best margaritas are the ones you like best. If this cocktail dive makes you want to riff on one of these recipes and create your own homemade margarita, great.

Financial inclusion matters to boost MSME growth – CIBN Boss


Registrar, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), Oluseye Awojobi said the role of financial inclusion as a means to spur the growth of MSMEs cannot be overstated.

He revealed this yesterday during a virtual conference organized by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) in conjunction with the Credit Bureau Association of Nigeria (CBAN).

The conference was themed “Improving Financial Inclusion in Nigeria: Changing the Narrative”.

Awojobi, who was represented at the conference by the Director, E-Learning and Development, CIBN, Mr. Babatunde Apena, said that the theme of the conference was to evoke an in-depth discussion on the impact of access to micro, small and medium enterprises. (MSME).

He said the topic also aimed to explore policy measures that could improve business finance through credit scoring, adding that the rise of financial inclusion was an age-old challenge with particular implications for the economic development.

He said, “People who lack access to basic banking services are rightly left behind to save, manage risk, engage in business and invest, among other things. Likewise, businesses that lack access to useful and affordable financial products are less likely to expand their operations, employ more labor and generate more revenue.”

Also speaking at the conference, a financial expert, Ms. Luz Maria Salamina, advised banks and other financial actors to seize the new opportunities represented by integrated credit to foster financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Salamina, a senior financial sector specialist with the World Bank Group and the International Credit Rating Board Secretariat, advised at a stakeholder conference in Lagos.

“In Nigeria, embedded credit has already provided about 278 billion naira or $689 million in 2021 and it is estimated that demand for embedded credit in Nigeria will be 900 billion naira ($2.2 billion). You can see what the most popular embedded credit issued has ever offered in Nigeria – the Buy now Pay later which is the most popular,

Merchant Cash Advances, Vehicle Finance, Trade Finance, Inventory Finance and BNPL,” she said.

Also speaking, CIBAN Chairman Dr. Jameelah Sharrief-Ayedun said Nigeria was still far from the 80% financial inclusion target, although there was evidence in the number of people opening an account.

“Today’s virtual meeting demonstrated our vision to ensure that financial inclusion is promoted in Nigeria which will subsequently drive a stronger economy for all stakeholders. Nigeria has seen the proof in the number of people who open an account, people who take out loans from one or even several financial institutions and the influx of

fintech apps. More than ever, we are seeing a level of progress in the financial sector,” he said.

Former Anaheim Chamber of Commerce chief pleads guilty to federal fraud, misrepresentation and criminal tax charges | USAO-CDCA

LOS ANGELES – The former president and CEO of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce pleaded guilty today to federal criminal charges for defrauding a cannabis company, fraudulently obtaining a COVID relief business loan worth nearly $62,000, lied to a bank while seeking a loan for a second $1.5 million home and cheated on his taxes.

Todd Ament, 57, of Orange, pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud, one count of making a false statement to a financial institution and one count of underwriting a false tax return.

Per his plea deal, in 2019 Ament served as president and CEO of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, Ament and a political consultant who was a partner in a national PR firm devised a scheme to divert proceeds intended for the House through the PR firm and into Ament’s personal bank account. .

Ament and the political consultant conspired to defraud a cannabis company that had retained the political consultant to lobby for favorable cannabis legislation in Anaheim. The cannabis company paid $225,000 to the House on the understanding that it would have access to a task force to craft such legislation, but at least $41,000 of that money went directly to Ament without such payments are disclosed to the client.

In April 2020, Ament applied to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for an Economic Disaster Disaster Loan (EIDL) on behalf of his company, TA Consulting LLC, a sole proprietorship based in Big Bear City that had no operations or important employees. In May 2020, the SBA wired Ament $61,900 as EIDL proceeded with its business. Ament used the money to pay for various personal expenses, including clothing stores, boat dealerships, and property taxes on her home.

In December 2020, Ament lied to JPMorgan Chase by submitting a letter misrepresenting that three deposits from the PR firm to bank accounts controlled by Ament – ​​totaling $205,000 – were income earned based on services provided by TA Consulting LLC on behalf of the PR firm. In fact, Ament knew that the $205,000 was a loan to himself and not earned income.

Finally, Ament admitted in his plea agreement that for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 tax years, he knowingly and willfully caused false tax returns to be signed and filed which did not disclose the income he received from various sources. sources. For example, in July 2019, Ament signed and filed a federal tax return stating that his gross receipts for the 2018 tax year were $0, when in fact his actual gross receipts for that year were $179. $336.

In total, Ament caused a tax loss to the United States government of $249,998 for these three tax years.

United States District Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha has scheduled a sentencing hearing for December 9, when Ament will face maximum statutory sentences of 20 years in federal prison for each count of electronic fraud, 30 years in federal prison for the false declaration to a financial head of establishment and three years of imprisonment for the head of tax.

The FBI and IRS Criminal Investigation are investigating this case.

Assistant United States Attorneys Daniel H. Ahn, Daniel S. Lim, and Melissa S. Rabbani of the Santa Ana Branch are prosecuting this case.

Altus Welcomes Wai-Fong Au and Carolyn Schuetz to the Board


Altus Group Limited

TORONTO, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Altus Group Limited (“Altus” or “the Company”) (TSX: AIF), a market leader in intelligence as a service provider to industry commercial real estate, is pleased to welcome two new independent directors, Wai-Fong Au and Carolyn Schuetz, to its Board of Directors.

Ms. Au is a seasoned financial services executive with over 40 years of global experience, including over 25 years on boards with notable expertise in audit and risk. Throughout her career, she has held senior positions at several leading financial services companies, including Barclays, RSA and Hill Samuel. She has also held several consulting positions for China Construction Bank, Accenture and several FinTech start-ups. She currently sits on the boards of Markel International and Markel Syndicate 3000, Equifax, Computershare Investor Services plc and Ascot Lloyd, an Oaktree Capital investment. Ms. Au holds a Masters in Auditing and Management from the University of London and is a Fellow Chartered Management Accountant.

Ms. Schuetz is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years of global financial services experience. Having spent 16 years at HSBC, most recently as Chief Operating Officer for Group Retail Banking and Wealth Management, she brings deep operational expertise and a proven track record of delivering transformational change at scale in complex and highly regulated industries. She currently sits on the board of OakNorth Bank plc, a UK-regulated private FinTech bank. Ms. Schuetz holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds an MBA from Stanford.

Altus’ new board members bring unique perspectives from their international experience and leadership to the board with deep expertise in audit, finance, governance, operations, risk management and strategy. Both Ms. Au and Ms. Schuetz have a proven track record of leading transformational change strategies that have generated sustainable profitable growth and stakeholder value. They join current board members Raymond Mikulich (Chair), Angela Brown, Colin Dyer, Anthony Gaffney, Michael Gordon, Anthony Long, Diane MacDiarmid and Janet Woodruff.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are delighted to welcome Wai-Fong and Carolyn to our Board,” said Mikulich. “With the company at an inflection point in its strategic plan, we have prioritized the composition of the Board of Directors to ensure that we have the right skills and fresh perspectives to complement the existing skills of our Board of Directors. administration as we work to improve long-term value for our stakeholders. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience spanning business transformations, corporate governance, operations, finance and accounting, and risk management.

About Altus Group

Altus Group provides the global commercial real estate industry with vital business intelligence solutions driven by our de facto standard ARGUS technology, unparalleled asset-level data and industry-leading market expertise. A market leader in providing intelligence as a service, Altus Group enables CRE professionals to make informed decisions with greater speed and scale to maximize returns and reduce risk. Recognized by many of the world’s largest CRE leaders, our CRE asset assessment, performance and risk management solutions are integrated into the workflows critical to the success of the CRE value chain. Founded in 2005, Altus Group is a global company with approximately 2,600 employees in North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. For more information about Altus (TSX: AIF), please visit altusgroup.com.


Camille Bartosiewicz
Head of Communications, Altus Group
(416) 641-9773
[email protected]

Enthusiast Gaming executives call for CEO resignation in letter to board

Placeholder while loading article actions

Four vice-president-level executives from publicly traded esports and gaming media company Enthusiast Gaming have penned a letter to Enthusiast’s board, demanding that the board ask CEO Adrian Montgomery to step down. In the letter, which was viewed by The Washington Post, the group cites failures in strategic planning and stock allocation, as well as staffing issues in the company’s human resources department, such as threats to Enthusiast’s long-term well-being.

The letter followed a controversial private call held on June 23, during which a larger group of Enthusiast executives called on Montgomery to step down, according to current Enthusiast employees familiar with the discussion. The confrontation took place at a weekly meeting scheduled for executive management and involved company management, as well as several vice presidents of the company.

Three of the letter’s signatories declined to comment when contacted by The Washington Post. A signer could not be reached.

Enthusiast Gaming values ​​each of its engaged employees,” Enthusiast CEO Eric Bernofsky wrote in a statement to The Post. “The fact is that since the arrival of our current management, we have significantly improved our financial performance and significantly increased our position in the public markets.”

For Enthusiast, which owns a number of gaming-focused publications and brands, such as Upcomer and Addicting Games, as well as esports organization Luminosity Gaming, the internal call for the CEO’s resignation follows a months of bad news. On May 24, investment firm Greywood Investments, Enthusiast’s biggest shareholder, announced a campaign to replace the CEO and board with its own slate of nominees, citing “serious concerns” about the direction of the Toronto-based company.

“Greywood was not involved in any meetings or letters between senior executives and Enthusiast’s CEO,” said Greywood spokesperson Joel Shaffer in response to questions from the Post.

Investment firm launches campaign to oust Enthusiast Gaming CEO and board

In his statement to the Post, Bernofsky suggested that Greywood’s campaign was at odds with the best interests of other shareholders.

“Greywood Investments, a newly formed entity fighting a proxy battle against Enthusiast Gaming, has no plan, no funding and no management team to run the business,” Bernofsky said. “Hidden from these facts, Greywood has resorted to a campaign of distortion, jeopardizing shareholder value in the process. Enthusiast is confident in the support of its shareholders for its strategy to create the largest media and content platform enabling gaming and esports fans to connect and engage worldwide.

At Thursday’s management meeting, Montgomery was asked about the allocation of equity to staff. The CEO told attendees that in 2022, about 80% of restricted stock units, which are traditionally granted as employee incentives, have been distributed to the board and beyond, according to a current employee. Enthusiast familiar with discussion. In the letter to Enthusiast’s board, that 80% figure is mentioned as a factor in the band’s decision to seek Montgomery’s resignation.

Executives who confronted Montgomery on the call told the CEO they felt the company was adrift and said they believed management was not following strategic goals, according to several current Enthusiast employees familiar with the content of the call.

In March, Enthusiast abruptly fired a significant portion of the editorial staff of its sports and gaming news website, Upcomer. The layoffs followed dramatic changes in traffic goals for the team, as well as the sidelining of former Enthusiast founder Menashe Kestenbaum, who initially championed the vertical, according to Digiday. Kestenbaum declined to comment for this article, citing advice from his attorneys.

Similarly, on June 2, Luminosity Gaming, a subsidiary of Enthusiast, unexpectedly announced that it would be removing its “Valorant” roster. At the time, the team was in the midst of one of its best performances yet, qualifying for the North American Valorant Champions Tour playoffs. On Monday, a different organization, Shopify Rebellion, announcement he had chosen the highly successful Luminosity roster and its trainer.

“The business is really not running at 100% capacity,” said a current Enthusiast employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press. “We have employees who I know are responding to job postings. I receive job offers. Because even though the economy is slowing down, we have great people at Enthusiast.

Report: At TSM and Blitz, Staff Describe Toxic Workplace and Unstable CEO

On June 7, Greywood announced plans to appoint Shinggo Lu, a current Enthusiast employee and co-founder of U.GG, a “League of Legends” analytics platform and recent Enthusiast acquisition, to the new board of directors. Lu shared the news on an Enthusiast Slack channel with more than 250 employees, begging other employees to ask him questions and sparking a heated but largely cordial conversation between staff and some members of the company’s management on the direction. and Enthusiast’s treatment of employees, according to the posts. seen by La Poste.

Some of Lu’s posts were later deleted. In a post shared on the channel and seen by The Post, Lu wrote, “The above posts have been removed as I have been informed that they are defamatory and filled with misrepresentations. I apologize for inadvertently contributing misinformation to this employee channel.

On June 13, Enthusiast announced its own list of proposed board members, including six outgoing directors and three new nominees. Only one director refused to seek re-election: Francesco Aquilini, the Canadian investor whose family business, Aquilini Investment Group, owns the Vancouver Canucks team in the NHL.

“I am grateful to have served on the board and know that the company’s directors and management will continue to drive growth,” Aquilini wrote in a statement. “Shareholders should be excited about the future of Enthusiast Gaming – the right team is in place to take the company to the next level.”

Filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the first five months of 2022 show Greywood acquiring larger and larger stakes in Enthusiast. In those documents, Greywood is described as an investment manager for a company called Vantage Trading and a number of other investment vehicles primarily managed by investors Sasha Szabo and Marc Preston.

4 undergraduate degrees to ensure future job security


The world and the job market are changing rapidly, and while it’s hard to predict what the future holds, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Students and the workforce must adapt to align with future job demands and gain job security.

Students should make sure that the undergraduate degree they are pursuing is worth their time. Sometimes they choose to work with professionals from EssayService paper writing services to deliver the perfect essays and focus on something more important.

If you are joining a university or returning to school to further your education, choose a degree that will remain relevant. This is regardless of any changes that will take place in the future.

When considering your options for an undergraduate degree, make sure they hold great promise for the future in terms of job growth, high demand, and excellent earnings.

Here are some future-proof undergraduate degrees with great career potential.

Computer science

Source: unsplash.com

Technology supports the smooth running of businesses across a wide range of industries: health apps, essay writing platforms, communication channels, and more.

Information technology includes the management and installation of computer networks and systems and their development.

In the future, businesses will rely on IT for strategic business value and the delivery of innovative services, products and processes. Computer skills therefore remain a priority for most employers. Taking an undergraduate computer science course prepares you for a future-proof career.

Computer science degrees will be in high demand, but they also open the door to many high-paying careers. Some of the valuable skills you will gain from the degree include

  • machine learning;
  • programming;
  • systems and network management;
  • data analysis;
  • DevOps;
  • Cloud computing.

You are viable for jobs as a technical architect, programmer, software developer, network administrator, and business systems analyst with the degree.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Source: unsplash.com

The world of analytics and business intelligence is growing at a breakneck pace. More and more companies around the world are focusing on collecting and analyzing data for better decision making.

Business intelligence and analytics will streamline the flow of data to support business processes. Businesses continue to focus on data analytics more than ever. Think about it: 59.5% of leaders drive innovation in their organization using data.

As the demand for business intelligence and analytics grows, an explosive job market for graduates is emerging. It’s for talent with

  • data modeling;
  • data analysis;
  • data base management;
  • programming;
  • data mining skills.

Business intelligence and analytics apply to financial institutions in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education. Business analytics takes a modern trajectory, making a career in this field future-proof.

Marketing and digital management

Source: unsplash.com

The future of digital marketing is bright and a degree in the field prepares you for promising career opportunities. Digital marketing skills continue to be in high demand and digital jobs continue to grow.

Many people are spending time on their mobile devices instead of a TV, calling for a new marketing approach. Ads are essential for businesses in all industries, and marketers rely on digital means to build brand awareness and promote their products.

With increased consumer awareness, customers are making comparison shopping online and relying on digital content to make purchasing decisions. The marketing space is therefore becoming competitive and businesses are looking for talent with digital marketing and management skills to keep pace.

An undergraduate degree in digital marketing and management will equip you with skills relevant to the changing and future of the marketing world. You will learn more about

  • mobile marketing;
  • design;
  • customer relationship management;
  • writing;
  • Data analysis;
  • work with digital marketing tools;
  • search engine optimization.

Businesses that need digital marketing professionals include e-commerce, car dealerships, the hospitality industry, and healthcare and construction companies, to name a few.

Economy and finance

Source: unsplash.com

The employment outlook for the economy is 13% growth through 2030, faster than the average rate.

Economics and finance are essential parts of every individual’s life and business operations. They relate to how companies consume resources and make decisions about their use. The relevance of these areas will not fade in the future. This provides job security for people who have pursued studies in economics and finance.

In addition to vacancies in new companies, economists and finance specialists can get jobs when field workers retire or change professions.

A degree in economics and finance will prepare you for employability in various fields. Government, financial institutions, research institutes and insurance companies need economists.

The degree will equip you with numeracy, computer science, and analytical skills. You can work as

  • accounting;
  • investment analyst;
  • stockbroker;
  • risk manager;
  • economist;
  • compliance officer.


Future careers will always be in demand at all times. Earning a corresponding undergraduate degree will equip you with the skills required by today’s and tomorrow’s society.

When choosing undergraduate majors to pursue, keep your further professional development in mind. There are many science, business, technology, and engineering degrees that can prepare you for a career with job security.

The bachelor’s degree is the first level of higher education and is awarded by a higher education institution upon successful completion of a degree program.

A person is eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree as long as they have completed their general high school education.

The duration of studies is determined by the program but cannot exceed four to five years.

Attestation is the establishment of compliance of the level and extent of knowledge, skills and other competences of secondary school students with the standards of secondary education. Certification is done openly and publicly. Secondary teachers and others present at the attestation may audio and/or videotape the attestation process in an open manner. The attestation of persons who obtain the Junior Bachelor degree is carried out by the examination commission, which may include representatives of employers and their associations, in accordance with the regulations of the examination commission approved by the academic council of the higher education establishment. (scientific establishment).

The normative period of study of persons with the level of education and qualification of a junior specialist in the relevant specialized field of training is reduced from one to two years.

Budzinski Wins Democratic Nomination for 13th District | Politics and elections

SPRINGFIELD — Nikki Budzinski is the predicted winner in the race for the Democratic nomination for Illinois’ 13th congressional district.

The Associated Press called the run for Budzinski over opponent David Palmer just before 10 p.m. Tuesday. His win narrows the field in what could prove to be a close battle in November.

Budzinski, who moved to Springfield last year, is a Peoria native who most recently served as chief of staff for the Biden administration’s Office of Management and Budget. She also served as Senior Advisor to Governor JB Pritzker.

She has received endorsements from many of the leading figures and groups in Illinois politics, including American senses Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, seven members of the state’s delegation to the United States and the Illinois AFL-CIO.

Budzinski far outperformed Palmer, a financial consultant and former professional basketball player from Champaign. In the quarter ending June 8, his campaign had more than $1 million in cash, while Palmer had just over $20,000.

People also read…

The new 13th district was tipped to favor a Democrat after the 2020 census cost Illinois a House seat and triggered a redistricting.

Last year, Illinois Democrats controlling the state’s redistricting process lured current U.S. Representatives Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, and Mary Miller, R-Oakland, to a new Republican-leaning district. This left the 13th District without an incumbent.

Democrats also strategically drew the new 13th District to exclude many rural areas and include most of the more populous, Democratic-leaning urban areas in central Illinois.

The snake-shaped neighborhood stretches from East St. Louis to Springfield, Decatur and Champaign-Urbana. Although the district is primarily urban, it includes all of Macoupin County and a few other rural towns.

Democrats see the new 13th district as their party’s best chance for a congressional victory in southern Illinois.

The district voted for President Joe Biden by an 11-point margin in 2020.

According to The Princeton Gerrymandering Project, the 13th District has an estimated Democratic vote share of 56.98% and an estimated Republican vote share of 43.02%.

While the district leans to the Democrats, Republicans are hoping they can win it in an election year that is likely to favor Republicans nationwide.

In November, Budzinski will face the winner of the Republican primary. The Republicans vying for their party’s nomination are Regan Deering of Decatur, Matt Hausman of Pesotum, Terry Martin of Chatham and Jesse Reising of Decatur.

This story will be updated.

Contact Taylor Vidmar at (217) 421-6949. Follow her on Twitter: @taylorvidmar11.

EY to pay $100m to settle US accusations of staff cheating on accounting exams


WASHINGTON, June 28 (Reuters) – Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young will pay $100 million to settle U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges that its auditors cheated on expert exams accountant (CPA) and misled the agency’s investigators.

The London-based auditor admitted the charges, the regulator said, and agreed to pay what the SEC called the highest fine against an auditor.

The CPA is the key qualification for accountants in the United States.

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EY also agreed to “take broad corrective action to address the company’s ethical issues,” the SEC said.

Wall Street watchdog found 49 EY professionals ‘obtained or circulated’ CPA licensing exam answer keys, while hundreds more cheated to complete CPD elements related to EY CPA ethics.

“This action involves breaches of trust by gatekeepers … tasked with auditing many of our country’s public companies. It is simply outrageous that the very professionals tasked with catching cheating by clients cheated on ethics exams” , said Gurbir Grewal, chief enforcement officer of the SEC. in a report.

“And it is equally shocking that Ernst & Young has hampered our investigation into this misconduct,” Grewal added.

EY told the SEC it had no issues with cheating when, in fact, the company was made aware of possible cheating on a CPA ethics exam by a staff member, the company said. DRY.

He added that EY had admitted that he had not corrected his submission even after an internal investigation by EY confirmed that there had been cheating, and even after his lead lawyers had discussed the matter. with the general management of the company.

The SEC order also finds that EY violated a Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) rule requiring the company to maintain integrity in performing a professional service.

The SEC ordered EY to retain the services of two independent consultants to help address its shortcomings. One will review the firm’s policies and procedures relating to ethics and integrity. The other will examine EY’s conduct regarding its disclosure failures, including whether any EY employees contributed to the company’s failure to correct its misleading submission, the SEC said.

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Reporting by Katanga Johnson in Washington; Editing by Michelle Price and Matthew Lewis

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Dorset shed enthusiast made national shortlist for shed of the year


A SHED enthusiast from Blandford has been shortlisted in the Shed of the Year competition.

Kate Seeger, owner of the “Perfectly Imperfect” shed in Blandford, made the final three in Cuprinol’s “Budget Shed” category.

“Perfectly Imperfect” is a colorful space from which Kate runs the Blandford Arts Forum.

A spokesperson for the competition said: “Shed of the Year is a celebration of the great British shed in all its forms, and this year the much-loved competition turns 16! From miniature to massive, modern to traditional, cozy to minimal and everything in between – you’ll find cabanas of all shapes, sizes and functions in the annual contest”

Chief Judge and Contest Founder Andrew Wilcox was so impressed with the caliber of entrants this year and said, “We’ve seen some never-before-seen designs, which makes it almost impossible to narrow down to just three from each category. A big thing that’s come from successive lockdowns is how much it’s inspired people’s creativity, and it’s great that it’s been channeled into designing their own little escapes.

“The past few years have shown more than ever how our gardens and sheds can play a role in our lives and the different ways they can be used. It was great to see shed enthusiasts, old and new, come up with some truly fantastic ideas, which we hope will inspire the next generation of shed enthusiasts.

Women claim Robert Brogden had a hostile work environment


Two former employees claim Robert Brogden's Olathe Buick GMC dealership retaliated against them and they wrongfully lost their jobs after complaining about a hostile work environment.  This Google Maps Street View image of the dealership is from 2021.

Two former employees claim Robert Brogden’s Olathe Buick GMC dealership retaliated against them and they wrongfully lost their jobs after complaining about a hostile work environment. This Google Maps Street View image of the dealership is from 2021.

Google Maps

The former comptroller and a human resources specialist each filed a lawsuit against Robert Brogden’s Olathe Buick GMC dealer, claiming they were retaliated against and wrongfully terminated from their jobs for reporting financial fraud.

Lynda Cole, 62, of Edgerton, and Brooke Nemechek, 21, of Lawrence, filed separate lawsuits last week in Johnson County District Court against the dealership and its owner, Robert Brogden.

Both lawsuits indicate that the dealership’s general manager had created a hostile work environment and that the dealership’s senior management failed to take corrective action or action.

They also claim that when they reported financial fraud and other illegal activities on the part of the CEO, he retaliated and they were wrongfully terminated or forced to resign.

An attorney for the dealership was not immediately available for comment on Monday.

The lawsuits are the latest filed against the dealer for an allegedly hostile work environment.

In late May, Jude Boliere, a 60-year-old black man from Olathe, sued the dealership alleging that during his eight months with the dealership he had been discriminated against because of his race and age and retaliation for reporting it. Bolière argues that racial slurs were “so generously thrown around” at his workplace, but the dealer did nothing to address the harassment.

That case was remanded to federal court in Kansas City, Kansas, and the dealership denied any wrongdoing, according to court filings.

Reported verbal and emotional abuse

According to the new lawsuits, Cole worked as a controller for the two Brogden dealerships in Olathe and one in Hays, Kansas, between August 2015 and October 2021. During that time, Nemechek, who started working for the defendants in August 2017, has was a human resources specialist. when she was forced to resign in November 2021.

Cole, who had worked with the general manager of another dealership, warned Brogden and senior dealership management when they promoted him to general manager of Robert Brogden’s Olathe Buick GMC in January 2020.

When the GM learned of the email, he became aggressive and angrily berated Cole in front of a senior dealership member, who sat quietly and allowed the abuse to continue. relentlessly, according to the lawsuit.

Cole said that shortly after the general manager took over the dealership, she witnessed and received reports of the general manager verbally and emotionally abusing other employees, particularly black and female workers.

Whenever Cole witnessed abuse or it was brought to her attention, she reported it to senior management at the dealership. The general manager also allegedly used illegal drugs at the dealership, which she also reported to management, according to the suit.

Cash theft, altered contracts alleged

As controller, Cole “learned firsthand” that the GM would allegedly steal cash deposits. When asked where the deposit money was, the GM blamed others and ordered Cole to “just cancel it.”

Cole reported every incident to dealership management, who assured him that everything was reported to Brogden.

At one point in 2021, the GM told Cole that he ‘didn’t like firing anyone, but rather made them so miserable with abuse and an unrealistic workload that they would choose to resign. “.

Among other allegations in his lawsuit, Cole alleges that the chief executive misappropriated his bonuses and commissions, as well as those of other employees, as part of an ongoing wage theft scheme, according to the lawsuit.

She also alleges that the General Manager promoted a friend employed in the finance department when he had no prior finance experience. The employee was transferred to the Kia store to work in the finance department.

Cole alleges that at the direction of the general manager, the employee allegedly changed the contracts after customers left with their vehicles by adding things like extended service contracts and gap policies without the customers’ consent. The employee allegedly forged customer signatures on the new documents.

Cole argues that the practice has become so routine and endemic that an employee’s daughter has fallen victim. After learning of the illegal and fraudulent practices, she reported them to dealership management.

“Make us money”

In September 2021, Cole fell ill. Shortly after, her father fell ill and needed treatment. She was forced to take six weeks off under the Family and Medical Leave Act. While he was away, the GM broke into his office, telling an employee who witnessed it that he wanted to see if Cole had “any dirt on him.”

Upon learning that her office had been broken into, she emailed the dealership’s senior management expressing her objections. In an email response, which she received the same day her father died, the dealership said it would accept his resignation.

Cole called a member of the dealership’s management team and told her she wasn’t quitting. This person, however, told Cole that it was his decision to fire her due to her complaints about the general manager’s conduct and behavior.

The senior management team member reportedly said the chief executive ‘makes us money – that’s what’s important’.

‘Do with it’

The allegations in Nemechek’s lawsuit are similar. She alleges that the General Manager verbally abused, harassed, bullied and intimidated her. She described the general manager’s behavior as rude and regularly abusive towards her. Because she was constantly attacked and threatened, she felt unsafe at work, according to the lawsuit.

Nemechek said she reported instances of abusive and threatening behavior to her supervisor and management, but the dealership took no corrective action. Instead, the dealership and the general manager retaliated against her, according to the suit.

Nemechek later became aware of instances where the chief executive, with the cooperation of the chief financial officer, fraudulently added provisions to financial agreements and forged client signatures on those agreements, according to the suit.

Nemechek said she reported the suspected fraud and illegal activity to her supervisor and manager, but the dealership took no action to investigate the allegations. The chief executive, however, escalated his threats and abusive behavior towards her, according to the suit.

When she complained about the additional threats and abuse, she was told “to just deal with it”, according to the lawsuit.

Nemechek alleges that the dealership and her landlord allowed him to continue to harass, bully, threaten and intimidate her in hopes that she would quit. Because she felt mentally and physically threatened, she was forced out of her job in November 2021, according to the lawsuit.

Cole and Nemechek are both seeking more than $75,000 in damages, alleging whistleblower retaliation, wrongful termination, negligence and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Cole also alleges that the dealer did not fail to pay wages.

This story was originally published June 27, 2022 1:13 p.m.

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Humacyte expands its Board of Directors with the appointment of

DURHAM, NC, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Humacyte, Inc. (Nasdaq: HUMA), a clinical-stage biotechnology platform company developing universally implantable bioengineered human tissues at commercial scale , today announced the appointment of Diane Seimetz, Ph.D., to its Board of Directors.

“Diane is an innovator and strategist with extensive experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, and we are delighted to welcome her to Humacyte’s Board of Directors,” said Kathleen Sebelius, Chairman of the Board of Humacyte. Humacyte administration. “His expertise in guiding companies with innovative products to market will be invaluable as Humacyte moves towards commercialization of the human acellular vessel.MT (HAV). We also look forward to leveraging his experience in international biologics development as the company explores opportunities to expand its bioengineered human tissue platform technology.

Dr. Seimetz brings to Humacyte’s Board of Directors more than 22 years of international experience in drug development, partnership and management in the biopharmaceutical industry. In 2013, she co-founded Biopharma Excellence and served as its CEO until June 2021. Biopharma Excellence was acquired by PharmaLex Group in September 2020 and since July 2021 Dr. Seimetz has been a senior consultant. Dr. Seimetz currently serves on the board of directors of Cumulus Oncology, as a member of the decision-making board of the Helmholtz Validation Fund and as a member of the advisory board of Temedica and the Aglaia Oncology Fund. Dr. Seimetz began her professional career in 1999 with Fresenius Healthcare Group and served as Executive Vice President of its Biotechnology Division and Scientific Director in charge of international drug development from 2008 to 2013.

“Humacyte is a transformational company that is paving the way for the future of regenerative medicine,” said Dr. Seimetz. “I am thrilled to join Humacyte’s Board of Directors at this pivotal time in the company’s growth as it advances first-in-class HAV through late-stage vascular clinical programs and advances its portfolio of next-generation product candidates. »

Dr. Seimetz holds a degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Saarland University, a master’s degree in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs from the University of Bonn and a doctorate. from the University of Heidelberg and conducted research at the German Cancer Research Center and Johns Hopkins University.

About Humacyte
Humacyte, Inc. (Nasdaq: HUMA) is developing a disruptive biotechnology platform to deliver universally implantable bioengineered human tissues and complex tissue and organ systems designed to improve patient lives and transform practice of medicine. The Company develops and manufactures acellular tissues to treat a wide range of diseases, injuries and chronic conditions. The initial opportunity for Humacyte, a human acellular vessel (HAV) portfolio, is currently in late-stage clinical trials targeting multiple vascular applications including vascular trauma repair, arteriovenous access for hemodialysis and peripheral arterial disease. Preclinical development is also underway in coronary artery bypass grafting, pediatric cardiac surgery, treatment of type 1 diabetes, and multiple new cell and tissue applications. Humacyte’s 6mm HAV for arteriovenous (AV) access to perform hemodialysis was the first product candidate to receive Advanced Regenerative Medicine Therapy (RMAT) designation from the FDA, and also received the FDA Fast Track designation. HAV has received priority designation for the treatment of vascular trauma by the United States Secretary of Defense. For more information, visit www.Humacyte.com.

Humacyte Investor Contact:
Joyce Allaire
LifeSci Advisors LLC
[email protected]
[email protected]

Humacyte media contact:
Heather Anderson
6 degrees
[email protected]
[email protected]

Beloved Nicola Roberts smiles as she clings to the Team GB footballer’s new boyfriend


SINGER Nicola Roberts can’t wipe the smile off her face – as she clings to her new man.

The former Girls Aloud star, 36, was seen laughing during a gig with her male partner, accountant and semi-professional footballer Mitch Hahn, 34.


Beloved Nicola Roberts was seen at the Elton John concert in Hyde Park with Mitch Hahn1 credit
The couple couldn't hold hands as they enjoyed their day


The couple couldn’t hold hands as they enjoyed their day1 credit
Nicola beams as she chats with her new love interest Mitch Hahn


Nicola beams as she chats with her new love interest Mitch Hahn1 credit

The pair were seen at Sir Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert in London’s Hyde Park on Friday with Nicola in a denim jacket and Mitch wearing a hoodie. Nicola shot to fame with Girls Aloud in 2002.

Her exes include Charlie Fennell, whom she dated for six years until 2014.

Mitch plays for Essex Grays Athletic and will captain Great Britain to the Maccabi European Games in Israel next month.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Girls Aloud would be reuniting for the first time in nine years for a one-off concert in memory of their late teammate Sarah Harding.

Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts looks amazing as she shows off a glamorous new look
Everything you need to know about former Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts...

Nadine Coyle, 36, said she would return to the stage with Cheryl Tweedy, 38, Kimberley Walsh, 40, and Nicola Roberts, 36, for a show following Sarah’s death from breast cancer last September, at the age of 39.

The group of four hope to raise funds for a medical kit that will help detect cancer earlier.

The band, formed on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, had planned a reunion tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary, which was scrapped after Sarah’s death.

This unique event is expected to take place later this year.

Nadine said: “We are planning an evening for an event to raise funds in honor of Sarah.

“We want to do something to help others.

“She is very present in our minds.

Glastonbury moment goes viral as 'Queen' is 'spotted' in crowd
The 6 things you wear that make you look cheap, according to a fashion expert

“When she got sick, a lot of my energy was focused on her.

“His passing was so devastating.”

Nicola Roberts wore a denim jacket to see Elton John perform


Nicola Roberts wore a denim jacket to see Elton John perform1 credit
Mitch plays for Essex Grays Athletic and will captain Great Britain at the Maccabi European Games in Israel next month.


Mitch plays for Essex Grays Athletic and will captain Great Britain at the Maccabi European Games in Israel next month.1 credit
Girls Aloud will reunite for the first time in nine years for a unique concert in memory of their late teammate Sarah Harding


Girls Aloud will reunite for the first time in nine years for a unique concert in memory of their late teammate Sarah HardingCredit: Getty

Obituary: Businessman and aviation enthusiast Reg Parsons


07:00 26 June 2022

Relatives of a popular businessman and aviation enthusiast paid fitting and heartfelt sentiment saying, “Fly high.”

Reginald Parsons, of Horning, near Wroxham, died earlier this month aged 89.

The father-of-three, affectionately known as ‘Reg’, was well known in the area for launching the Fli-Hi airplane simulation flights in Lower Street in 2020.

The company celebrated his lifelong love of airplanes and all things that fly since his training as a Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter pilot during his national service.

It was just a fortnight after his conscription when he volunteered to be part of the aircrew. His first posting was at RAF Hornchurch and he would later join the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Gimli Station in Canada.

On his return to England, and after leaving the RAF, it would be another 30 years before he resumed flying.

Reginald Parsons, of Horning, died earlier this month aged 89
– Credit: Provided

Mr Parsons was born in Tottenham, but over 50 years ago when he and his late wife Thelma went to Horning on holiday, they fell in love with the village and immediately raised the sticks.

Leaving Hertfordshire, the couple opened a retail business, a bed and breakfast and ran a day boat charter business.

In 1982 they rented the Lion Inn near Thurne, followed by the Nelson Head in Horsey in 1987, before moving to Sutton in 1990 to open a fishery.

They once acquired the famous racing yacht Madie and spent many happy hours competing and socializing with other sailors.

The couple moved to the Broads area several times, but after Thelma died in 2002, Mr Parsons was eager to return to Horning.

“Where their heart belonged,” his family said.

In his later years, Mr. Parsons volunteered for the Samaritans and for the Museum of the Broads, while participating in many hobbies including fly-fishing, singing with several local choirs and the flight. He was also a regular contributor to the EDP Letters page and enjoyed the discussions his letters would spark with other readers.

Mr Parsons died on June 9 and donated his body to medical research.

A farewell service will be held at St Benedict’s Church, Horning, at 1pm on Tuesday 5th July. No flowers or black tie. Donations to the Samaritans in memory of Mr. Parsons.

QuantumEconomics partners with LitBit to take project incubation to the next level


Finding and supporting blockchain gems just got a whole lot easier

Finding and supporting blockchain gems just got a whole lot easier

we always hear about extremely promising start-ups, talented entrepreneurs and investors of all kinds. This partnership allows us to help everyone in a more efficient and structured way. ”

— Mati Greenspan – Founder and CEO of Quantum Economics

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, June 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quantum Economics, a research and analytics company helping people navigate the economic landscape, partners with LitBit Finance for incubation and acceleration hidden gems in the blockchain industry.

By pooling knowledge, experience and the unique angle from which both companies approach the world of blockchain, Quantum Economics and LitBit Finance will be able to discover even more crypto projects with the greatest potential for success and help them achieve their goals.

The two companies will work with select blockchain startups on their incubation and acceleration, with a particular focus on aspects of project life such as tokenomics, marketing, PR, product development, funding and project management. the community.

Quantum Economics is a team of highly experienced financial analysts, advisors and administrators dedicated to helping people navigate today’s economic landscape. With on-demand financial analysis, strategic advisory services and financial management services, Quantum Economics’ goal is to increase the financial knowledge of every man, woman and child and help them explore the wonderful world of investments.

Its founder and CEO, Mati Greenspan, is an investment specialist who has been involved in the financial markets all his life. He has been trading paper since the age of 13 and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union. He is also co-author of the book The Complete Guide to Fintech Investing.

“Historically, investing has always been a very exclusive activity, especially when it comes to emerging technologies. Big investors have always had a leg up on retail, but blockchain and tokenization are changing all that,” says Greenspan, “At Quantum Economics, we always hear about extremely promising start-ups, talented entrepreneurs and all kinds of investors. This partnership allows us to help everyone in a more efficient and structured way.”

LitBit Finance wants to separate the wheat from the chaff in what is an increasingly saturated crypto industry. To do this, the team is building a decentralized platform of initial dex offering and incubation services on the Cronos network that illustrates security and anti-whale system mechanisms to protect investors and therefore ensure stability. of the project throughout its life cycle.

One of the company’s main goals is to provide access to every investor in the blockchain space, regardless of experience, with curated, high-quality projects backed by passionate and hardworking professionals eager to deliver on their promises.

Currently, new blockchain-based projects lack the guarantee of quality and accountability, while large investors abuse their privilege and often unfairly take control of multi-level systems and investment opportunities.

With a thorough verification process, the sole purpose of which is to protect users, LitBit Finance verifies personal and business documents, ensuring accountability.

Project owners are offered first class project incubation, maximizing exposure, growth and longevity. Apart from Incubation and Acceleration, LitBit also offers NFT Marketplace, Lottery System, Yield Farming, Autonomous Minting Lab, Token Vault, Liquidity Locker and Payment Protocol .

“With the demise of major crypto players such as the Terra/Luna ecosystem, Three Arrows Capital and perhaps Celsius, doing thorough due diligence on blockchain projects has never been more important. Additionally, the fact that Bitcoin’s market capitalization has fallen from TN$1.15 last October to less than $400 billion today shows how important it is to know how to spot trends and protect capital,” commented Tino Skelin, Founder and Founder of LitBit. CFO.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a strong team and believe that our synergy has a lot to bring to the crypto table.”

Steve Jones
LitBit Funding
write to us here
Visit us on social media:

How power-drunk Air Force officers shot and hacked a teenage boy from a gas station in Niger to death – Manager


On Monday, June 20, 2022, soldiers reportedly shot dead Yusuf Umar, 17, a gas station attendant at AYM Shafa gas station in Minna, Niger State. The gas station manager, Sa’ad Umar, and a brother of the deceased, Mohammed, talk to AISHA WAKASO on the tragic incident

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Sa’ad Umar. I am the manager of this gas station (AYM Shafa). I’m 29 years old.

What happened at your gas station on Monday, June 20, 2022 that resulted in the death of one of your attendants?

On Monday afternoon, I was in my office when a member of staff came to inform me that members of the air force had come to refuel their Hilux vehicle and as it was I who usually take care of them personally for accounting purposes, I went out to assist for them.

When I came out I saw men in mufti sitting there and a local manicurist was about to start cutting one of the people’s nails. I objected to this and asked that they move away from the pumps to avoid fires as manicurists usually use lighters to burn their tools, in order to sterilize them. But immediately, the man in mufti, who was trying to get his nails cut, asked me if I knew who they were and I replied that I didn’t care at that moment; I was only concerned about the safety guidelines at my workplace.

When the man insisted he had to get his nails cut at the gas station, I asked the manicurist to leave, but the men asked him to stay, so an argument started. One of their colleagues in uniform called me. I asked him if the men in mufti were with them and he said they were together.

I started calling the air base accountant, Mr. Akuma, which is standard practice, as we have a money order with them, with an arrangement for them to pick up fuel and pay directly at the office. I called the accountant to also report that his men were violating our security standards, but he did not return the three calls I made to him.

While I was dialing the accountant’s number, one of the men in uniform got angry saying I was wasting his time. But I told him I had to get confirmation before giving them fuel. The next thing was one of them slapped me yelling, “Who are you to talk to my oga like that?”

Then another slapped and kicked me. I fell and they came down on me, beating me. I started screaming, asking why they were harassing me. The place has become rowdy. Amid the confusion, one of them rushed to the Hilux van and pulled out a knife, while another picked up a cutlass.

As people were trying to intervene, I was trying to run into my office when I heard two shots and saw Yusuf on the floor in a pool of his blood with a cut knife in his hand.

They (air force personnel) left immediately. We carried Yusuf and started rushing him to the hospital, but he died before we could get to the hospital.

Did you report the incident to airbase management?

Yes. They even visited us and said that the officers involved had already been arrested and detained. They said the officers didn’t have to shoot anyone. They said an investigation was underway and assured us that our brother’s blood would not be shed in vain.

What part of the body did the bullet hit the deceased?

He was hit in the arm and chest.

4 Easy, No-Cook Summer Meals with Classic Wine Pairings


There comes a time in the summer when it’s so hot that we hardly feel like cooking. But our desire to hang out with friends overrides that instinct, so we invite them anyway.

Each of these easy-to-prepare, no-cook recipes can be served as an appetizer or main course accompanied by chilled, summer-ready wines.

Illustration by Natalia Sanabria

Zucchini “pasta” with pesto

Spiralized Zucchini + Pesto (Basil Leaves, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Salt And Pepper)

Pair with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

It takes a very acidic wine to stand up to the intensity of basil when paired with zesty lemon juice – and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc fills the bill. Vibrant flavors of grapefruit, white peach, lychee and passion fruit are often paired with green herbal notes sometimes compared to fresh cut basil.

Illustration of a Deconstructed Caprese Salad and a Bottle of White Wine
Illustration by Natalia Sanabria

Caprese Salad

Mozzarella + Basil + Tomato + Olive Oil

Pair with Friulano

Hailing from Friuli-Venezia Giulia in northern Italy, this variety has intense flavors of citrus, white peach and apple with hints of green grass and bitter almond. The strong minerality is ideal with fresh summer tomatoes, as is a full body that will stand up to creamy mozzarella. The wine’s rich fruit flavors are bold enough for even the sharpest summer basil.

Illustration of a deconstructed NIÇOISE SALAD and a bottle of Rosé
Illustration by Natalia Sanabria

Nicoise salad

Mesclun + Canned tuna + Olives + Hard-boiled eggs + Green beans + Dijon vinaigrette

Accompany the Rosé Provençal

Rosé wines from the south of France can be beautifully complex. They provide the full body we love in red wines, which is superb with protein-rich tuna and eggs. They’re also brilliant with refreshing flavors of citrus, strawberries and cherries and hints of dried herbs – a surefire accompaniment to pickled olives and zesty vinaigrette.

Illustration of a deconstructed tuna tartare and a bottle of white wine
Illustration by Natalia Sanabria

Tuna tartar sauce

Sushi quality minced tuna + olive oil + salt + lemon zest

Pair it with dry mint

Originating in Hungary’s Tokaj region (home of the famous Tokaji Aszú sweet wines), dry versions of this grape have flavors of peach, honeysuckle, Anjou pear and often a touch of smoke or flint due to the volcanic soils. of the region. Its full body offers a nice foil to the meaty texture of raw tuna, while a crisp finish is perfect with the tangy lemon zest.

This article originally appeared in the June/July 2022 issue of Passionate about wine magazine. Click here to subscribe today!

Posted on June 24, 2022

Child support agency gets new home after 20 years


TEXARKANA, Ark. – Thursday was moving day for the Office of Child Support and Enforcement.

For nearly two decades, the office operated from the downtown Landmark Building at 210 N. State Line Ave. Now, the staff of about 25 people — who see about 1,000 clients a month — have a spacious new office at 1005 Arkansas Boul. which, according to program manager Stacy Revalee, offers many benefits.

“It makes it easier for the public to access services,” said Revalee, who has worked at the office for 15 years.

Compared to its place inside Landmark, where there was no clear signage directing people to the office, the one-story Arkansas Boulevard location is more accessible, Revalee said.

“They don’t have to walk a mile to get into the building,” she said, citing the fact that limited car space at Landmark may require a person to park their car away from the building.

Revalee also said she was particularly pleased with the interview room, which will better ensure confidentiality as officers help a family solve a case.

“It provides a level of convenience for employees and customers.”

Specialist attorney James Syler, who represents the state in court during child support negotiations, said the new building will enhance office security.

“It’s a self-contained building, so we can keep security at the highest level,” he said.

Syler said such security, which includes cameras and better control of entry points, is something the office lacked downtown because it had to share a building with businesses and agencies. of county. However, increased security is a necessity for the child support office due to the sensitive financial and other information officers must manage.

“We have full control over the installation,” Syler said.

Customer service representative Candice Tharpe, who has worked at the office for nearly nine years, sees another benefit to the move.

“I’m thrilled because we won’t have to deal with the elevator,” she said of the multi-story Landmark.

Revalee and Syler hope the improved access and increased building security will keep the office grounded in its mission to provide equity.

“Our goal is not to hug someone tighter,” Syler said of the state’s negotiations with parents over financial support. “Our goal is to help people.”

Revalee agreed.

“I do it from the heart. I do it for the people.”

The move is expected to be completed by the end of the day, with in-person services resuming on Monday. Still, Syler said they will need “time to work things out.”

“We encourage the public to be patient as we convert.”

The office number will remain the same – 870-772-3443 – and customers are encouraged to call during the move, as calls are forwarded to the Hope office. Customer service staff will also remain at the Landmark building until Friday.

“You can access information about your case status, send messages to your caseworker, and verify payment information by logging into the Customer Service Portal by going to www.childsupport.arkansas.gov and clicking the OCSE MyCase button,” the Arkansas Department of Finance Administration states on its website. “In addition, our automated line at 1-800-264-2445 provides payment information any day, anytime.”

The DFA administers the state’s child support program.

A grand opening for the new building is planned but has not been scheduled.

Construction costs were not immediately available Thursday.

The Office of Child Support and Enforcement moves into a newly constructed building at 1005 Arkansas Blvd. in Texarkana. (Staff photo)

HEALTH Realty Investments Advisory Board Adds International Industry Expert Jaime De la Garza

TEMPE, Arizona., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HEALTH Realty Investments proudly announces the addition of Jaime de la Garza to its Advisory Board, invented the “Founders’ Circle”. Mr. De la Garza spent nine years as chief financial officer before being appointed in 2013 as CEO and president of Corporate Properties of Americas (CPA), one of the largest developers of industrial real estate in the United States. -United. Mexico. During his tenure, from 2003 to 2015, his business grew from 2 million square feet of gross leasable area (GLA) to 33 million square feet of GLA, becoming one of the largest owners of industrial real estate in Mexico.

(PRNewsfoto/HEALTH Real Estate Investments)

Mr. De la Garza adds extensive international experience to the SANTE advisory board. Prior to Corporate Properties of Americas, Mr. De la Garza’s experience includes: Chief Financial Officer for Latin America at International Water Ltd., Chief Investment Officer for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Chief Operating Officer at Schlumberger. He has also been an independent consultant to institutions such as the North American Development Bank, Hewlett Packard and Alterra Partners, and currently sits on the board of directors of several companies.

Mr. De la Garza said, “Joining the Founders Circle is something I am passionate about. Knowing about the rapid growth of SANTE with its Ground Lease Fund, I am very eager to contribute to its success inside and outside the United States.

Jim SmallCEO of SANTE Realty Investments, said, “Our innovative approach to land leases and their use as sale-leaseback financing will greatly benefit from Jaime’s exceptional experience and training. We love having these kinds of international experts in our founding circle.


HEALTH Realty Investments is a purpose-driven organization that provides private equity in the real estate industry where the company believes in being able to deliver superior returns to its institutional investors. The company was founded in 2009 and has become a leader in the commercial real estate industry in the United States and Europe leveraging its proprietary methodology, including SANTE Acquisition Advantage™, SANTE Due Diligence Discovery™, SANTE Asset Management Method™ and SANTE Investor Cash Flow Maximizer™ programs.

More information please contact David ShawManaging Director of Capital Markets for HEALTH Realty Investments at 602-753-3538 or by email at [email protected]

Additional general information is available at www.SANTErealty.com.



Show original content to download multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sante-realty-investments-advisory-board-adds-international-industrial-expert-jaime-de-la-garza-301574340.html

Real estate investments SOURCE SANTÉ